The Authors, Photographers and Illustrators of Misadventures with Andi

I started Misadventures with Andi in July of 2008 and have had many helpers along the way. For them, I am forever grateful! I wanted to create this page to spotlight some of the people who currently help me make what the sire is today – I could not do it without them!

Andi Fisher, Writer + Editor-in-Chief

Naturally, you can read more about me on my About page, but just a few quick words in case you haven't read that page. Misadventures with Andi is my creative outlet and passion project and I am forever grateful that people come and read my words every single day.

I have a day job that is very fulfilling, but I don't think I could ever turn my back on MWA! I love to travel, eat, and meet new people. I believe in positivity, kindness, and seeing the good in people.

Mr. Misadventures, Photographer

What can I say? I got lucky! Not only does Mr. Misadventures support my blog endeavors to infinity and beyond, but he also brings his incredible expertise to the table. He is an avid photographer who up-levels the images on MWA with his incredible talent.

He is also a tenacious researcher, voracious explorer, and every bit as gourmand as I am! We live to talk about travel and food! His site is Sel & Poivre Photography.

Photographing White Pocket Arizona USA

Linden Eller, Illustrator

I first ran into Linden Eller when we were both living in Arizona (we both live on the East Coast now). I was looking for an illustrator to do an illustration for my Tuileries Garden in Paris post and we hit it off immediately! Every time I have an idea about a drawing she nailed it! I really enjoy our collaborations and the personal touch Linden Eller brings to the MWA brand.

Her site is Linden Eller Illustration and you can even find some of her MWA drawings in her shop!

Mitalee D., Writer

I have wanted to find a writer based in Paris who could complement some of the topics I write about in Paris or French lifestyle including fashion. Mitalee has a great background!

She has written for French fashion and lifestyle magazines and keeps her finger on the pulse of the ever-changing city of light. Mitalee's website is here.