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A San Francisco Weekend for Foodies

Whenever I chat with people about weekend trips, I often hear about trips to Vegas, trips to LA, etc. You people are missing out! A San Francisco weekend chock full of food exploits is the place to be!

A San Francisco Weekend for Foodies

San Francisco is small but mighty. 7 miles by 7 miles but packed with great things to eat, drink and do. It is an awesome place to come for the weekend and this post is intended to convince you!

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San Francisco
Photo credit: Wendy Macnaughton

San Francisco Weekend – Your Friday Night

Start your weekend by flying in Friday afternoon, either SFO or OAK will work, both now have BART (the subway) directly from the airport so you can get into the city fairly quickly. If you rent a car be prepared to sit in a little Friday night traffic, but don’t worry you will be rewarded, just think of it as building up your appetite for the evening!

When you get in the city, head directly to Fort Mason in the Marina/Presidio area for the Friday night version of Off the Grid. Food trucks are a big deal in San Francisco and there is no better way to test them out than at this massive weekly food truck event. There are over 30 trucks; pace yourself there are way too many delicious dishes out there!

Off The Grid Fort Mason_A San Francisco Weekend for Foodies
Photo credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

Work off your dinner (it is impossible not to overeat) by walking back through the Marina, Fisherman’s Wharf to the Embarcadero and stop for a nightcap at any one of the restaurants along the water. Or head into the city a couple of blocks and check out one of the bourbon bars in the Financial District.


Warning, don’t drink too many, you’ve got an early morning – you can sleep in a bit on Sunday!

San Francisco Weekend – All Day Saturday

Wake up bright and early and head to the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building. There are close to 100 food stalls. You can grab breakfast at Acme, Craftsman & Wolves, or Della Fattoria while you do some picnic shopping for lunch.

san francisco ferry building farmers market_A San Francisco Weekend for Foodies
Photo credit: Dave Fayram

Alternatively, also waking up bright and early, get yourself in line at Bar Tartine, the best bakery in the city for amazing pastries, coffee, and sandwiches made with bread that tastes as if came straight from heaven.

Whichever spot you choose, once you’ve got all your lunch goodies packed, you’ve digested your breakfast and finished your Blue Bottle coffee, head over to Dolores Park for a picnic with an amazing view of the city. This park embodies San Francisco’s spirit, people-watching is the best activity you can do here, and there is not a shortage of interesting.

San Francisco Weekend - Dolores-Park-Best-View-SFYT
Photo credit: Orange Sky

For dessert while leaving the park head to Bi-Rite Creamery. Rich, creamy, cold ice cream in unique flavors, it is a San Francisco institution.

You’ve been outside all day, take a load off at any one of the amazing restaurants that the city has to offer. You can literally throw a rock (please don’t) in any direction and find a great place. You cannot go wrong, trust me! Here are some of my posts that include San Francisco restaurants to help you out.

San Francisco Weekend – Sunday Morning

You had a big food day yesterday! Sleep in because for breakfast I am recommending dimsum and that starts at 10:00. My favorite spot is Yank Sing, but there are many great options in the Richmond or Sunset Districts. My San Francisco Bay Area Dimsum Guide will give you the highlights.


If dimsum is not your thing, head back to the Marina. I swear they have more brunch spots than any other neighborhood in the city! You’ll have a leisurely meal with a great view, which is perfect for saying farewell before you have to catch your flight home.

See. Wasn’t that fun? That is *just* one weekend, I could create dozens around food!

If you are visiting in the winter, don’t miss crab and oyster season. And if you are visiting the city by the bay solo, don’t fret! Here are some awesome solo travel experiences you can have in San Francisco!

How about you? Do you have a recommendation for this foodie itinerary?

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Not everyone’s taste buds are the same, so I’ve got a whole bunch more San Francisco food options for you!

Highlighted Restaurants in San Francisco

See my entire collection of San Francisco post in my San Francisco Guide. Also, you can save 42% off admission to the best San Francisco attractions with a San Francisco CityPASS. PLUS, skip most tickets lines!

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A San Francisco Weekend for FoodiesA San Francisco Weekend for FoodiesA San Francisco Weekend for Foodies

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  1. I am a foodie!!! I love to try new restaurants and new foods. If I make it to San Francisco, I will remember these tips.

