Currently November 2017

Currently Nov 2017

Currently | 11.16.17

Watching | Movies
> We are sort of caught up on series that we like to watch (for the life of me I cannot finish Season 5 of Scandal, it's lost its shine in my opinion) so we are re-watching movies now that we have a new 4k TV. We haven't gone to the movie theatre for awhile, we've been too busy but there are a few films coming soon that I want to see, namely Justice League and of course the next Star Wars.

Reading | The Bonjour Effect
I was SO excited to discover The Bonjour Effect: The Secret Codes of French Conversation Revealed while writing my francophile library post! I love the authors and am enjoying their third book. I have provided lots of tips and tricks and Paris itinerary ideas to friends and family and the one thing I ALWAYS tell them is that no matter where you go in France, a store, a restaurant, a kiosk, or to stop someone to ask for directions, never, ever do anything before saying “Bonjour” first. It's an absolute test and you will fail miserably if you don't do that one thing! This book goes into a lot of the code that the French live by.

Working On | The house
> We are nearly there. We were missing a couch (I hated the one we had in our house in Berkeley) and our new one was delivered this week (love you Room & Board) and now it is just minor details and small touches that we will continue to add. It already feels like ours and I love it! Next up is the outdoor space.

Feeling | Overwhelmed
> As I work on my site redesign project I'm going through the 2000+ posts trying to decide what to keep, what to change, what to optimize and I begin to feel a little underwater! I want the next version of Misadventures with Andi to be awesome, all the pressure I feel is self-imposed, but I can't help it!

Planning | Paris
> We are getting close to the Christmas break and that means Paris! We are doing something different this time. We usually stay in either Montparnasse or on the Rue de Rivoli, but this time we are staying in 4 different hotels for our one week! We are working on bringing more hotel content to you. Also, it's been 2 years since our last trip so there are a ton of things we want to see, new and old! We will have to carefully map out our days – even though we are likely to toss half of it aside, for this trip we are going in with a game plan.

Loving | The Southwest
> We are getting to know our new backyard and there is quite a lot going on here, but the best thing, of course, is that we are starting to see cooler days which is very nice. There is a lot of wildlife around us and I have a large family of quails that I watch from my office window every day and this week we had a visit from a bobcat mama and her two kittens (I looked that up).

My Favorite Photo | Mama and kitten

Bobcat Mom and Kitten

We've had bobcat sightings every few months in our new neighborhood, but we got an up close and personal visit this week.

Field Notes | This and That

Facebook notified me that 2 years ago last Friday we set out on our RV adventures. We left the RV dealer heading to Phoenix on our 8-year wedding anniversary. 10 years ago we bought our house in Berkeley after a 3-year stint in France and this past week as we celebrated our 10-year anniversary, Mr. Misadventures and I are settled into our second home we've purchased together. As I reflect back to the nearly 16 years we've been together, it certainly hasn't been boring!

Finn says HI.

We also pet-sat last week which was a test run for getting our own dog. It made me miss having Jessica around. And cats definitely seem a lot easier! We enjoyed our week with Finn, our friend's dog we met last year on the road, and know that we aren't quite ready for one yet, still have some trips in our near future, but it is definitely something we will be doing.

What was going on back then | From the archives.

What is CURRENTLY going on with you?

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Currently Nov 2017

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  1. What a lovely read. I was curious about a title currently what you were going to chat about, and I enjoyed reading a bit of this! Love it when people share a bit of their world with me!

  2. Neely Moldovan says:

    I am feeling overwhelemd too. I told my husband I am in a constant state of overwhelmed!

  3. CalviN F. says:

    Cool tv shows I never heard of them.. I also really your favorite photo!

  4. What a cool picture of the bobcats! I am in Colorado, where we have lots of them but they are rarely seen.

  5. I re-branded and merged 4 blogs to one, just over a year ago. I’m still working on updates! It’s a long haul, but so worth it.

  6. Oh, I get the overwhelmed thing. I’ve been slowly working through dead links on my blog. The longer I spend on the project, the more likely I am to bother with finding a working link and instead just remove all evidence that I ever linked to something!

  7. We’re planning a trip to Paris too! Well, maybe planning is too much…dreaming is more like it!

  8. Tiffany VanSickle says:

    I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately myself. I’m glad you got your couch! 🙂

  9. We are still working on the house too. I think that this ends up being a work in progress when you are a homeowner.

  10. Alisa Ecker says:

    I am also excited to see the new Star Wars Movie!