Traveler Tuesday – Abbie of Speck on the Globe

Traveler Tuesday – Abbie of Speck on the Globe - Bathing Suit

I’m so pleased to introduce you to another amazing BlogHouser, Abbie Synan of Speck on the Globe. She is confident solo travel who treks to the far corners of the globe to seek out new cities and new experiences. She is constantly on the go and concerned about sustainable travel. I am jealous of her… 

J’adore – Gifts that Give Back

J’adore – Gifts that Give Backcausebox

I think everyone feels good when they give a gift, you get that little tingle of pleasure knowing something you bought or made has brought pleasure to someone else.  What if you can get that tingle while also shining your halo a bit?  What if your gift for a friend or family member could help… 

Currently November 2017

Currently Nov 2017

Currently | 11.16.17 Watching | Movies > We are sort of caught up on series that we like to watch (for the life of me I cannot finish Season 5 of Scandal, it’s lost its shine in my opinion) so we are re-watching movies now that we have a new 4k TV. We haven’t gone… 

Traveler Tuesday – Jaclynn of The Occasional Traveller

Traveler Tuesday - Jaclynn of The Occasional Traveller - Bolivia-Uyuni-Salt-Flats-Back-Poncho

I met this week’s Traveler Tuesday on Facebook, Jaclynn of The Occasional Traveller is a former full-time career girl who took a career break in 2011 to explore places that vacation time just couldn’t accommodate.  Then in 2016 she didn’t again…permanently!  She is a big fan of solo travel and has written great posts about… 

Tucson Hotel: The Downtown Clifton

Tucson Hotel Downtown Clifton Hotel

During our initial explorations of Tucson we had a fabulous breakfast at 5 Points Restaurant & Market. We loved the space, the building it inhabited, the server, but most of all the food. I left hungry for more and contacted the owner as well as began researching some of the businesses connected to the restaurant…. 

Paris Profiles – 15th Arrondissement with Forest

Forest Collins photo credit Caroline Wyatt

There are the fortunate few who get to live in Paris and I feel equally blessed to personally know so many.  The ex-pats living in the city of light are talented, vibrant and always busy with some sort of interesting project.  After our year on the road in the RV where we stayed domestic (except…