Vegan Gifts: What’s the Perfect Gift for Your Vegan Friend?

I lived in Berekely for 8 years and worked in San Francisco for a decade, I had lots of vegan friends before it was even a thing! (Hence my San Francisco for Vegetarians and Vegans article!) So I am a little bit of an expert when it comes to vegan gifts. I have given a lot of them in my lifetime.

Navigating the world of vegan gifts can be akin to walking through an ethical minefield. You want to find something that aligns with your friend's vegan lifestyle and resonates with their tastes. It's not just about avoiding animal products, but also finding thoughtful, practical gifts your gift receiver (whether it's one of your friends or a family member) will cherish and use.

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Whether you're a seasoned vegan gift-buyer or a novice in the art, this is your guide to vegan-friendly gifting. Get ready to surprise your vegan friend with something unique, ethical, and, most importantly, something they'll love.

Ready for my suggestions for the best vegan gifts? Here we go!

Culinary Delights – Treat Them to Vegan Gastronomy

When it comes to pleasing a vegan palate, the options are as diverse and exciting as ever. Think outside the box of typical store-bought snacks and consider artisanal vegan food gifts. From gourmet vegan cheeses that defy all dairy-free expectations to handcrafted chocolates that melt in your mouth without a trace of milk, the culinary world is your oyster (or, shall we say, your kale?).

These gift ideas for vegans are more than just presents; they're an invitation to explore, taste, and celebrate the richness of vegan cuisine.

Suggestions for vegan gift baskets:

Besides individual food products making vegan food baskets is a great gift and so much easier these days than it was even 5 years ago. Traditional artisan gourmet food gifts have been reimagined as vegan treats with plant-based ingredients that respect the vegan diet.


Vosges Chocolate

Vosges Chocolate, which was really at the forefront of fair trade of vegan dark chocolate, has a large line of bars and truffles. You certainly don't have to be vegan to love vegan chocolate! Chocolate is such a feel-good treat, it works perfectly as a gift idea for a vegan with a sweet tooth!

My favorite: HU Chocolate

We eat a few squares of HU Chocolate practically every day! The Salty dark chocolate is wonderful!

Lindt Vegan Chocolate Bar

I worked in Switzerland for 3 years, so I can tell you from experience that Lindt is fantastic!

TCHO Origins Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolate from two origins is showcased in three truffle-filled dark chocolate bars.

VGAN Vegan Chocolate Bars

VGAN has a large variety of chocolate bars, even white chocolate! 100% certified organic too.

Nut Butters!

The world is way bigger than peanut butter. Wrap a ribbon around a jar of any one of these tasty and nutritious nut butters and your vegan friend will have sustained energy and will be all smiles! Plus there are many creative ways to make delicious treats like power balls with vegan chocolate chips and chia seeds, yum!

Other Vegan Treats

Here are my top picks for vegan snacks that would complete any vegan gift basket. Treats like a vegan cookie or two, a vegan blueberry muffin (or any other flavor of muffin!), vegan banana breads, or vegan brownies, many of these sweets are available as vegan gift boxes.


KARMA BAKER, is an LA-based vegan and gluten-free baker that makes EXTRAORDINARY baked goods! So good, it is hard to believe they are vegan. They have everything a traditional bakery would have cakes, cupcakes, donuts, cookies, brownies. And one of their vegan gift boxes will allow your loved one to sample them all!

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

Vegan cookies with chunks of crunchy walnuts and semi-sweet vegan chocolate chips from Levain Bakery.

Uncommon Cookie Collection

The ultimate collection of fancy flavors and new twists on the classics, all while using vegan-based ingredients.

Benevolent Brownies Gift Box

Sinfully rich. Guilt-free pleasure from every bite because it helps a baker's dozen of social programs flourish.

Sans Bakery Vegan Gift Box

I am a sucker for a good banana bread and Sans Bakery masters it! Along with blueberry muffins and more!

Vegan Cookbooks

You can also opt for a high-quality vegan cookbook, offering a world of plant-based recipes for them to explore. Gifts like these don't just tick the vegan box; they open up a universe of flavor and creativity in the kitchen. The good news is, before you know it, your friend or family member will be making delicious vegan meals to share very quickly!

The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook

500 inspired, flexible recipes for eating well without meat, a top seller from America's Test Kitchen.

Food52 Vegan Cookbook

An essential collection of 60 vegetable-driven hassle-free, vibrant vegan recipes from Food52.

Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

Sinfully rich. Guilt-free pleasure from every bite because it helps a baker's dozen of social programs flourish.

Eat Like You Give a F*ck

Bad Manners offers 100+ recipes for their best-loved meals, snacks, and sides for beginning cooks to home chefs.

