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Paris in April: 2024

I have 2 favorite months for visiting Paris: April and October. And while I have been to Paris in every month (and over 50 trips in total) I have been to Paris the most during these 2 months. April in Paris is magical.

The weather is generally good, if the various months were bears in Goldilocks and the Three 12 Bears, April would be the baby bear that is “just right” existing between it being too cold and too hot!

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When the musical goddess Ella Fitzgerald sings about April in Paris, every traveler's heart sings, at least the ones that are familiar with Paris!

I never knew the charm of spring
I never met it face to face
I never knew my heart could sing
I never missed a warm embrace
Till April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom
Holiday tables under the trees
April in Paris, this is a feeling
That no one can ever reprise
I never knew the charm of spring
I never met it face to face
I never knew my heart could sing
I never missed a warm embrace
Till April in Paris
Whom can I run to
What have you done to my heart

– Lyrics by Count Basie

Paris holds a beauty that captures the imagination every day of the year, but April adds something magical to it. April brings misty mornings eclipsed by sunny afternoons, swelling birdsong, and the scent of freshly blooming flowers (like cherry blossoms!) to the City of Light.

spring garden in paris with buildings

Why should you visit Paris in April?

There are my reasons why April is a good time to visit Paris. As I mentioned above, after 50 visits to the French capital, I can hands-down say that April is the best time to visit. Here are a few reasons why.

  • The Affordability. Have you ever heard the expression “shoulder season?” Well, April in Paris is it! April marks the early beginnings of the tourist season. Hotel prices are cheaper than stays during the peak tourist season between July and September.
  • The Crowds. Paris is the most visited city in all of Europe. Peak tourist seasons of July to September see crowds of thousands of tourists swarm Paris. In April, the crowds are much smaller. Any attractions you visit won't have mile-long lines or crowds of people blocking the view, these troubles mainly plague the high season of the summer. If Easter falls in April, you may even have fewer Parisians in town although you will still have other European tourists. (For 2023, Easter weekend is April 7 (Good Friday) through Monday, April 10.)
  • The Locals. When visiting Paris outside of peak tourism season, you'll experience it as the locals do. In fact, you may get to know some locals, since many stay in Paris until peak tourist season when Parisians head for the country to avoid the crowd.
  • The Weather. Paris in the summer sees warm weather in the near-eighties with seventy percent humidity. Comparatively, April holds a steady sixty-degree temperature with the lowest humidity of the year, at around fifty percent. While cool rain may fall periodically, the weather remains fairly mild during April as Paris warms up from the winter.
  • The Scenery. Warmer spring temperatures mean beautiful foliage and blossoming flowers in Paris' boulevards and parks. Cherry blossoms, apple trees, peonies, and tulips burst to life in a vibrant display of colors. These gorgeous spring buds begin to fade in May and April is the prime viewing time for the gorgeous scenery.

What Is The Weather In Paris in April?

April weather in Paris is much like you’d expect for spring anywhere in the hemisphere. The weather is mild, with the average temperature in the 60’s. The mornings and evenings can still be chilly (dress in layers!!), sometimes dropping to the 40s.

While there are some rainy days, don’t let them scare you away. There are plenty of things to do and see inside when you need to escape a drizzle but on many days you’ll get to enjoy lots of sunshine, warmer weather, and low humidity.

The spring weather alone is why I think April is a great time of year to visit Paris!

Cherry blossoms and Montmartre building

Paris weather in April

Weather patterns these past few years are very unpredictable, so I want to share the averages and then what we have seen in the last few years. (I used World Weather Info as my source of information.)

Weather in April in Paris:

  • The temperatures in April in Paris: It can get low temperatures as low as 49 degrees F (13 C) and a high temperature as high as 56 degrees F (9 C).
  • Sunrise and Sunset: You can expect sunrise at around 7 AM and sunset at 8:40 PM.
  • Rain: Not too much rain.
  • Snow: It can happen! But the snow melts quickly, usually by the end of the day.
Average Daytime Temperature5613
Average Nighttime Temperature499
Days of Rainfall
(From light rain or drizzle to a storm)
Average Daytime Temperature5915
Average Nighttime Temperature5010
Days of Rainfall
(From light rain or drizzle to a storm)
Average Daytime Temperature5713
Average Nighttime Temperature467
Days of Rainfall
(From light rain or drizzle to a storm)

Weather in Paris in April FAQs

What is the average temperature in Paris in April?

