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Why Suitcases Make a Great Gift for the Traveler in Your Life!

Picture this: The traveler in your life is about to embark on their first adult trip ever, or a much-awaited vacation. They’ve already spent weeks (or months!) planning the perfect itinerary. They’ve read numerous travel blogs and received great tips from friends on what to do and where to go. The excitement is palpable, and they can hardly wait to start packing.

But here’s the catch: Their luggage is a flimsy old bag on its last legs. It was a hand-me-down from a family member or friend, or something on sale from a big box store, or worse, a thrift shop or garage sale.

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They’ve always made do with it, but it has seen better days. As they start packing, they realize that the bag is falling apart at the seams, and the zipper is broken. Suddenly, their dream trip or vacation just turned into a nightmare.

YOU to the rescue!

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Inside the Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel lobby with Level8 Capture Carry on 2
Using the Level8 Capture Carry-On in 20″

Setting the Stage for the Perfect Traveler's Gift

When it comes to gift-giving, there's an art in selecting the ideal present. For the travel enthusiast in your life, the options are endless, but one gift stands out among the rest for its practicality and thoughtfulness: a suitcase.

Choosing a gift is not just about the physical item; it's a reflection of your understanding and appreciation for the recipient. Thoughtful presents convey how much you care and a suitcase speaks volumes about your understanding of the traveler in your life's needs.

Let's explore why good-quality suitcases make an excellent gift for travelers and delve into the reasons why I think investing in quality luggage, and I recommend LEVEL8, is a must for every globetrotter or wannabe globetrotter.

Andi at the RDU airport with her LEVEL8 Road Runner Suitcase
At the RDU airport with my LEVEL8 Road Runner Suitcase


Travelers subject their luggage to a considerable amount of wear and tear. Airports, buses, and train stations can be unforgiving environments, and a sturdy suitcase can withstand the rigors of travel. Quality suitcases are constructed from materials that are built to last, ensuring that your gift will accompany its traveler on many adventures (and misadventures!).

In my early career, I was traveling a lot and was always fearful that my bag – usually stuffed with purchases and souvenirs from the countries I was visiting – would make it home. My bags were awkward and odd-shaped, and the handles and zippers broke all the time! Then I got smart, bought a better suitcase, and never looked back!

LEVEL8 Suitcase at RDU airport
LEVEL8 Road Runner and Voyageur Suitcases at RDU airport

Impact-Resistant Shells

Accidents happen, and luggage can take a beating in transit. A quality suitcase should have an impact-resistant shell that protects the contents from rough handling and unexpected bumps and jostles. LEVEL8 cases are made of German-made Makrolon polycarbonate which is tough as nails!

Protecting valuable items and souvenirs collected during a trip is a top priority for any traveler. Look for cases that come with built-in compression straps that keep the contents secure and prevent shifting during transit. This feature ensures that delicate souvenirs, fragile items, and cherished possessions arrive home intact.

Hassle-Free Trips

Investing in a quality suitcase means ensuring a hassle-free journey. Many modern suitcases are equipped with smooth-rolling wheels and ergonomic handles, making it a breeze to navigate through crowded airports and city streets.

You don't realize how important this is until you experience really good wheels and handles. These features take the physical strain out of travel and ensure that the traveler arrives at their destination refreshed and ready for adventure.

Andi outside the Kimpton Tryon Park Hotel with Level8 Freeloop Suitcase
With my Level8 Freeloop Carry-On

A few years ago Mr. Misadventures and I convinced my mother-in-law to buy a better suitcase. Each time she would arrive from France to visit us, we weren't sure if her ratty old suitcase would make it! We were always amazed that she went from the train to the airport to us without a mishap. It was tied together with strings and ribbons, it didn't roll right – a total mess! Now she raves about how much easier it is on her…although she still overpacks!

This year we also gifted my Mom a high-quality suitcase and her solo trips through the airport are now a breeze – good wheels make a difference!

LEVEL8 has 360° spinner wheels that glide like nobody's business!

Security and Peace of Mind

Security is paramount when traveling. Quality suitcases often come with TSA-approved locks, providing peace of mind to the traveler. These locks allow security personnel to inspect the contents of the suitcase without damaging it, reducing the chances of theft or damage during security checks.