[Until they have their cooking techniques perfected, you could also gift them with one of my favorite vegan meal delivery services, Purple Carrot! The meal kits make meal prep easy. Or get them vegan subscription boxes from CrateJoy. ]

Cooking Supplies

With their new cookbook in hand, all your loved one will need to become a home cook extraordinaire capable of whipping up food with unique flavor that goes beyond any grocery store find is cooking supplies!

Kitchen gadgets that make plant-based cooking a breeze, like high-powered blenders, an instant pot, or vegetable spiralizers, are also thoughtful choices. These gifts bring comfort and joy to your friend's home and align with a lifestyle that values compassion and sustainability.

5 Piece Cookware Set

This professional-grade 5-piece stainless steel cookware set is perfect for your favorite cook!

ChefWave Milk Maker

There are many levels of nut milk makers out there, this one is right in the middle.

Breville Fresh and Furious Blender

Just about every appliance in our house is Breville and this high-powered blender rocks!

Instant Pot Pro Pressure Cooker

This popular pressure cook has 10 functionality modes, you can do practically anything!

Experiences – Gift an Unforgettable Memory

Sometimes, the best gifts aren't things but experiences. And for your vegan pal, this could mean anything from a vegan cooking class to a tour of an organic, cruelty-free farm. These experiences provide entertainment and an opportunity to learn and grow.

Vegan Cooking Classes:

You could also consider tickets to a vegan food festival, where they can indulge in various plant-based delights. These experiences are cherished moments that enrich the soul and deepen the understanding and appreciation of the vegan lifestyle.

Sustainable Style: Chic and Conscious

Fashion is another area where you can find a plethora of vegan gift ideas. From chic handbags made from sustainable, cruelty-free materials to elegant, animal-friendly shoes that blend style with ethics, the fashion industry has made significant strides in catering to the vegan market.

These gifts are a testament to the fact that one can be both fashion-forward and ethically conscious. Look for items made from innovative materials that are kind to the planet and its inhabitants. Giving a stylish and sustainable gift shows thoughtfulness and a shared commitment to a better, kinder world.



As many of you know, I have been working with Jambu Footwear for years and have highlighted their vegan models every season. Their shoes make a perfect vegan gift – they are beautiful and comfortable.

Quince Vegan Saddle Bag

This saddle bag from Quince is beautifully crafted from pebbled vegan leather.

Quince Faux Leather Leggings

The look of leather without the guilt. These leggings are so comfortable!

Immaculate Vegan Clothing

A curated selection of beautiful vegan, ethical, and sustainable clothing you will love.

Harvest & Mill Organic Clothing

Clothing from organic cotton farmers, heritage mills, and family-owned factories – all in the USA

Vegan Beauty Bliss – Indulge Them with Cruelty-Free Glamour

Vegan beauty is not just about abstaining from animal products; it's about indulging in self-care with a clear conscience. Imagine gifting your friend a luxurious vegan skincare set made with natural, cruelty-free ingredients (like essential oils) that nourish the skin and soul. Or perhaps a set of vegan makeup brushes, soft to the touch and kind to animals.

The beauty industry has embraced the vegan movement with open arms, offering many cruelty-free beauty products, from vegan hand cream to foundations and lipsticks (or lip balm) to mascaras, that are free from animal testing and animal-derived ingredients with minimal plastic bottles.

And let's not forget about the nails – vegan nail polish has become a trend in its own right, boasting long-lasting, vibrant colors without the harsh chemicals and guilt.

French Girl Cosmetics

GORGEOUS 100% natural beauty products. French Girl uses ethical business practices, care about their environmental impact, and has a fair trade, cruelty-free supply chain. I use several of their products and highly recommend them. Plus they are a small woman-owned business!

J&L Naturals

A small woman-owned business that produces zero-waste products. Vegan, cruelty-free, all-natural, sustainable, and small batch. J'adore the deo, use it daily!


Natural body and personal care products made with active botanicals and always scented with pure essential oils including my favorite, French lavender bien sûr!

Cheirosa Perfume

Luscious Sol de Janeiro
Cheirosa Perfume Mists come in three warm scents and are vegan with cruelty-free clean ingredients in sustainable packaging.

Well People

Well People 4 Minute Plant & Go Makeup Set has a flattering range of plant-powered makeup essentials for a simple, everyday routine and naturally stunning finish.

Home is Where the Heart Is – Eco-Friendly Home Gifts

When it comes to finding the best vegan gifts, don't overlook the home. There are numerous options for eco-conscious, plant-based products that can enhance any living space. The essence of a thoughtful gift lies in its utility and ability to harmonize with the recipient's values and enhance their everyday life. This is particularly true when selecting presents for the eco-conscious and ethically-minded home.

Cozy Comforts: Sustainable Living Spaces

The bedroom, a sanctuary of rest and rejuvenation, offers a wonderful canvas for vegan-friendly gifts. Beyond luxurious bed linens made from bamboo or organic cotton, consider the gift of a vegan duvet or pillows.

