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Media Kit for Misadventures with Andi

Let’s work together!

I am open to receiving inquiries on collaboration. I love working with brands on projects that will allow us both to be successful. I am a traveler and a foodie with a penchant for supporting good people (particularly women), green initiatives, and good meals (sorry, can’t get away from the food!).

You won’t meet anyone more professional. Why? Because I have worked in the field too. I am an experienced digital marketer who has run several social media programs at large enterprise companies. So I have a unique perspective, 20 years of experience, and understand deadlines and commitments.

Also? I am totally addicted to social media and with the portfolio, I have built; it is more than just my blog. The words and the photos get extended across multiple platforms which allows me to amplify my message (and yours).

The following Media Kit intended to provide PR and media professionals with the necessary information to make a decision about working with Misadventures with Andi (you know you want to!).

Misadventures with Andi Media Kit Mar 2021 (pdf)

Misadventures with Andi Media Kit Mar 2021

Please feel free to contact me using the form below for further information or to discuss doing business together. [Sorry about the captcha, but spam sucks…]

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