The weather is mild this time of year. The average temperature is in the 60’s. The mornings and evenings can still be chilly (dress in layers!!), with cooler temperatures sometimes dropping to the 40s. It is very pleasant weather!

Does it rain a lot in April?

Paris gets an average rainfall of about 2 inches during April, with about 9 days of rain in total. (Fewer rainy days than in March.) That doesn't seem like a lot, but it happens mainly in showers. So it can rain a couple of times a day. The rain can arrive suddenly and can be heavy. You may have cloud cover.

The Best Things to Do in April in Paris

There are thousands of things to do in Paris every day of the year. The benefit of visiting Paris in Spring? You get to enjoy the indoor offerings while still having beautiful weather to enjoy the outdoors as well!

When visiting Paris in April, consider picking destinations and attractions that fit a variety of interests because, as previously mentioned, there truly are tons of things to do in the city!

Visit the Parks and Gardens

Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris

The parks and gardens of Paris never disappoint. In April, there are no hordes of tourists cramming through the trails and paths of the gardens. You can enjoy strolling beneath the linden trees and cherry blossoms without feeling rushed in one of Paris' many parks or gardens. 

  • Jardin des Tuileries. When visiting Paris, one must stop at the Jardin de Tuileries to truly understand the French royalty's love of gardens. These beautiful paths mingled with fountains and ponds, were originally built by Queen Catherine d'Medici in the 16th century. Walk among gorgeous arrays of flowers and trees and enjoy the works of Monet in the Musée de l’Orangerie during your time in this historic oasis. I've written an entire guide to this park.
  • Parc de la Villette. Young by Parisian standards, the Parc de la Villette in the 19th Arrondissement boasts a unique modern design by Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi. Take a guided tour or wander this unique garden alone, enjoying the Garden of Mirrors, the Garden of Mists, or the Garden of Acrobatics. For lunch, swing by the burger bar and continue your exploring.
  • Jardin des Plantes. The Jardin des Plantes in the 5th Arrondissement opened to the public in 1640. This once-royal garden hosts a small zoo and over 10,000 plant species. There's even an abandoned lab in the garden that was home to the discovery of radioactivity in 1896!
  • Jardin du Luxembourg. This garden in the 6th Arrondissement was created in 1612 when Marie de' Medici constructed a new residence the Luxembourg Palace, which ultimately became the location for the French Senate. It is near the Latin Quarter and is one of the most popular and beautiful gardens in Paris. I've written an entire guide to this park.
  • Parc Monceau. This garden in the 8th (and the border of the 17th) gives you a wonderful glimpse into the lives of bourgeoise Parisians and how they spend their leisure time. From children playing on the grounds to young mothers and nannies chatting on shaded benches, the park is a calm, green haven in the urban land of Paris. I've written an entire guide to this park.

Look for the Cherry Blossoms

If you’re visiting at the beginning of the month, you’re just in time for the gorgeous cherry blossoms and magnolia blooms to line the streets. The season varies slightly each year but is usually from mid-March to mid-April, making the first two weeks of April the perfect time.

Where to find the cherry blossoms? All you need to do is wander the city and you’ll find some. For specific points, check out the Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore, Champs de Mars, Petit Palais, and Jardin des Plantes.

Another trick is to turn to social media and see the locations of the latest cherry blossom photos with trees in full bloom!

Have a Picnic

While you’re exploring the many parks and gardens of Paris, take advantage of the fair weather and have a picnic. Just be sure to check that the grass isn’t wet before you throw the blanket down.

And, of course, you’re not limited to just the parks. My all-time favorite picnic spot is along the banks of the Seine River, with my feet dangling over the river’s edge. It’s definitely a “Parisian moment”!

Here are 9 of the best picnic spots to choose from, so grab a baguette, some cheese, and wine and enjoy.

La Promenade Plantée

garden arch in La Promenade Plantee Paris

Spring is the perfect time to visit la Promenade plantée (also known as Coulée verte René-Dumont) raised railroad track (which was in disrepair until it was converted to this walkway in 1993) with flowers galore!

Get a fantastic view of the city as you stroll along this 2.7 mile/4.5km elevated walkway with tons of green space. Located in the 12th arrondissement and you can find it along Avenue Daumesnil very close to the Bastille metro.

Enjoy the Cafés

Paris Cafe

Nothing screams Parisian breakfast more than café crème and a croissant. Of course, cafés are open all year round, but April is the first month you can sit outside on the terrace (or sidewalk) without freezing or sitting under a heat lamp!