These items, filled with plant-based or synthetic down alternatives, provide the ultimate comfort without compromising their ethics. They're breathable, hypoallergenic, and, most importantly, cruelty-free, ensuring your loved one enjoys a restful sleep with a clear conscience.

Cozy Earth

My bedding is from Cozy Earth and I think their linen collection would make a very thoughtful gift.

Similarly, vegan throws and blankets, crafted from eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester or organic cotton, offer warmth and comfort during those cozy nights. These items not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of ethical elegance to any room.

Ethical Elegance: Decor with a Difference

Moving beyond the bedroom, the living room and other communal areas in the home offers ample opportunity to gift items that are both beautiful and ethical. Cruelty-free candles, made from soy or vegetable wax, are a popular choice, infusing spaces with calming scents without the use of beeswax.

Vegan Candles:

Slow North Natural Candles

Forage Candle Company

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Public Goods Soy Candle

Art and Ambiance: Conscious Creativity

Art and décor can also reflect the values of veganism, with prints and pieces created by vegan artists or made from sustainable materials. Choosing art that celebrates nature or animal welfare can add a meaningful touch to your friend's home, aligning with their values and personal aesthetics.

Plus, plant-based paints and eco-friendly frames offer a conscious choice for decorating, ensuring that even the walls reflect a commitment to sustainability.

Greenery and Growth: Bringing Life Indoors

For those with a green thumb, or even beginners, indoor plants are a gift that keeps on giving. Not only do they purify the air and enhance the mood, but they also bring a slice of nature into the home. Opt for low-maintenance varieties that thrive indoors, and pair them with pots made from recycled materials or biodegradable planters.

This thoughtful gesture adds life and color to any space, embodying the principles of growth, care, and environmental harmony.

Plants on a shelf

Mindful Moments: Vegan-Friendly Relaxation

The home is not just a physical space but a haven for relaxation and mindfulness. Gifts that encourage a peaceful atmosphere, such as vegan aromatherapy sets with essential oils, meditation cushions made from sustainable fabrics, or cruelty-free bath products, can transform a simple bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

These gifts offer a dual benefit: they enhance the home environment while also promoting well-being and self-care.

Aveda Essential Oils

We bought these all the time when we had an Aveda shop near our home, they smell wonderful!

Pamper Spa Kit

The perfect PETA-approved spa kit or self-care basket for the woman in your life in need of a RESET.

Serenity Spa Crate

This Olive and Cocoa features products for one of the most splendid treasures of all: relaxation.

Lavender Spa Set

This spa gift basket is created with vegan ingredients that help to nourish the skin and lock in moisture.

Build Your Own Vegan Gift Basket: A Personal Touch

Creating a vegan gift basket is the best way to combine several of these ideas into one delightful care package. You give a curated mix of treats and treasures that adhere to their ethical values.

The best holiday gift baskets not only showcases a variety of vegan-friendly delights but also sends a message of thoughtfulness and respect for your favorite vegan's ethical choices, making it the ultimate gift idea for any vegan.

Remember, for vegan gift baskets the basket itself is a gift too and should be vegan as well!

Reusable Fabric Gifts in a Basket

When You Aren't Sure: Gift Cards

When in doubt about the perfect present, a gift card or gift certificate from an ethical company offers a thoughtful and flexible solution. It's the ideal way to ensure your friends and family can select something they truly love and value while aligning with their ethical and lifestyle principles.

Gift cards from stores specializing in vegan products, sustainable fashion, cruelty-free beauty, or eco-friendly goods empower your friend to explore a variety of options tailored to their tastes and needs.

This approach respects their choices and supports businesses that are making a positive impact on the planet. Giving a gift card is more than a convenient option; it's a meaningful gesture that celebrates your friend's convictions and contributes to a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Remember, digital cards will be better than a plastic card that is not eco-friendly. Instead write a note on a organic cotton or plant-based card.

zero waste gift cards and wrapping

All Those Holidays…

During the holiday season (or really any special occasion or festive season) in which your vegan friend or family member will be participating take special consideration of their lifestyle. Consider a plantable Christmas tree, natural materials like wood for ornaments, and a vegan option for your stocking stuffers.

man giving woman a gift

Finding the perfect gift for your vegan friend doesn't have to be a challenge. With a world of plant-based, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly options at your fingertips, you're sure to find something that aligns with their values and brings them genuine joy.

The possibilities are endless, from indulgent cruelty-free products to sustainable home goods and innovative tech gadgets. So go ahead and make your gift-giving thoughtful, ethical, and unforgettable. Your vegan friend will surely appreciate your effort and thought in choosing a gift that celebrates their lifestyle.

And I hope my vegan gift guide has helped!

How about you? What are some of your best vegan gift ideas? Do share!

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zero waste gift cards and wrapping

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