San Francisco's Sushirrito

Ever since I saw this post on San Francisco’s 7-by-7 Magazine’s blog I have been trying scheme how I was going to get over to downtown to out Sushirrito.  I knew it would not take long as the thought of combining two of my favorite foods, sushi and burritos into one scrumptious offering was more than I could resist!

I knew there was going to be a wait, I was prepared for that.  It is not something I would do on a normal work day…maybe I am becoming more French!  I am willing to wait, that seems to be the norm for most of these downtown/financial district lunch spots, but I prefer to spend my lunch hour eating and relaxing.  In any case, the 30 minute wait met my expectations and I was not surprised.

The shop is set up like most burrito shops (or at least most burrito shops in San Francisco) with ingredients out in front of the preparer, added as you pass.  But unlike the burrito place where you have a myriad of options you get to pick from, at Sushirrito there are only 6 items on the menu and once you order the only thing left to do is to watch them make it.  There is one vegetarian option, sort of a must for San Francisco.

Preparing a Sushirrito

The ingredients are top-notch (read the 7-by-7 Magazine’s post for details), fresh and mixed in interesting combinations.  I had the more traditional Mamacita Roll while my colleague was more daring and tried the Crispy Ebi (see the menu on their site) which included pepperjack cheese.  Despite the fact that I was trying the bastardization of a sushi roll and a burrito, I am still a purist when it comes to sushi and do not do the cheese thing.  I don’t eat Philly rolls or any other sushi with cheese.

Preparing a Crunchy Ebi

My roll was quite tasty, and I am glad I had the experience, but in the end it is just a great sushi roll which are a dime a dozen in San Francisco.  It is the intention that goes behind the making of that product that makes it interesting and worthwhile to support. One suggestion would be to keep the roll whole rather than cutting it in two, more like a traditional burrito, cutting it just serves as a reminder that it is just a large maki cut in two.

My Mamacita Roll

When I first tweeted about the post in 7×7 Magazine, Tara Jones responded that there was a place doing Mexican-Japanese fusion in Portland.  As I plan on doing a weekend up there soon, I’d be interested in seeing what other people are doing with this new food trend.

If you are downtown in San Francisco, I definitely recommend trying it out and supporting a local business man who cares about quality food. Sushirrito is located at 59 New Montgomery Street and like most restaurants in that area they are only open Monday-Friday from 11-3.

Prepare for a line and bon appetit!

How about you? Have you tried any Mexican-Japanese food?

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  1. That seems really tasty, nice to hear that there is a vegetarian option too!

  2. My friend tweeted about this the other day–sounded super interesting, but now I think I’ll stick to my Mikuni in Sacramento! Still looks delicious, but I was expecting a bit more fusion. Thanks for sharing!

  3. the food looks delicious

  4. That Mamacita Roll looks AMAZING!!!!
    I love Sushi! I love Mexican! I must try this! 🙂
    Ive never been to San Fran but I have always always always wanted to go. I think I would love it there.
    I think this could be a cool experiment to try to make at home!
    – Laur 🙂

    • @Laur, I think it would be a great experiment for home because you can push the boundaries a bit more in terms of the amount of fusion you do between the two different foods, great idea!

  5. Thanks for the write-up and awesome pics, Andi. The Three Amigos and Mamacita are deliberately meant to be more traditional. If you want to try more fusion flavors, then I recommend the Crispy Ebi (this ain’t your typical philly roll!) or the Smokin’ Chicken. We hope to see you here again soon…also, stay posted for updates, new rolls, etc. 🙂

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