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J’adore #81

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J'adore #81

Photo credit: Cactus Fox Photography

Hello there! Time for another edition of J’adore. In this series, I share with you things that have caught my eye either on the interwebs or IRL. Somethings come my way from nice authors and brands that I choose to collaborate with, other finds are all me. I’ve got my mind on spring and cycling out my old San Francisco wardrobe for something that is more appropriate for the Southwest. I guess I have also been in Marie Kondo mode when it comes to shopping, with a limited budget, I really want to make sure what I buy “sparks joy” and won’t become more stuff around the house!

Fantastic Healthy Cookbooks!

Jadore 81_Cookbooks

One downside, if you want to call it that, when you follow a certain dietary lifestyle is that you may get in a rut with the things that you eat. I think for the first year of our low carb lifestyle, Mr. Misadventures and I ate a lot of the same things and slowly incorporate new dishes as we went along, but stuck to a certain core set of foods. Now for “year 2” we are looking to explore our low carb horizons and put some more variety into our meal-time offerings. Considering we both work from home and prepare every meal in our kitchen, we have to come up with a lot of new dishes to keep it interesting. New cookbooks to the rescue!

A New Way to Food

I met Maggie Battista about 10 years ago when she sat on a panel at a tech conference in Boston. As luck would have it, I also met her in person at my Paris Bloggers meet-up in 2009, co-sponsored by Erica Berman and Maggie when they were working with Haven in Paris. I have been a big fan of Maggie’s blog/site Eat Boutique for ages and I even featured her in a standalone J’adore in 2012. Maggie loves food, has a food-focused business and supports lots of small food artisans, but she has had lots of struggles with dieting and eating in her own life and her new book A New Way to Food details the journey she took to transform her approach to food and she generously shares her recipes she created that helped her through her transformation into a healthier, happier person.

The Keto All Day Cookbook

Mr. Misadventures and I do not follow a strict Keto diet, but as it is also low carb-focused, I “steal” lots of ideas and recipes from those who do! I absolutely love the Keto All Day Cookbook from Martina Slajerova because she has some really fresh ways of using some of the low carb lifestyle staples, but also because I love seeing bloggers get book deals! Sometimes Keto can be complicated with ingredients that some people are not. used to working with, but Martina’s recipes are super easy to follow and once you stock your cupboard with the low carb essentials you can basically make anything in her book without a lot of planning or prep – perfect for a busy couple (or family).

I Love My Air Fryer Keto Diet Recipe Book

Mr. Misadventures and I don’t have a microwave. We went nearly 2 decades in the San Francisco Bay Area without one and we didn’t have one when we lived in France. But when we bought the RV it came with a microwave/air fryer and we liked the convenience of it while on the road and out all day. When we bought a home in Phoenix we didn’t get one for the kitchen and we haven’t really been missing it, except from time to time. There is one Keto recipe that I would like to make – Fathead pizza, but not so much that I am buying a microwave. But then I got a review copy of I Love My Air Fryer Keto Diet Recipe Book by Hey Keto Mama Sam Dillard and we are now planning an air fryer purchase! My copy of the book has so many pages flagged it is ridiculous! Sam, another food blogger (yay!) has done a terrific job of sharing some really unique recipes that definitely aren’t boring!

Naot Footwear Kirei

Naot Footwear Kirei in Ink blue

Naot Kirei in ink blue. Photo credit: Jen Hubbell

I received my pair of Naot Kirei Maryjane in Ink blue around Christmas time and immediately began wearing them, I even had them on Christmas Day when we visit the burros in Oatman (see my Instagram post!). I also wore them to hunt murals in Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix. They are super comfortable and versatile and as I mentioned in J’adore #77, the brand has a great story. Every pair of sandals is handmade in Northern Israel by a joint effort of Israeli and Palestinian peoples. They are a shoe of peace. Naot means oasis and I really believe in this project.

Flex Prickly Pear Watch

Flex Watches Prickly Pear (1)

I’m have now become a big fan of cactus. I never knew there were so many varieties and they are all beautiful. And of course representative of the Southwest as well. I’ve not got cactus shirts and cactus pins, and while I do usually wear my Apple watch, I do love this prickly pear version from Flex Watches.

That’s it for this edition of J’adore!

How about you? What have you been adoring lately? Do share!

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J'adore #81 J'adore #81 J'adore #81

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