Currently August 2017

Currently | 8.31.17 I swear for September I will get back on the mid-month schedule for my Currently posts, I don't like them at the end of the month, but I'm currently adjusting to a new schedule now that I am back to working full time (yippee!). Watching | Game of Thrones > We aren't watching the current season, but that doesn't mean we can't watch it!  We decided to re-watch it from … [Read more...]

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Currently July 2017

Currently | 7.31.17 I got this one in under the wire, but after 33 consecutive months, I didn't want to miss one! So much has happened in the last month that the thought of writing this post was nearly unsurmountable. Bear with me, this edition of Currently is going to be a little longer than most. Watching | Scandal Season 6 > I can't help myself! I stopped loving it around season 4, … [Read more...]

Currently June 2017

Currently | 6.13.17 Watching | Wonder Woman! > Summer movies are here! And I had been waiting a very long time for Wonder Woman, go see it!  We also caught a few other movies and watched Season 1 of Billions (loved) and Season 5 of House of Cards (hated). Reading | ebooks. > I mainly read a lot of ebooks in support of the Work at Home Ultimate bundle (it's over now). I don't like … [Read more...]

Currently May 2017

Currently | 5.15.17 Watching | Guardians of the Galaxy. > Summer movies have started and I am thrilled! We just saw Guardians and will catch the latest Aliens. There are so many movies coming out, it's my favorite time of year for movies. I also caught up where I left off on season 7 of The Vampire Diaries (don't laugh) and am ready to start season 8. That won't happen until I'm on a plane … [Read more...]

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Currently April 2017

Currently | 4.18.17 Watching | Fate of the Furious. > Anyone who knows me really well knows that I am a Fast & Furious fangirl.  I have loved this franchise since the beginning and can't tell you how many times I've watched all the series. No joke I even assigned it to my team at my last job. I love the action, the stories, the family.  Fast & Furious 7 was tough, with the death of … [Read more...]

Currently March 2017

Currently | 3.16.17 Watching | Top Chef  & Movies. > I finished Top Chef Season 14.  I was in it until the end (sometimes on previous seasons, my interest would wane at the end), the last few episodes were nerve-wracking as the last 4/5 were all veterans from previous shows that I loved. Can't wait for Season 15! At night before we go to bed, Mr. Misadventures and I are watching … [Read more...]

Currently February 2017

Currently | 2.15.17 Watching | Top Chef Season 14 > I am a total Top Chef fan girl.  I've watched every season of Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Top Chef Dessert and even Life After Top Chef! I have been hoarding episodes of the show and have finally started devouring it.  I binge watched the first seven episodes (and Last Chance Kitchen) this past week.  I can't help but root for Casey … [Read more...]

Currently January 2017

Currently | 1.18.17 Watching | The Colony > I love this new show! Season 2 started this week, but I will have to wait until that's available on Netflix.  I feel like Josh Holloway hasn't aged a day since Lost, anyone else think so? Also catching up on episodes of Designated Survivor as well as downloading episodes of Top Chef Season 14, which I will start watching soon.  I like to watch … [Read more...]

Currently December 2016

Currently | 12.27.16 This is the latest (in a month) I've ever written a Currently post, but I am determined not to miss a month.  This is my 27th consecutive Currently! Watching | Un Village Français > We totally got sucked into this French historical series (A French Village in English).  It takes place during World War II in occupied France, each season a different year of the war … [Read more...]

Currently November 2016

Currently | 11.16.16 Watching | Blacklist Season 3 > Hooray for strong wifi! We've been able to stream from Netflix so we are catching up on some shows.  We've watching Blacklist and have seen the first few episodes of Designated Survivor and The Walking Dead.  Up next is Longmire and The 100. Reading | When in French by Lauren Collins. > I quickly read the latest J.D. Robb … [Read more...]