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The Best Food Markets in Paris

Exploring the City of Light is a never-ending journey, and why not? There is something to discover around every corner, be it historic buildings or trendy brasseries. And the same holds true for the food markets in Paris. Food is taken seriously in France, and there is a reason why locals (especially the older generation) prefer to shop at their neighboring food markets instead of visiting the supermarkets.

Food markets have been an important part of French culture, and continue to be so even today. They are a place for community bonding, for people to meet and talk about food. The markets are a great place to meet artisans who have spent decades honing their trade and farmers selling produce from all over the country directly to consumers.

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Paris farmers market

Markets in Paris began in the 15th century and have continued to be an essential tradition in the life of Parisians. The Paris farmers market concept has been able to survive this long because of the pride the French take in the quality and the origins of their produce. Visiting a food market in Paris is an excellent way to experience daily life, it is so fun to people-watch there, but also some excellent goodies!

Most of the markets are temporary and can be visited a few days a week, but some are permanent fixtures in the various arrondissements. These have been shaped to cater to the specific community of the neighborhood and what they’ve grown to like over the years.

Here is a list of some of the best food markets in Paris, in order by arrondissement.

Marché Saint-Eustache Les Halles

The market near the charming Saint-Eustache Church has been around since before the Revolution. It used to feed the royal family in the Louvre Palace, and even the whole city of Paris.

The market is now held near the church on Thursdays and Sundays, offering a wide variety of vegetables, cheese, and seafood.

Address: Place du Marché Saint Honoré, 1st Arr
Schedule: Thursday (12:30 pm to 8:30 pm) and Sunday (7 am to 3 pm)

Vegetables at a Paris farmers market

Rue Montorgueil

A perfect blend of market and food shops, Rue Montorgueil is a pedestrian paradise filled with fragrant flower shops, cheese vendors, delicious bakeries, and aromatic rôtisseries. It is a permanent market street with high-quality gourmet food shops and seafood vendors with regular cafes and bakeries between the stalls.

The two notable stores are Maison Stohrer, the oldest Parisian bakery with a beautifully detailed ceiling, and Au Rocher de Cancale, a mid-19th-century seafood restaurant.

Address: Rue Montorgueil, 2nd Arr
Schedule: Open every day

Rue Montorgueil in Paris

Marché Couvert des Enfants Rouges

The oldest covered market in Paris, the Marché des Enfants Rouges was established in 1628 and named after the orphanage that once stood in its place. The name “Des Enfants Rouges” translates to the ‘market of the red children’, referring to the red capes they used to wear.

With incredible vegetable and cheese vendors, the market also has a couple of restaurants for trendy street-style dining or cool brunches.

They have an AMAZING Instagram account that taunts your taste buds every day. I look at it all the time!

Address: 39 Rue de Bretagne, 3rd Arr
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (8:30 am to 8:30 pm), Thursday (8:30 am to 9:30 pm), Sunday (8:30 am to 5 pm)

Marché Mouffetard

Being not only one of the oldest markets in Paris but also the liveliest neighborhoods of Paris, Rue Mouffetard was made popular by Ernest Hemingway when he described it as “that wonderful narrow crowded market street which led into Place Contrescarpe”.

Even today, the street boasts bright stalls on bustling cobbled streets surrounded by charming buildings, while the northern end consists of multi-cultural restaurants and cafes. Here, you’d find everything from grocers and charcuterie vendors to cheese, sticky pastries, and seafood shops.

Address: Rue Mouffetard, 5th Arr
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday

Fruit at a Paris farmers market

Marché Monge

One of the most picturesque food markets in Paris, Marché Monge is located near a beautiful water fountain where the vendors sell fresh produce under shaded trees of the square. The charming market is a great alternative to the bustling tourist areas.

Paired with culinary excellence and outstanding craftsmanship, Place Monge is located in the affluent Latin Quarter, and things here can be slightly pricey.

Address: Place Monge, 5th Arr
Schedule: Wednesday and Friday (7 am to 2:30 pm), and Sunday (7 am to 3 pm)

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Marché Maubert

Located five minutes away from the Notre Dame cathedral on the edge of Blvd Saint-Germain, Marché Maubert is a popular spot to bag all the ingredients for a perfect French meal. It was initially established in 1547, but the current form of the market is a watered-down version of the original, with only 45 stalls selling fresh produce along with clothes and home decor items.

Address: Place Maubert, 5th Arr
Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (7 am to 2:30 pm)



Marché Couvert Saint Germain

Placed inside the Saint Germain shopping arcade is a covered market that sells everything, from cheese and vegetables to meat and seafood. Open six days a week, the market is known for its gourmet treats and specialty food shops, the most notable of which is a cheese stall by Michel Sanders, producing some of the finest cheese in Paris.

Address: 4/6 Rue Lobineau, 6th Arr
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday (8 am to 8 pm) and Sunday (8 am to 1:30 pm)

Marché Raspail

A stone’s throw away from the Bon Marché Rive Gauche Department Store, Marché Raspail has been standing strong since its inception in 1920. Located in the chic 6th arrondissement, the popular market is held twice weekly and becomes an organic market every Sunday. Along with traditional vendors, one can find delightful flavors of Italian, Portuguese, and Asian cuisines.