Eat like a local and find a small corner café to sip espresso and read Le Parisien paper, or discover one of the popular breakfast restaurants like the organic offerings at Chambelland or enjoy the fine offerings at Blé Sucré. Check out my guides if you aren't sure how to order your coffee in Paris or what to eat for breakfast.

Paris Marathon

people running in a blur

The Paris Marathon is one of the largest in the world with as many 65,000 runners from all over the world taking part in this race that weaves through the city of Paris. It starts at the Arc de Triomphe and finishes at Avenue Foch in the 16th Arrondissement.

If you are visiting Paris in April you should be aware of what day the marathon falls on because it can impact your ability to get around some of the major city streets. For 2023, it is April 2.

Passage Couvert Paris

There is always a chance of rain in April so it’s good to be prepared with a rainy day activity or two. The covered passages (les passages couverts) of Paris provide a rainy day escape into what can, at times, seem like a different, almost magical side of Paris.

Check out my guide on Passage Couvert Paris to see where and how to find them!

Join a Cooking Class

If you’re a foodie, a cooking class is a must but I recommend it to everyone up for trying something new on their visit to Paris. April is a great month for testing out a cooking class because they happen indoors and, depending on what you’re cooking, can be a great way to sample what is fresh and in season.

I recommend La Cuisine Paris. The mister and I took a class on baking bread, but they have dozens of other classes available as well.


There are many museums in Paris so I recommend finding ones that align with your interests and checking them out. They’re an easy way to escape April showers while crossing something off your bucket list too.

You can often even book a guided tour, which is something that we did at the Orsay (Musee d’Orsay). Reserve your ticket and skip-the-line access here.

This is also a great opportunity to visit the largest museum in the world, the Louvre Museum, without all the intense crowds. Reserve your ticket and skip-the-line access here.

See the Eiffel Tower

Whether this is your first or fiftieth trip to Paris, seeing the Eiffel Tower never gets old. And while you can see it from many points in the city if you’ve been waiting for your chance to get that Instagram shot in front of the Eiffel Tower, dine inside, or just visit, April is a great time to do it.

While there is always a line (it’s the most popular attraction in the city, after all!), the crowds are not nearly as bad as they are during the summer months. Reserve your Eiffel Tower Summit Direct Access by Elevator ticket here.

Take a River Cruise

A dinner cruise down the River Seine is a unique way to see some of the major sites of the city. (Not to mention super romantic if you’re traveling with that special someone!) There are several different cruises to choose from but many include a three-course (or more) dinner as you cruise up the Seine River.

You’ll be able to see landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower from a brand-new perspective. Reserve your Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Cruise 1-Day/2-Day Pass here.

Disneyland Paris

Amusement parks are not usually at the top of my travel list but if Disneyland Paris is a bucket list experience for you, April is a great time to do it as there are few fewer people since kids aren’t on vacation yet.

If Easter falls in April, you may be able to catch some of the Easter-themed events held at the theme park. Just note that you should avoid going on Easter Sunday or Easter Monday due to crowds.

Reserve your 1-day Disneyland Paris Pass here.

Check Out a Special Events

There is always something happening in Paris and there are several annual fairs and shows that happen every April in Paris. Here are a few that I’m aware of and love to attend but this is by no means an exhaustive list!

  • Art Paris Art Show: Taking place at the Grand Palais in the 8th Arrondissement, this annual event features contemporary art with new artists exhibited every year.
  • Festival du Livre de Paris (Paris Book Festival) takes place April 12-14 at the Grand Palais Éphémère in the 7th arrondissement. Shop for books (there will be more than 250,000 of them) or take a workshop.
  • Foire du Trone: Also known as “Fun Fair” this is a carnival that dates back to 857 and takes place in the Bois de Vincennes in the 12th Arrondissement.
  • Paris Color Run: (Depending on the year, sometimes this event happens in March in Paris.) Paris takes part in this world event, for every kilometer of the race there is a “color” zone where volunteers throw 100% natural corn starch-based colored powder. Participants try to cross as many color zones as possible before hitting the finish line.
  • Foire de Paris starts in April (and runs through May). This show features household goods – like a kitchen home show that takes place at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in the 15th Arrondissement.
  • PAD Paris Art and Design Fair is an event dedicated to modern and contemporary furniture and design. It takes place in the Jardin des Tuileries facing 234 rue de Rivoli and opposite rue de Castiglione (where the Westin is) in the 1st Arrondissement.
  • Livre Paris is a massive book fair that takes place in April at the Porte de Versailles in the 15th Arrondissement.

