Currently August 2017

Currently August 2017

Currently | 8.31.17

I swear for September I will get back on the mid-month schedule for my Currently posts, I don't like them at the end of the month, but I'm currently adjusting to a new schedule now that I am back to working full time (yippee!).

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Watching | Game of Thrones
> We aren't watching the current season, but that doesn't mean we can't watch it! We decided to re-watch it from the beginning and it was a really good decision, I'm enjoying it way more this second time around. I'm able to connect a lot more dots making it far more enjoyable.

Reading | Love, Loss and What We Ate.

> Maybe it's because I'm dying for the next season of Top Chef, or maybe it's because I found Padma Lashki to be extremely articulate when she was interviewed on CNN for the Women's March in January (she was also interviewed in Rolling Stone) but I saw her book on sale and I snatched it up. It's from 2016 but I'm still enjoying it.

Working On | Old posts.
> I have about 2,000 posts and I am working on cleaning them up, optimizing them for search and adding Pinterest images. It's quite a task but it is something that has to get done.

Feeling | Impatient.
> I'm a pretty patient person, especially in comparison with the hubby, but I am really looking forward to getting into our new house and having our things. Our household goods have been in storage since October 2015 and I can't wait to set up the house again. And to have my own proper office and more than a handful of clothes!

Planning | A trip to Paris!
> Since I just started a new job I didn't expect to have any vacation for a while, so I was pleased to discover that Cisco has a forced shut down between Christmas and New Year's so Paris here we come! We haven't been back since Thanksgiving 2015 so we are very much looking forward to immersing ourselves once again in our favorite city. (Hence the photo from Mr. Misadventures Paris portfolio for my post image.)

Loving | Feeling fit.
> I've lost over 30 pounds with our new diet and fitness routine and I feel a lot better. I can tell I am more physically fit. Over the weekend we went to the San Francisco Peaks above Flagstaff and visited a few spots some of which required climbing hills and stairs. I know 6 months ago I would have been huffing and puffing but I was able to do it all this weekend without being taxed, it feels good!

My Favorite Photo | The Real Thing.

Ghost Town Sign

> I haven't felt much like a travel blogger lately. We arrived in Portland at the worst time of the year and for 5 months we hardly did anything except study and job hunt. Then we made the move to the Phoenix area during the height of summer and were stuck inside. So not a lot of new content. But the weather is changing, and we are starting to get out on the weekends and explore the local area. I can't wait to start writing again. Plus I'm going to be redesigning and that's always such a motivation for inspiration!

Odds & Ends | Check these out.

I'd love your support on the following projects:

  • While I have your attention, Etsy is having their FIRST sale ever! For Labor Day so hurry, I wished I had known, I got sucked into Etsy a few days ago looking at a planner, it's worse than Pintersest but I love it!
  • Check out my birding post and visit the Box Elder County website. The campaign is over in 2 weeks, so if you haven't visited, do it soon!
  • Traveler Tuesday started back up. If you are interested in being interviewed, drop me a line at MisadventuresWithAndi AT gmail DOT com.

What was going on back then | From the archives

What is CURRENTLY going on with you?

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Currently August 2017





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  1. Jenny Finney says:

    That is one thing I need to work on…going back to older posts and revising them and making them Pin worthy! I’ve heard many bloggers doing this, but it keeps slipping my mind. Congrats on your 30 lb weight loss! I used to be very involved with ZUMBA…but fell out of that a couple years ago. I remember I used to feel so much better, so fit and more alert when I exercised. I really need to get back into the swing of things…especially since I’ve put on 25lbs!

  2. We’re going to start watching Game of Thrones from the beginning. We each missed some of the episodes and figure we’ve got more than enough time before the final season airs to get a cohesive watch in! Congrats on your weight loss! That’s just awesome!

  3. I am currently working on going back to old posts, updating them, adding affiliate links, etc. Pretty soon I will be getting my site redone. I need to rethink my categories and my focus.

  4. I am also working on old posts. It is a lot of work but i Know it will be a great way to drive more traffic to my website. Good luck to you too! So….I am not a GOT watcher….I know, Im weird! lol! One day I will watch it!

  5. I need to work on old posts as well. I have not been motivated enough to improve my photos but I really need to. I wonder if I should take a break from new posts and then work on that or if I should hire a V.A. and then work on it, ughhh so much to do so little time.

  6. Yes, Game Of Thrones watching is a must, this season was awesome. WOW 2,000 posts! How long have you been blogging? I hope you can complete this quickly, I’m always overwhelmed by updating my posts and I only have like 30.

  7. Christmas time in Paris is so dreamy. I’m jealous of how beautiful everywhere will look when you go. I’m pretty sure I’ll go back in 2018 but there is just something about Paris during the holidays.

  8. Since the final season of Game of Thrones isn’t coming till 2019(!!!!), I’m thinking of also going back and at least watching the first three seasons over again. I was SO lost for most of them that I think, like you, it would help to connect a lot of dots.

    P.S. This season was SO SO SO good, I can’t wait until you catch up!

  9. Game of Thrones is the hot show right now. I can’t wait until The Walking Dead comes back on too! Have an awesome time in Paris! I’ve always wanted to go there!

  10. I really like the idea of this currently post! Can I recreate this for my site?? Congratulations to you on getting fit! Losing 30lbs is no easy feat. And I can only imagine how pumped you had to feel climbing those stairs. When you realize how much stronger you are as a result of your lifestyle changes it motivates you to go harder. Keep up the great work.

    1. @Jenell, absolutely! I got it from another blogger a few years ago, and I;ve seen a few others doing it as well. Have fun!

  11. Calvin F. says:

    Lots of stuff happening. Trip to paris sounds great. I should check out GoT..

  12. So much happening! Love GOT! A trip to Paris sounds amazing! I’d love to visit someday.