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San Francisco for Vegetarians

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San Francisco for vegetarians is possible! I have had several people reach out to me to say they were on their way to San Francisco and traveling with vegetarians and/or vegans and did I know some good restaurants to recommend.

Food is on my mind 24/7 and I am constantly seeking out new things to try in San Francisco (or wherever I go) so I have had the opportunity to eat at some great vegetarian spots or restaurants that cater extensively to vegetarians. It is not something I seek out specifically but more and more of my friends and co-workers are vegetarians so I happily tag along and try their recommendations.

This is my San Francisco for vegetarians list:

Yank Sing – Vegetarian Dimsum

San Francisco for Vegetarians Spinach-Dumpling-Yank-Sing
Yank Sing’s Spinach Dumpling

I eat dimsum nearly every weekend. I have tried many dimsum restaurants all around the San Francisco Bay Area and I think the only one that really has a robust offering for vegetarians is Yank Sing. They have a full sampling of vegetarian dumplings. One of my favorites is the pea shoot one, but they also have a mushroom, spinach, a mixed vegetable curry one, and several more. Yank Sing will satisfy vegetarians while pleasing meat-eaters as well. It is a win-win for everyone.

Yank Sing, 101 Spear Street


 San Francisco for Vegetarians Greens-Lost-in-Cheeseland
Greens view, Photo credit: Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland

While the food is fabulous here, it would also probably win the award for the best view of any of these restaurants! Located in Fort Mason on the water, you get amazing dishes with a stunning backdrop. It is a vegetarian-only restaurant that my Parisian blogging pal Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland visited this spot on her last trip and her raving review piqued my interest. When I visited I had the farro risotto and it was amazing!

Greens, 2 Marina Boulevard, Fort Mason Building A


San Francisco for Vegetarians Source-Beet-Burger
Source Beet Burger, Photo Credit: Baking Me Hungry

A strictly vegetarian and vegan restaurant would it surprise you that one of the best burgers I have ever had was their beet burger? Insane, but true. It is sensational (my one complaint is that it should be served on a “real” bun rather than a pita, but that is minor)! Order that along with their Orange Julius smoothie and you will forget where you are. I think this is one of the least-known best vegetarian restaurants in the city. They have great pizzas, amazing fries, and a wide variety of cuisines that appeal to everyone.

Source, 11 Division Street

The Plant

San Francisco for Vegetarians The-Plant-Salad
One of their many salads, courtesy The Plant website

The Plant has several locations, one happens to be right across the street from my office which has allowed me to explore a lot of their menu. There is also a great location next to Pier 7, as well as a few other spots around the city. They specialize in organic food and have vegetarian, vegan, and “regular” items. They have great salads that you can customize any way you want, pizzas, burgers, noodles dishes, you name it. Lots of great juice options and Blue Bottle drip coffee. Yummy!

The Plant has various locations in San Francisco.

Cha-Ya – Vegetarian Japanese

San Francisco for Vegetarians Food-Librarian-Cha-ya
Cha-Ya dish, Photo credit: The Food-Librarian

Despite eating a ton of dimsum, my favorite cuisine is Japanese. I have not met a Japanese dish that I didn’t like. If you are a vegetarian and like Japanese, you are in for a real treat at Cha-Ya. I tried the buckwheat soba noodles and agadashi tofu. I normally have soba with a protein, but the version here has so many different kinds of vegetables piled on top, I didn’t miss it! The sushi is great too.

Cha-Ya, 762 Valencia Street

Vegetarian Food trucks

San Francisco for Vegetarians The-Chairman-Tofu-Bao
Crispy Miso Cured Tofu with Garlic-Tofu Mayo & Baby Choy Sum, photo courtesy The Chairman

I am a bit nuts for food trucks. Here in San Francisco, most food trucks have at least one vegetarian item. Two of my favorites are the Tofu Teriyaki Zen at KoJa Kitchen and the Crispy Miso Cured Tofu with Garlic-Tofu Mayo & Baby Choy Sum from The Chairman.

Lastly, there are a ton of juice shops popping up all over the city, from the Embarcadero to the Ferry Building to every corner in the Financial District (lucky me!). There is Thrive, Native, Pressed, and Juiced to You. But my favorite by far is The Juice Shop.

Their cold-pressed method makes all their juices taste bright and fresh (sorry that is the only way I can describe them) in a way I don’t quite get with the other shops. I am particularly nuts for their Five Seed Juice and their cold-pressed Lemonade. No matter where you go, these juices are sure to please any vegetarian or vegan.

San Francisco for Vegetarians The-Juice-Shop
The Juice Shop, Photo credit: Anne Sage

There are many, many more vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco, I just haven’t tried them all yet!

Here are a few additional resources for vegetarian and vegan spots:

SFist > Best vegetarian restaurants

Bay Area Vegetarians > Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants

7 x7 Magazine > 50 Vegetarian (Or Vegan) Things to Eat Before You Die in SF

How about you? Have you been to other vegetarian restaurants around the city that you can recommend?

For a visual summary of this post, check out my San Francisco vegetarian restaurant web story!

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San Francisco for VegetariansSan Francisco for VegetariansSan Francisco for Vegetarians

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