  2. I’d love to go to San Francisco someday. They have very nice city views and I’d like to try their food.

  3. I have never been in San Francisco but i heard lot of things that San Francisco was a nice place to visit, i want to go there someday and i love to try their foods

  4. This would be an amazing weekend. I have always wanted to go to San Francisco. I love trying new foods.

  5. I am an adventurer in travel and food. I love exploring new places as well as recipes.

    Especially if I’m experimenting food on a new city, there is no better place called heaven for me…

  6. Love San Francisco, I’ll take a visit there over most any place in the US except Disney World, lol

      1. Yes Andi, I used to live in San Diego and going north every few months to Disneyland, and San Francisco was always a treat for us. My favorite time of year to go was mid Fall to late Spring, everything seemed to be brighter, more fun around the holiday season as well as during Spring for picnicking and going to Fisherman’s Wharf and the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory tours and festival.

  7. I love how you’ve laid this out and I agree that San Francisco is a great food city. I typically think of NYC or NOLA if I want a food getaway but a weekend in San Francisco would be fabulous as well.

    1. @Tamara, I may be jaded, but I think SF is as good as either of those two (although they are great eating cities!).

  8. I love what a great foodie town San Francisco is. I’ve eaten at a few of the places you’ve mentioned, but then you taught about 6 others I need to go to. I’d be really interested in checking out that food truck night – seems like a great way to sample a lot of things at one time.

  9. San Francisco has been on my MUST-visit list forever! I’ve heard that it’s a foodies paradise…and this only enforces it. Bar Tartine is a destination spot, and now I’m adding Dimsum for late Sunday morning to my (one day) itinerary!

  10. I have been to San Francisco 3 times and it’s not enough! i wish i had this list when I was there a few years ago :/

  11. When I went for a foodporn to San Francisco, I found a great place for delicious food on a budget, I highly recommend the Taqueria “Cancun” in the Mission district. Huge portions, authentic Mexican and so delicious. Go for the “al pastor burrito” 🙂

  12. Fantastic! I am pinning this for later. My sister and I are trying to come up with a city for my bachelorette. Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles are my top 3 and this would be a great way to kick it off!

  13. Wow, sure looks like you had an awesome time! I’d love to see the sights and more importantly eat the foods! Thanks for posting this, I’m pinning it for hopeful future use!

  14. I haven’t been to San Francisco in fifteen years! I would definitely like to visit again and try out some of these foods. It looks like that you have compiled a good collection of places to check out.

  15. Seems like there are a ton of amazing places to eat in San Francisco! I’ve been to LA and to way up north (Eureka), but I’ve never been to SF. I would love to see it sometime. It has such a rich and diverse history. Plus, I’d probably fit in pretty well there!

  16. Wow, I’ve never been to San Francisco but boy will that change soon. One things for sure, we enjoy eating and I wouldn’t mind visiting any of these places!

  17. Great tip. As a Vegas Local I am always looking for weekend getaways OUT of the city. San Francisco is definitely on my list. I can’t believe the city is only 7 miles x 7 miles. I love street markets so I am saving all your tips.

  18. I’ve yet to make it to San Francisco but hope to visit one day! There are so many amazing places to eat. I wouldn’t know where to start. You gave some great pointers.

  19. This would be such a fabulously fun weekend! I had no idea that San Francisco was so small as that– the city I’m in is about the same size, only we’ve got a small fraction of the population– you learn something new every day!
    I hope to make it to San Francisco someday!

  20. We love San Francisco and go every couple of years. Bookmarking your post for the next time .. there are so many places I’d love to try. Especially the farmer’s market .. I could easily spend an entire morning walking from stall to stall and always come home with far more than I need!

  21. San Francisco looks like a great place. I remember my brother visited there and he told me it was favorite city in CA. I hope to go there myself one day! 🙂

  22. We were there last year we walk all the way to the Golden Bridge in high 80’s temperature. We had a blast after that we stop by at Ghirardelli factory to get some Ice cream. We are planning to back next year same area but maybe try the Napa or drive and hike to Yosemite NP.

  23. wow what a food packed itinerary! i love it. i do tons of research before my trips to find good restaurants, bars and brunch spots so will be saving this for later. i hear great things about SF’s food scene!

  24. You included so many of my favorite spots! Fun fact: We were dining at Bar Tartine when I first mentioned the idea of marriage to Scott (five years after meeting, mind you), and his response? “I hate how at the fancy restaurants they always serve you cubes of sugar with your coffee. They never properly melt.”

  25. I’m a foodie living in Canada I would love to travel there to try all these places out. Thanks for sharing.