Address: Boulevard Raspail, 6th Arr
Schedule: Tuesday and Friday (7 am to 2:30 pm), organic market on Sundays (9 am to 3 pm)

Fruit at a Paris farmers market

Marché Saint Martin

Marché Saint Martin is a pretty modern market and is filled with distractions at every corner. The stalls offer the best of Italian and Afro-Caribbean produce, spices, meats, flowers, and cheeses, along with a vast range of beer, chocolate, and smoked ham.

Built in the 19th century in the Baltard style, it is now a relaxed market that Parisians regularly visit for gourmet specialties.

Address: 31-33 Rue du Château d’Eau, 10th Arr
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday (9 am to 8 pm), and Sunday (9 am to 2 pm)

Marché Bastille

The Marché Bastille is the largest fresh market in Paris and has hundreds of stalls with vegetables, seafood, and even artsy pieces such as sculptures and paintings on weekdays. It is considered the best farmers market in Paris! The market has more produce than a supermarket and is a great source of high-quality chicken and fish and a wonderful range of local cheeses.

The stalls are a fun mix of fresh produce, clothing, and jewelry and are well decorated with neatly arranged vegetables, fruits, and saucisses.

Address: Blvd Richard Lenoir, 11th Arr
Schedule: Thursday (7 am to 2:30 pm), and Sunday (7 am to 3 pm)

Paris Farmers Market Bastille

Marché d’Aligre

Marché d’Aligre is one of the oldest food markets in Paris that survived the revolutions of 1789 and 1871. Today, it is both an indoor and outdoor market offering second-hand clothes and cheap food, along with books, antiquities, and African masks.

It is divided into 2 parts – the indoor market sells oils and cheeses and a variety of food, while the outdoor market indulges in second-hand dealers of accessories, books, and fabrics.

Address: Place d’Aligre, 12th Arr
Schedule: Tuesday to Friday (9 am to 1:30 pm, 4 pm to 7:30 pm), Saturday (9 am to 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm), and Sunday (9 am to 1:30 pm)

Marché Président-Wilson

The open-air market on the Av du President Wilson is a foodie paradise offering a glimpse into Parisian gastronomy. With its wide variety of ultra-fresh food, from poultry and seafood to fruits and roots, the market has an eye-popping selection of some of the most ridiculous stuff. You can find great spices, five types of escargots, authentic Italian pasta, and even tongues and tripes.

Address: Av du Président Wilson, 16th Arr
Schedule: Wednesday and Saturday (7 am to 2:30 pm)

Rue de Poncelet

Food lovers, rejoice! Rue de Poncelet is a vibrant Parisian food street situated along Place de Ternes. You can explore the bustling street's array of culinary delights – from fresh vegetable stalls to rotisseries and flower vendors.

Plus, if that is not enough then there are even more incredible food spots just off this epicenter for gastronomes…a delicious selection awaits you in the immediate area including a renowned cheese shop, traiteurs (serving up mouth-watering specialties), wine sellers, and bakeries serving signature goods straight out of an oven!

Address: Rue de Poncelet, 17th Arr
Schedule: Tuesday through Saturday (9 am to 7 pm, some stores close for 2 hours from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm)

Rotisserie chicken from Rue Poncelet Market in Paris

Marché Dejean

Filled with flavors of West Africa, Marché Dejean is the place to go for everything African. With its exotic smells and colorful stalls, the market is filled with tilapia, halal food, and manioc. It is a real journey into the African culinary culture and attracts a lot of people to not only buy Afro-Caribbean products but also to mingle, discuss and reunite with others.

Address: Rue Dejean, 18th Arr
Schedule: Open from Tuesday to Sunday Afternoon

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Marché Belgrand

Marché Belgrand is a popular spot for the locals as it has everything you need for a classic French meal, from fruits and vegetables to fresh seafood and a variety of cheeses. One side of the farmers market is also equipped with some excellent wine vendors. The wine vendors are placed strategically to help you when you buy artisanal products like mushrooms and organic bread!

Address: Rue Belgrand, 20th Arr
Schedule: Wednesday (7 am to 2:30 pm) and Saturday (7 am to 3 pm)

Marché International de Rungis

Actually, outside of Paris, but worth a mention. The world’s largest wholesale food market, Marché International de Rungis covers over 232 hectares and caters to almost all culinary needs. It is also the go-to market for many Parisian chefs and for many vendors from other markets.

Established in the 10th century, and relocated to the southern suburbs, it is a gastronomical heritage and serves everything from fruits, vegetables, and horticultural products to meat, seafood, and dairy produce.

It used to be completely closed to the public, but now you can visit as part of a tour!

Address: 1 Rue de la Tour, 94150 Rungis 
Schedule: Monday (3 am to 6 pm), and Tuesday to Saturday (2 am to 6 pm)

Rungis Tours

It is not easy to visit Rungis unless you are a food professional or a culinary student, but there are a few tour companies that have permission.

This is a list For a full list of food and specialty markets in Paris, use this resource from the Paris Je T'aime visitor site. Don't forget to read up on French market etiquette, it will save you from making a few mistakes.

How about you? Have you visited any of the food markets in Paris listed above? Do tell! Do you know of another good one? Do share!

Author Bio: Andi Fisher

I am married to a French man, lived in France for 3 years, and have been to Paris more than 50 times. When I visit Paris I often prepare my own meals in my rental and graze along the food shopping streets in the arrondissement I am staying in.

One of my favorite markets in Paris is the area around Rue Poncelet in the 17th.

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