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Where to go for Coffee in San Francisco

Whether it is Philz, Four Barrel or Blue Bottle, Coffee Cultures or Coffee Bar, San Francisco’s coffee will keep you caffeinated. Purists, snobs, and almond milk latte lovers all have a place in San Francisco’s coffee scene. Given I have been drinking coffee a long time (here is my coffee story) I thought I would share a few spots and stories about where to go for coffee in San Franciso.

Where to go for Coffee in San Francisco hero

A double-shot just for you! I feel super lucky to have lived on the West Coast for so long where cities like Seattle and Portland have influenced the amazing coffee we have here in San Francisco.

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Where to go for Coffee in San Francisco

Every single neighborhood in San Francisco has great coffee, a few San Francisco locals have shared their favorites in my neighborhood guides.

Financial District
Hayes Valley
Lower Haight
Nob Hill
North Beach
Pacific Heights
Portrero Hill
Western Addition

San Francisco is a city of villages and its villagers are quite adept in detecting the good stuff. I know people think Seattle and Portland have the market on good coffee, but trust me, San Francisco has exceptional coffee and lots of coffee snobs. That’s why I  like to get other San Franciscans’ opinions as well, like self-proclaimed coffee snobs, Lia, and Jeremy of Practical Wanderlust who wrote their own post on the 10 best coffee shops in San Francisco.

I have collected a Wanderlist on AFAR with other great San Francisco coffee spots.

One of my favorites is Coffee Cultures (read more about them here) in the Financial District where I work, great coffee, but I love their almond milk mocha.

One of my favorite espresso drinks anywhere in the city is the 190 Kit from the Papa November coffee truck near the San Francisco Design Center. It is espresso, simple syrup and sparkling water, delicious!

A few extra shots for you:
How to order coffee in Paris.

How to order coffee in Portugal.

My day at Greenwell Farms Coffee in Hawaii.

My morning at Caffé Vita Coffee Roasting Company in Seattle.

Some of my favorite coffee spots from my ‘Come in for a cuppa’ Wanderlist on AFAR.

Read more about San Francisco in other stories.

How about you? Do you like coffee? What is your favorite? Where do you get it? Do tell!

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Where to go for Coffee in San FranciscoWhere to go for Coffee in San FranciscoWhere to go for Coffee in San FranciscoWhere to go for Coffee in San Francisco

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  1. I love ALL coffee but Iced Coffee has got to be my favorite! Next time I’m on the West Coast I have to stop by SF, I’ve always wanted to go <3

  2. Oh I could go for a cup now! I’m a coffee and tea lover…I wish I was closer, this looks like a coffee house I would love to visit 😀

  3. I only like coffee if it’s got an insane amount of sugar, milk, and flavoring in it. Tea, however, is something I can drink anytime, anywhere, and any way!

    1. @Natalie, I go through phases of what I put in my coffee, for tea it depends on what kind of tea as to what I put into it.

  4. It would probably take over a year to sample everything on the menu at every coffee shop in San Fran. Great idea for a hobby! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Of all the hipster cities in the world, I think San Fran is tops! This means these must all be excellent places if they are the best of the best 🙂

  6. I LOVE coffee! I think it’s not only the coffee that I love, but also the act of drinking coffee. Coffee is one of those rare (non alcoholic) drinks that bring people together and make you feel good. I went on a quest to find the perfect coffee shop in LA a few years ago and just haven’t been able to find that perfect place. However in Long Beach we have amazing coffee shops. I even had my 30th birhtday at a coffee shop “The Royal Cup Cafe”. It was amazing 🙂

    1. @Winter, so true about the community aspect about drinking coffee (also seen in especially in Western Europe) coffee shops are so wonderful for that. Next time I head to LA I am definitely going to check with you about what coffee shop to try out.

  7. there is nothing like a good cup of coffee to get your morning started or that afternoon to perk you up lol , thanks for sharing withus

  8. Perfect for national coffee day! I’ve been to San Francisco before but haven’t checked out the coffee shops. Good to have this list. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I’ve always wanted to go to one of those little shops that make the pretty designs on your coffee! If I ever make it down to San Fran I will have to check out Coffee Cultures – that almond milk mocha sounds divine!

  10. I’m in SF often (live in Sonoma County). I’ll have to check out some of these spots. They sound great. BTW — love your banner!

    1. @Tammi, thanks! Where’s the best burger in Sonoma (by the way, LOVE Sonoma, have a friend who lives there and going to his house to pick grapes this weekend!)?

  11. There is something truly great about a non-franchised coffee shop. While I love my Starbucks for their reliable drinks, I loooove the atmosphere of a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop 🙂

  12. I am definitely a coffee lover but with my milk allergy finding a suitable “creamer” when coffee-ing out is hard work. 🙁

  13. I have always wanted to go somewhere and be served a fancy coffee like the one you pictured. Starbucks is as fancy as I get! Lol

  14. I don’t really drink coffee, but I love frappuccino. Plus, I love the coffee house vibe so I’m sure these would be fun to visit.

  15. Great list! If I’m ever in San Francisco and craving a coffee I will have to look these places up. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love cappuccinos, but don’t drink them that often. I wouldn’t call coffee fanatics snobs, I’d call them teachers.