April in Event FAQs

Is Paris Fashion Week in April?

Paris has 5 fashion weeks (Paris Fashion Week – Men Fall/Winter; Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture; Paris Fashion Week – Women Fall/Winter; Paris Fashion Week – Men Spring/Summer; Paris Fashion Week – Women Spring/Summer) but none of them are in May. The closest is the Men – Spring Summer which is June 20-25 in 2023.

Will the Notre Dame Cathedral be open in April?

No. It is set to be completed in December 2023.

Travel photography

Best Spots Eiffel Tower Photos Ebook

Are you looking for the best spots to take a stunning Eiffel Tower photo in Paris? Look no further! This ebook is designed to be your one-stop guide for taking those breathtaking Eiffel Tower shots throughout the city.

Culinary Delights of April in Paris

Oh, you know me. This is always my favorite part! No trip to Paris is complete without a deep exploration of all the eats. You should definitely try the classics, but don't forget the season as well!

  • French Cuisine Festival (Gout de France): Depending on the year, this can also take place in March. A food festival that celebrates traditional French dishes served in the “old” way as well as transformations. There are food booths, trucks and markets, demonstrations and workshops, and meet-and-greets with chefs. It’s a great way to see food from all across the country.
  • Rhum Fest Paris: I learned about this one while watching a detective series on TV, it is an event dedicated to rum and takes place in the Bois de Vincennes in the 12th Arrondissement.
  • Le Food Market: Held 1 Thursday each month, this mini street food festival showcases cuisine from around the world. The market takes place at 23 rue Boyer in the 20th Arrondissement.
  • Sugar Paris: A food festival for those with a sweet tooth! This event dedicated to sucre takes place at the Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles in the 15th Arrondissement.
  • Easter in Paris: If Easter falls in April, then lucky you! The chocolate and pastry shops will have many chocolate treats, an extra indulgence during this time of year!

What to eat in Paris in April

Salad with goat cheese

Many restaurants offer seasonal menus so it is always good to know what is actually in season! Paris has many tastes to experience, but during the spring there are some seasonal specialties. If you visit the marchés (farmer's market) you will see many of these items listed below.

  • Fruits in season: apricots, cherries (cerises) grapefruit (pamplemousse), blackberries (mûres), lemons (citron), apples, pears, and some species of strawberries (La Ciflorette, Cléry, Darselect, and Gariguette).
  • Vegetables in season: You'll also find avocados, carrots, radishes (radis), endives, morille mushrooms, fennel (fenouil), Fava beans (haricots de Fava or fève), spinach (épinard), garlic (ail), onions, leeks (poireau), red and green cabbage (chou rouge and chou vert), cauliflower (chou fleur), chard (blette), sorrel (oseille), rhubarb, lettuce, asparagus, zuchinni, dandelions (pissenlit), peas, artichokes (artichaut), frisée (a Mr. Misadventure favorite), mâche (my favorite).
  • Herbs in season so they will show up on your plate in restaurants and be widely available in markets for making meals if you are renting an apartment or condo: chervil is also known as French parsley (cerfeuil), watercress (cresson) which is fantastic in soup too, and parsley (persil).
  • Seafood is in season: halibut (flétan), crab (tourteau) and turbot.
  • Did you know that there are seasonal cheeses (fromages)? It’s true! Spring is the best season for cheese! Especially cheeses from any mountainous region like Banon (goat’s milk), Boulette, Cabecou, Crottin de Chavignol, Epoisses, Fontina, Livarot, Maroilles, Roquefort, Saint-Marcellin, and Saint-Pierre. April through May is spring goat cheese (chèvre). Also good in April are: Cerney, Sainte Maure, Valencay, Selles Sur Cher, Beaufort, Mimolette, Morbier, Parmigiano Reggiano, Brie de Meaux, and Brie de Melun.

Popular Restaurant Dishes To Try

As I mentioned, Parisians eat very seasonally. In the restaurants (tips for dining in Paris here), spring means lighter dishes. With all the lettuces in season, you will season wonderful salads (including salade niçoise and salades with chèvre) and other dishes that are bright with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lamb appears on the menu as well and if you can find it spring sardines are delightful! Lots of spinach quiches and souffles. More spring vegetables appear in Estouffade Printanière vegetable stew. On the dessert menu will be the usual tarts and fruit sorbets, but you will also see cherry clafouti.

Save on food costs by visiting the local markets and shops.

Paris restaurants can be expensive, and while it’s worth splurging on one good meal, you don’t want to blow your entire travel budget just on food. Luckily, you can find a lot of treats at the local markets (here's the etiquette).

