J’adore #77

Lately, I've been inundated with a vast amount of products that I've either seen on the interwebs or that very smart people have brought to my attention. Lucky for you I've curated what I think is the best “stuff” and am sharing it with you today in my latest J'adore.

Basic Invite

Misadventures with Andi Blogiversary Invites created with Basic Invites

I found THE MOST adorable little company in the adorable town of St. George, Utah where Mr. Misadventures and I spent several weeks with our RV in January of 2017. I love supporting small companies particularly when they are making, well, adorable products.

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As a sworn-for-life francophile, I found a whole bunch of invites and stationery from Basic Invite and I am trying to come up with an occasion I can use them for. I was thinking of creating something for my 10-year blogiversary to send to close friends and family who have supported Misadventures with Andi through the years, but I just ran out of time.

But I determined to find something for one of these French-esque invites! If you are a Francophile, here is a curated selection for you. If you aren't a Francophile (and ahem, why not?) there are PLENTY of other invites for you to fall in love with!

French-themed wedding

French-themed general

Destination-themed wedding

10th Street Hats

Andi-in Breaux Hat-Swiming Pool_J'adore 77-10th Street Hats Breaux

Do you know what's essential for living in Arizona? A hat! Of course, hats are important anywhere you live. It's perfect for protecting your face from the sun or the wind or keeping your noggin warm. Usually, I wore a baseball hat from some work event or a ski hat. I never really thought about the fashionability (yes, I made that up!) of them!

Then I bought a beret and straw hat in Paris this past spring and I loved the fact that I had choices. On most days in the Phoenix area, it's wise to wear one when going out.

I just discovered 10th Street Hats which has a fantastic variety of hats from designers they support and I think they are very reasonable, meaning the 3 new ones I have didn't cost an arm and a leg. I love the names, lots of them are named after cities or regions which totally appeals to my travel junkie side!

You'll start seeing them show up in the Instagram feed soon! The one I'm wearing which is called Breaux is absolutely perfect for the pool. In our community pool, I like to float back and forth between the full sun and the shade created by a huge canvas. No matter where I am in the pool this hat keeps my face protected. I love the materials which is natural straw, it if gets a little wet it dries quickly!

Naot Footwear

Andi-Naot-Ardisia sandals

Much like the hat situation, now that I am in Arizona, I seem to be wearing a lot of more sandals and outdoor shoes. I tend to buy shoes that are functional over how fashionable they are, but I've been seeing a lot of great brands, such as Naot Footwear who manage to have both – form and function. The shoes are hand-crafted in Israel.

And they are special. They call themselves a shoe of peace because each pair – like my Naot Ardisia sandals – that are super savvy in how they have been engineered, with insoles with a blend of natural latex and cork, and they are designed to replicate the shape of your foot, and because of their anatomical design, they are super comfortable!

That makes them unique, but what makes them special is that every pair of sandals is handmade in Northern Israel by a joint effort of Israeli and Palestinian peoples. They are a shoe of peace. Naot means oasis and this project truly is one! They are available on Amazon, Zappos, and other major online shoe sites, so you can get a pair to support #shoes4peace.

Cube Tracker

J'adore 77- Cube Tracker at Home

Okay, I'll admit it. With age, it seems that I lose things a little more often than I used to. Or maybe it's because in 2 years time we packed up our life twice, spent 18 months on the road, then 3 months in a rental home, and then finally in our house, with stuff spread out all over!

I have bags for every occasion: weekend outdoor, weekend, photography, photography outdoor, photography with a laptop, photography without a laptop, travel, city, bags for planes, etc. You get the picture! The perfect scenario to lose things which is why I love my new Cube Tracker!

Cube Tracker is a Bluetooth tracker that works with my iPhone to track the location of whatever the cube is attached to (and vice versa!). With one click of the Cube Tracker or one touch on my phone via the app, I can find the location of my phone in a matter of minutes. (I put it on my keys to help me find my phone, or if I lose my keys!) It's got some really cool features including helping out when you need to take a selfie!


Ja'dore 77_Bagnet Purse Holder

I do not know about you, but I absolutely hate putting my bag on the ground! It's probably because I've read too many articles about what you pick up on the ground, Ewww! That's why I must have a Bagnet purse holder asap, I think this little guy which they say will hold even the heaviest of purses looks amazing!

There are a ton of colors, shapes, and sizes so you can have them match your purse or bag if you are into that, or just one that you use everywhere.


coyote vest

On the wonderfully weird side, I cannot help but love this latest invention, the CoyoteVest Pet Body Protection. Coyotes in Arizona are no joke and lots of little dogs getting taken by coyotes end up as stories on the local news. It's exactly what happened to the creators of this odd but awesome product.

I immediately thought of my friend Kristin's dog Ella – I'd think she'd make a great model, she definitely has a lot of spunk! I'm not going to lie, it's crazy looking, but it is definitely going to protect a small dog from a coyote!

That's it for this edition of J'adore, stuff I've been adoring as of late!

How about you? Have you got any cool products to share? Are you interested in any of mine? Do tell!

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J'adore #77: Naot FootwearJ'adore #77J'adore #77: 10th Street HatsJ'adore #77: Basic InvitesJ'adore #77: Cube Tracker

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  1. Neely Moldovan says:

    I love those french themed invites. They are so fun! I need to do something like that for a shower Im helping throw!

  2. What a lovely selection you’ve shared here today. I don’t have any products that I would even mention today. Looking like you’ve done a great job sharing some items and those photos are just lovely!

  3. I could have used that tracker just this morning! My keys were no where to be found (teen had them in her room)!

  4. And on my “why didn’t I think of that?” list, I will now add the Bagnet. Genius!!!! That may have to be purchased as holiday gifts for friends. Thank you for sharing this wonderful list!

  5. I am a forever francophile! I miss my days in Dijon Thanks for these great products. I saved the Cube Tracker and added to my bday present list for my family! They will agree it is a MUST for me. The invites are SO cute. Congrats on your anniversary, I hope it was a fun celebration!.

  6. I have NEVER seen anything like that vest before, but what an awesome invention!!

  7. I need that purse holder STAT! I also love your hat, I will be visiting these sites soon to check them out more.

  8. Becca Wilson says:

    That cube tracker seriously is much needed in this house. You have no idea how many times we are searching for our keys.