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Paris has a lot to offer. The city is filled with art, culture, food, fashion—even romance! And what better time to visit than during autumn?

The leaves are changing colors everywhere you look: From vibrant yellows and oranges to deep reds and purples, Paris offers some of the most beautiful foliage around. There’s no need to go into nature reserves or national parks – just take a walk through one of France’s major cities and watch as trees transform before your eyes.

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Delicious tasting fruits at every street corner: Picking up fresh produce has never been so easy! Don’t miss out on what is possibly the best apple, pear, and plum season of your life. There are so many great bakeries in Paris to get perfectly baked goods made with local ingredients.

The Parisian autumn has to be one of the most beautiful experiences. With the memory of warm days still fresh in the air, the French capital is enveloped in a relaxed atmosphere of soft lights, freshly fallen leaves, and the perfect balance between contagious excitement and an introspective calm.

Despite being a little damp and chilly, the city has a plethora of events for all ages and some of the most important trade shows and international exhibits.

Officially, fall runs from around the 22nd of September to the 21 of December (I have included information on visiting Paris for all 4 months) and I’ve got the breakdown of the best things to do in Paris each month including season events, seasonal foods, and more. 

Paris in September

Aerial panoramic cityscape view of Paris, France

September is definitely my favorite time of year to visit Paris. The weather starts getting chilly, but it’s still warm enough for outdoor activities if you dress right. There are no more crowds so everywhere you go is easy to get into and navigate around. It’s the perfect time to just walk around and enjoy the city.

Paris is also full of fashion during September because all of France’s fashion weeks are at this time (fall/winter collections). The shows start in mid-September and run until early October. You’ll get to see some of your favorite designers’ fall lines on the runway, but you may have to pay for it

Get all the details: activities, events, seasonal foods, and tips for traveling to the city of light in my Paris in September post.

Paris in October

Tuileries Garden Paris in the fall

If you go to Paris in October, you’ll get a taste of autumn before it hits. And with any luck, you’ll get beautiful weather too! This is a perfect time of year to visit because the leaves change color and it’s not too cold yet.

Paris is full of food festivals and wine tastings all over the city. There are also a number of holiday markets around town that offer a variety of foods and crafts.

October is not only a great time for your stomach – Paris is also full of arts and culture! This month brings with it music performances, art exhibitions, dance performances, poetry readings, literary events that celebrate everything from French classics to contemporary fiction.

Get all the details: activities, events, seasonal foods, and tips for traveling to the city of light in my Paris in October post.

Paris in November

early November evening in Paris

If you have the chance to visit Paris in November, do it! This is a great time of year because the weather is still warm but not too hot. It’s the perfect time to visit if you want to do a lot of outdoor activities and sightseeing.

One thing I love about visiting Paris during this month is that there are fewer crowds everywhere. You can walk around easily and see more places without feeling like you’re constantly bumping into other people on the street or in museums!

Even though it’s not too cold yet, November in Paris is still festive. You can attend a concert or show every evening of the week. The holiday season begins with the start of Christmas markets all over town.

Get all the details: activities, events, seasonal foods, and tips for traveling during this month in my Paris in November post.

Paris in December

Paris in December

December is an amazing time to visit Paris! The Christmas markets are full of beauty, warmth, and delicious holiday treats. This is a perfect time to explore all the city has to offer so take your time and relax. There’s plenty of sights, sounds, and smells to discover!

Christmas markets are open in Paris from late November to early January, but they’re at their best during December. They’re full of vendors selling crafts and food (and wine! The French love their wine). You’ll definitely want to buy or make some souvenirs while you’re here.

Paris is also stunning this time of year because of all the holiday lights and decorations. This is when Paris really looks like a winter wonderland and there are plenty of holiday concerts and exhibits.

Get all the details: activities, events, seasonal foods, and tips for traveling to the city of light in my Paris in December post.

What to wear in Paris in autumn

I always say pack layers. And the weight and fabric of what you pack change by season. I have a separate post dedicated to what to wear and packing for Paris in the fall with a packing list! I have a free printable packing list for fall in Paris.

Bring a jacket and/or a raincoat with you because it is cold and damp there. You will also need to wear comfy shoes, like sneakers or waterproof boots. A hat might make sense too! Paris in the fall calls for several sweaters and leggings. They are very comfortable when it’s cold out. And don’t forget a big scarf – It can get windy in Paris so you’ll want a scarf to keep warm when walking around the city.

You can visit Paris in the fall and experience a variety of seasonal activities without any crowds. The city is full of food festivals, wine tastings, holiday markets, art performances, poetry readings, and literary events at this time!

fall leaves and eiffel tower

If you have the chance to come to Paris in the fall, then do it. The city is full of beauty, warmth, and delicious holiday treats during this time. Make sure to enjoy all that Paris has to offer!

Once you decide what month you want to visit, start exploring the individual arrondissement to plan all your activities including meals!

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How about you? Have you been to Paris in the fall? What was your favorite thing about it? Do share!

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  1. It looks absolutely stunning! It seems like they have similar fall season as we do in the midwest just ours is much colder and with more snow. I would love to see Paris in the fall being it is literally my favorite season!

  2. The fall weather there sounds lovely, and the tree lined streets are beautiful! It would be fun to visit and enjoy the weather and the foliage.

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