You can also ask the hotel staff or locals to recommend small cafes and bistros that they go to. This may save you from “tourist rates” and will definitely have good food. April is wonderful for picnics (just be careful of wet grass.). Buy at the local market and head to one of the 9 ideal picnic spots in Paris.

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Tips for Visiting Paris in Spring

What to Wear in Paris- Tips for Packing for Paris in the Spring

Dress in layers.

I have a full post on what to pack and wear for spring in Paris, make sure to check that out. Rain does fall in Paris during April. Pack a light rain jacket or waterproof trench coat, comfortable pants, and comfortable walking shoes, and it's a good idea to bring an umbrella for your trip.

Mornings can be cold, and then gradually becomes warmer as the day passes. So, it’s best to wear a scarf and dress in layers, so you can shed your jacket at the end of the day.

April in Paris is a time when the city begins to bloom, and the air is filled with the promise of spring. The weather can be unpredictable, with sunny days suddenly giving way to showers. This month requires a wardrobe that can handle everything from a warm afternoon in Montmartre to a drizzly morning by the Seine. Here’s your go-to packing list for embracing the beauty of Paris in spring, ensuring you’re prepared for its whimsical weather while looking effortlessly chic.

  • Lightweight waterproof jacket: Essential for those unexpected spring showers.
  • Layering pieces: Think cotton long-sleeve shirts, light sweaters, and breathable blouses.
  • Comfortable trousers and jeans: Choose lighter fabrics for sunny days.
  • One or two spring dresses: Perfect for warmer days, with the option to layer with tights if it’s cooler.
  • Light scarf: Adds a touch of Parisian style while offering warmth on cooler days.
  • Sunglasses: For those bright, sunny days exploring the city.
  • Compact umbrella: Be prepared for April showers without sacrificing space in your bag.

Check out this post for a full list of what to pack for Paris in the spring.

The charm of Paris in April is best enjoyed on foot, from the blooming gardens to the bustling café terraces. Your footwear should be versatile, comfortable for long walks, yet stylish enough to transition from day to evening outings.

  • Waterproof walking shoes: Keep your feet dry during those April showers.
  • Stylish sneakers: Perfect for daytime exploration and fits right in with Parisian casual chic.
  • Flats or low-heeled shoes: Ideal for evening dining or a concert, offering comfort and elegance.

The right bag can be your best companion as you stroll through Paris’s arrondissements this April. Opt for options that blend functionality with the effortless style the city is known for.

  • Waterproof cross-body bag: Secure your belongings against the weather while keeping your hands free for photos.
  • Lightweight tote bag: Ideal for carrying a light jacket, water bottle, and any souvenirs picked up along the way.
  • Small evening bag: A sleek choice for nighttime, big enough for essentials but elegant enough for Parisian nights.

Book ahead.

Schoolchildren are on vacation for Spring Break between the beginning of April and early May, so make hotel and transportation reservations ahead of time. The best hotels and most popular attractions will be booked.

Take the metro.

While walking around Paris is certainly one of the best ways to really enjoy its culture and architecture, taking public transportation can help save time—especially if you want to maximize your stay. Your hotel can provide you with a map of the metro, and most establishments will list the name of the nearest station. Here is my complete guide to the Paris metro.

Basic French

I share this in my Paris for the First Time post, my market etiquette post, and my Paris dining post. Don't arrive in France without knowing a word of French. Two words specifically: BONJOUR (hello) and MERCI (thank you). Be sure and learn the basics: “please,” “police,” “emergency,” “bathroom.” etc. (here is a guide to bathrooms in Paris).

Travel Packages

Many hotels, airlines, and travel agencies provide trip itineraries and travel packages for tourists. However, keep in mind that while these simplify the planning of a trip, travel packages seldom explore the haunts and hole-in-the-wall locations that Parisian locals prefer. Make time to explore away from the mainstream and the off-the-beaten-path while in Paris.