Level 8 Luminous Textured Carry-On with Misadventures with Andi tag
Level8 Luminous Textured Carry-On

My Luminous Textured Carry-On shown above has a TSA-approved combination lock.

Also, the LEVEL8 20″ Road Runner carry-on I have has a dual locking system plus a dedicated front-pocket lock. This is convenient for unlocking part of the case to grab my laptop (no, laptop, it is perfect for a tablet and some magazines!) without unlocking everything.

LEVEL8 Suitcases
LEVEL8 Road Runner and Voyageur Suitcases

Other Suitcase Features to Look For

Organizational Efficiency: Beyond size, the number and arrangement of compartments and pockets in a suitcase are key factors to consider. A well-organized suitcase will help the traveler keep their belongings in order, making packing and unpacking a breeze.

One feature I love about my LEVEL8 Voyageur Check-In is its wide trolley system that allows for more actual room inside the case.

Packed LEVEL8 Suitcase

In addition, the Voyageur Check-In has a fantastic interior compression system, wet-dry pockets, and two expansive compartments. My Road Runner Carry-on also has large compartments with zippered pockets and a compression strap.

Water and Stain Resistance: Travel often exposes luggage to various environmental conditions. LEVEL8 cases are water-resistant and protect the contents from rain, spills, and other unexpected mishaps. This feature can be a lifesaver during unpredictable travel scenarios!

Gifting the Perfect Suitcase

To ensure your gift is truly appreciated, take the time to assess your traveler's habits and preferences. Different sizes and styles of suitcases are suitable for various types of travel. For short weekend getaways, a carry-on suitcase may be ideal, while longer trips may require a larger checked suitcase.

Understanding their typical travel style will help you select a suitcase that perfectly suits their needs and enhances their travel experience.

LEVEL8 has something for every travel personality!

Andi in Paris CDG Airport with her LEVEL8 Suitcase
In Paris CDG Airport with my LEVEL8 Road Runner Suitcase

Personalized Tags and Accessories

Make it fun and memorable! Consider adding personalized luggage tags, travel accessories (an AirTag is a must!), or even a heartfelt handwritten note to make the gift even more special.

LEVEL8 Road Runner

  • Optimized for Performance: Stay organized and efficient with quick-access sleeves designed specifically for a 17″ laptop and a 10.9″ tablet—perfect for professionals on the move.
  • Unrivaled Protection for Your Essentials: Featuring a German-engineered Makrolon® polycarbonate hard shell, this suitcase offers superior impact resistance and robust weather protection to safeguard your gear in any condition.
  • Secure Your Journey: Travel with peace of mind thanks to the TSA-approved dual locking system and an additional dedicated lock for the front pocket, ensuring your belongings are safe and secure wherever you go.
  • Smooth Sailing on Any Surface: Navigate effortlessly through busy terminals and city streets with 360° spinner wheels that offer a smooth and stable glide every time.
  • Pack More, Worry Less: Generously designed compartments allow you to pack everything you need. Whether it's a quick getaway or a long voyage, expand your packing possibilities with ease.

Level8 Luminous Textured Carry-On

  • Sleek Durability: Crafted with German-engineered Makrolon® polycarbonate, this hard shell suitcase is both robust and lightweight, offering a sophisticated travel solution.
  • Resilient Elegance: Adorned with a special diamond texture, the anti-scratch surface keeps your suitcase looking pristine trip after trip.
  • Effortless Handling: Glide through airports with ease using the three-step aluminum telescopic handle, meticulously designed to minimize sway.
  • Secure Your Belongings: Equipped with a TSA-approved combination lock, travel with confidence knowing your possessions are safely secured.
  • Organized Packing: The fully lined interior features a practical divider and two zippered pockets, making it easy to organize and access your essentials.
  • Smooth Mobility: Roll smoothly on any terrain with four durable, ultra-quiet 360° spinner wheels, engineered with an anti-shock design for ultimate comfort.
  • Tailored for Every Trip: Available in 18”, 20”, 24”, or 28” sizes, choose the perfect match for your travel needs.
  • Exceptional Value: Experience smart savings when you bundle with the Luminous Textured 2 Piece Set, and enjoy up to 17% off.

