Traveler Tuesday – Tom of The Travelling Tom

Tom of The Traveling Tom is a self-prescribed travel addict who is a fantastic resource for learning how to become an ESL teacher to fund your addiction. I really like his gear reviews, they are thoughtful and well done. He's a bit of an expert when it comes to backpacking too! Let’s meet travel blogger Tom!   [1] When and how did you become a traveler? I became a traveler in … [Read more...]

36 Hours at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Disclosure: All my lodging, meals and activities were hosted by Visit Phoenix. As always all opinions are my own The 36 hours I spent at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess felt very much like a belated birthday present.  A week after my real birthday, I was wined and dined like a queen, or at least like the 3 Boston based mega-grammars whose Visit Phoenix party I crashed. I wasn't really … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Sharon of Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat

Today's Traveler Tuesday interview is with Sharon of Travel Eat Enjoy Repeat, which quite frankly is the best advice imaginable! Sharon is currently based in the Belgium where she spends her vacation and travel time eating and hiking along with exploring the numerous countries that are within her reach - I love Europe for that! Let’s meet travel blogger Sharon!   [1] When and how did … [Read more...]

5 Tastes You Must Try in Bangkok

In collaboration with GoDoTrip. If you're traveling to an exotic place like Bangkok, Thailand, chances are you're already armed with must-do lists for everything under the sun. But one of the best reasons to travel is to enjoy the food. You'll find that the dishes you enjoy in even the most high-end Thai restaurant in your U.S. hometown can't hold a candle to the food served in the real place. … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Sandy & Vyjay of Voyager

Sandy and Vyjay are an amazing travel couple who travel the world exploring every corner they can while remaining mindful of the impact they have on the world. Sustainable travel is important to them and while they seek out new experiences through culture, art and food, they do it responsibly. Let’s meet travel bloggers Sandy & Vyjay! [1] When and how did you become a traveler? We are a … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Johanna of Lifestyle Fifty

Fun, feisty, funky, and over fifty, Johanna of Lifestyle Fifty has lived in 11 different countries and travelled to many more with her geologist husband and two (now) grown-up children. She and her husband continue to travel as 'old fogies'. I'm totally jealous, last year Johanna was lucky enough to be asked to blog about a 104 night Princess Cruises world cruise - that is a dream trip for … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Liz of It’s a Drama

I really admire Liz of It's a Drama family travel blog, she's done it all! She and her husband hit the road traveling having one adventure after another when the kids eventually came around that didn't stop them one bit.  The whole family hit the road (they even spent a whole bunch of time in an RV, and you know how I feel about that!) traveling through Europe and then the ultimate! Liz and her … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to visit Kanab Utah

Considering that I have visited the little town of Kanab, Utah six times in the past six years, I feel like I have become a bit of an expert on some of the reasons why Kanab is a great place to visit and use as a "home base" for any trip to Southern Utah or Northern Arizona. Kanab is 3 hours from Las Vegas, 5 hours from Salt Lake City and 5.5 hours from Phoenix. It's a paradise for plenty of … [Read more...]

7 Things to Bring on a Trip to Phoenix

Winter is peak season in Phoenix. That means a lot of people tired of the cold will be heading to my new hometown to take in the gorgeous weather, beautiful sunsets, and Sonoran cuisine. I've been living here for several months now and I know first-hand what you will sorely be missing if you do not pack these five things in your suitcase as you head to Phoenix! Sunscreen I'm sure you … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Chrysoula of Travel Passionate

2018 starts with a Greek goddess, travel blogger and tourism professional.  Chrysoula of Travel Passionate is based in Athens, Greece. A writer after my own francophile heart, she writes in both English and French for her travel blog focusing on luxury travel around Europe. She’s traveled extensively throughout Europe for the past 25 years and has no intention of slowing down. She loves to … [Read more...]