Okay. This is not unusual for France in general, especially during the months of May and October. But this year, there is an extra round of strikes around France's retirement pension reform that began in February and will continue throughout the spring which will impact your trip to Paris.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Most of the time strikes = transportation issues.
    • That means the metro (RER), trains (SNCF and RER), buses (RER), and sometimes taxis too.
    • Make sure your airport transfer is secured well in advance of any possible transit strikes. By pre-booking an airport transfer, you won't be stuck without transport and the hotel will take care of providing updates concerning delays or disruptions that may occur.
    • One thing I do is head to the CDG area the night before my flight so that any possible delays will not force me to miss my flight. I love the Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel but have also stayed at the Paris Marriott Charles de Gaulle Airport Hotel and citizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.
    • For air travel, 95% of the time international flights are not impacted. However, as soon as you arrive in France, you may have issues if you have inner-France connections to other French airports.
    • BUT you may have trouble getting to the airport on the day of a strike. Taxis will not be able to get through demonstrations at the airport and will drop you off in inconvenient locations and you will have to walk! My best advice is to ask the taxi driver to drop you off at ibis Paris CDG Airport it is a 5-minute covered walk to Terminal 3. Or the citizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.
  • Before heading out of your hotel check in with the front desk or concierge. They usually know where and when protests are planned. You do not want to be inadvertently swept up into a demonstration. 
  • Avoid the large public areas called “Places”, especially around Place de la Republique, Place de la Bastille, Place d'Italie, and Place de la Concorde.  
  • Tune into France24 online. It is in English and can help you keep track of what is going on in real-time. Also, try Gov.uk.
  • Download the Citymapper app for the latest transportation updates. This savvy app will keep you up-to-date on train and transit info, providing alternative routes when necessary.

Why is April a good time to visit Paris?

Bar-none, April is the best month out of the traditional tourist season to visit Paris. You'll miss the crowds, costs, and stress that come with visiting during peak season in the summer, while still enjoying the vibrant scenery, activities, and cuisine Paris have to offer.

Have you ever visited Paris in April? What was your experience? Did you go to any events? Do share!

PARIS IN:  Jan | Feb | Mar | Apr | May | June | July | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec

Illustrations commissioned from Linden Eller.


Andi Fisher

I am married to a French man, lived in France for 3 years, and have been to Paris more than 50 times. I am always a tourist so the information, tip, and tricks I share are created to help you!

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  • Flights
    • Look for fares using sites like Skyscanner or Expedia.com
    • For France (Paris) coming from the West Coast, I typically fly Air France or United. From the East Coast, I typically fly Air France or Delta.
    • If you travel frequently, consider investing in a Priority Pass for airport lounge access. Not only will you have a spot to relax before your flight and charge your devices, but you can eat and drink for free (without paying crazy airport prices!)
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
    • For rental car agencies, try Rentalcars.com. When traveling in Europe, I use AutoEurope to make reservations. They find the best rates and allow you to compare different car rental agencies. I typically book with Sixt.
    • For transportation from the CDG airport to anywhere within Paris, consider pre-booking with Get Transfer. It is one way to be stress-free and you can request an English-speaking driver.
  • Tours + Atractions
    • I book tours with companies like Viator and GetYourGuide. Both have a wide variety of activities for every travel style. Other companies to look at include Tours by Locals and Withlocals.
    • If you’re visiting a city with multiple attractions, be sure to check out a discount pass, such as CityPASS or Go City.
    • Context Travel is another option and they offer more educational-based activities.
    • If you are looking to buy tickets to attractions, check out Tiquet.
  • Don't Forget Travel Photos
    • One of my favorite things to do is to get photos taken of me while on vacation. Flytographer is a great option with photographers all over the world.
  • Peace of Mind
    • It’s important to have some type of travel insurance to cover any unforeseen accidents, illnesses, threats, or cancellations. I always travel with insurance and would recommend SafetyWingSquareMouth or Travelex Insurance are good options.
    • Should you have any trouble with flight delays to the extent you feel you deserve compensation, I encourage you to check out and use AirHelp. I used them and for 1 claim I got compensated (transparency: a 2nd claim did not, but I was still glad I tried!).
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  12. Paris looks beautiful in the spring time with all of the blossom trees. Great tip for bringing layers – I probably wouldn’t have thought of that!

  13. I’ve been to Paris several times, but never in April. How lovely it sounds, and your photos are beautiful.

  14. I must agree with you, visiting Paris in April is just the perfect amount of warmth and a cool breeze.

  15. Paris in Spring is ON MY LIST, and now you have convinced me that in Spring it should be April. I would love the shoulder season with fewer people, the beautiful Spring blooms, the cafes and the museums. Love this post! Thank you

  16. Peter Puskash says:

    “Paris is the second most visited country in all of Europe.” You mean city?

    1. Ack! Yes and no. That was something spell checker didn’t pick up huh, Freudian slip there. It has been corrected for “city” and looked up latest stats and it is #1. Thanks for keeping me honest Peter!