Level8 Capture Carry-On

  • Robust and Ready: Crafted from high-strength nylon, this suitcase withstands the rigors of travel, equipped with a sturdy exterior for all-around protection.
  • Convenient Access: Front pocket and multiple small compartments ensure easy retrieval of your 15.6” laptop and essentials.
  • Expandable Design: Increase your packing capacity by 6L with a stable, expandable zipper.
  • Stable and Steady: A solid foundation, durable wheels, and a strong aluminum handle ensure smooth movement and stability.
  • Security Ensured: Features durable YKK nylon zippers and a built-in padlock for the ultimate safety of your belongings.
  • Silent Motion: Navigate silently with our whisper-quiet 360° wheels.
  • Smart Organization: Includes dedicated spaces for suits and a special pocket for separating wet and dry items, ensuring optimal organization.
  • Light and Agile: Lightweight nylon fabric offers enhanced mobility compared to hard-side luggage.

Level8 Freeloop Carry-On

  • Luxurious Handling: Experience a touch of elegance with a cushioned leather handle featuring smooth rotation and hand-sewn detailing.
  • Customized Comfort: Adjust the four-stage handle to find your ideal height, ensuring maximum comfort on the go.
  • Silent Navigation: Glide effortlessly with silent 360° spinner wheels, designed for seamless travel.
  • Enhanced Security: Keep your valuables safe with a TSA-approved, zipperless lock, offering hassle-free protection.
  • Robust Edges: Metal corner guards add reinforced protection, safeguarding against impacts.
  • Elegant Durability: Boasting a scratch-resistant polycarbonate exterior and a soft polyester interior, this suitcase blends resilience with style.
  • Efficient Packing: Organize easily with separate compartments for dry and wet items, keeping your belongings neatly arranged.
  • Added Surface Protection: A removable transparent plastic film covers the luggage, providing extra protection during your travels.

Level8 Voyageur Check-In

  • Designed for the Explorer: This suitcase features an innovative handle design that maximizes packing space, crafted for adventure.
  • Durability Meets Lightness: Constructed from German-engineered Makrolon® polycarbonate, it offers the perfect balance of lightness and resilience.
  • Streamlined Security: Equipped with a TSA-approved lock, ensuring hassle-free security checks.
  • Smooth Travels: Glide quietly and gracefully with 360° quiet spinner wheels.
  • Elegant and Tough: The micro-diamond finish not only adds a touch of refinement but also enhances exterior resilience.
  • Comfort in Motion: An aluminum alloy telescopic handle provides a comfortable grip for your journeys.
  • Smart Packing: Features an interior compression system for secure stowing, available in two versions shipped randomly.
  • Efficient Organization: Includes a dry-wet separation pocket for neat and clean organization.

Don't forget the Packing Cubes

Adding packing cubes can truly elevate your gift and up your traveler's packing game to the next level. These handy organizers not only maximize space within their luggage but also bring a sense of order and efficiency to their packing routine.

By compartmentalizing their belongings, packing cubes allow your traveler to neatly separate clothing, accessories, and toiletries, making it easier to find what they need without rummaging through a chaotic suitcase. Additionally, they help prevent wrinkles and keep items protected during transit, ensuring your outfits remain pristine upon arrival.

Level8-Packing Cubes
Level8 packing cubes

Whether embarking on a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, packing cubes are the unsung heroes that streamline the packing process and enhance the overall travel experience. So, if you're looking to delight the wanderluster in your life, consider adding packing cubes to your gift as a thoughtful and practical add-on.

Suitcases can inspire new travel plans.

Lastly, giving a suitcase as a gift can be a subtle way of encouraging your loved one to plan new trips and explore new destinations. By having a suitcase ready to go, your friend or family member will be more motivated to plan their next adventure and discover new cultures and experiences.

Who knows, your gift might just be the catalyst for their next trip, and they'll be thinking of you every step of the way!

Andi at the RDU airport with her LEVEL8 Voyageur Suitcase
Off on a new adventure with my LEVEL8 Voyageur Suitcase

So, the next time you're pondering the perfect gift, consider the enduring allure of a well-chosen suitcase. Start your search with LEVEL8 cases, and I am sure you will find exactly what you need!

How about you? Have you gifted a suitcase before? What did your receiver think? Would you like a suitcase as a gift? Do tell!

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