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Bread Baking Class at La Cuisine Paris

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After a wonderful evening at the Orsay Museum the first night we arrived in Paris, we woke up feeling, well, hungry! We headed out to breakfast at Angelina’s, not the cheapest breakfast in town, but a treat nonetheless. We didn’t want to wander too far as we were headed up the street along the Seine to the beautiful La Cuisine Paris cooking school so that we could learn to make baguettes.

Bread Baking Class at La Cuisine Paris - Bread

Bread is a dangerous thing in the Misadventures household, both the mister and I can demolish a baguette at a single meal. So the idea of learning to make baguettes was certainly playing with fire! But I had visited La Cuisine Paris the year before and thought learning to make something we love would be a really fun way to spend a few hours during our trip.

Our class of 8 students was made up of visitors from all over the world who visit Paris often and had the same idea to learn something new in the city they love. We all instantly bonded with our instructor Diane over our love of France, Paris and French bread! Diane was an excellent instructor with a wonderful sense of humor that made our three hours together so enjoyable.

La Cuisine Paris Diane

She clearly explained the ingredients and every each step of the process for making bread.

La Cuisine Paris Ingredients

She told stories, asked questions, teased people and made the class so much fun!

La Cuisine Paris Diane

I don’t have a lot of pictures during the bread-making process as my hands were full of flour and dough which doesn’t mix well with my camera! We made baguettes and dinner rolls and fougasse. Fougasse is a flatbread from the South of France that you can add ingredients too, like a pizza. Once we baked all our bread we ate them!

La Cuisine Paris Fougasse

Even though only one of the eight students had ever made bread before, I’d say we all did a pretty good job! Of course, we had Diane to help us and keep a watchful eye, but I certainly enjoyed the process of “getting my hands dirty” with the flour and dough!

La Cuisine Paris Bread

If you are looking for something fun to do while visiting Paris, there are dozens of courses you can take at La Cuisine Paris. Some in their beautiful school across from Île Saint-Louis as well as out in the farmer’s markets throughout town. You can learn to make bread, pastries, including macarons (!) as well as French specialties like souffle or learn about cheeses and wine. Something for everyone.

Mr. Misadventure and I will be back to learn more…I’ve got my eye on the croissant class!

How about you? Have you taken a cooking class in another country? Have you tried to bake baguettes at home? Do tell!

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Things to do in Paris - Baking Bread at La Cuisine Paris - Paris FranceThings to do in Paris - Baking Bread at La Cuisine Paris - Paris FranceThings to do in Paris - Baking Bread at La Cuisine Paris - Paris France

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