J’adore #68 – Summertime Edition

Sure summer officially started on June 20, but it doesn't really feel like it's started until the Fourth of July. The day after our celebration of independence Mr. Misadventures and I are heading to the beach. The Oregon Coast is not quite the same as the beach in say Southern California, Hawaii, or the Caribbean, but it still got me in a beachy kind of mood.


To further inspire me, and hopefully you as well, I've put together some of my latest internet finds which will be perfect for maximizing your summer experience.

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Aurobelle Roundie


I am completely in love with this round beach blanket from Aurobelle! I think it is such a unique shape for a blanket, and of course, I love the red. It just feels like it belongs on a beach. Or maybe a grassy knoll picnic.



If you are on the beach, you need beach shoes. I've been looking at these Fleeps. I am not a huge fan of straps between my toes, that's been my only hesitation, but I like that you can design your own and I am always a big fan of supporting companies that give back. 10% of every purchase goes to non-profits that support underprivileged girls.

QALO Rings


If you have an active lifestyle or are going to spend a lot of time at the beach, I think these QALO rings are a good alternative to losing or damaging your engagement and/or wedding rings. I know of two people who lost their rings on the beach, I bet they would have appreciated one of these! Although I am a big fan of red, I'm kind of partial to the navy and white striped one.

I've seen pro athletes using it as well as pregnant women whose rings don't fit anymore, kind of cool.

REI Flex Lite Chair

REI Outdoor Chair
Photo credit: Outdoor Evan

We recently picked this chair up for me. Mr. Misadventures has a different chair that he uses for photography, sometimes waiting for the sun to rise or set can take time. I was using the hubby's but it was not comfortable, although he loves his. I got this folding one from REI. It is super light to carry, it breaks down into a really compact size and it is way comfortable.

It's perfect for the beach or anywhere!

Sand Cloud Towels


What's the beach without a towel? This lightweight gorgeous Turkish cotton towel has really cool pockets for hiding your keys, phone, etc. 10% of your purchase goes to preserve and protect beaches, oceans, and marine life.

Santorini Beach Tent


This beach tent is on the pricey side but it is pretty awesome. Small enough to be portable, big enough to give you the coverage you need at the beach. Plus the material is made of is UPF 40 blocking 97.5% UV!

The Atlantic Ocean

Beach-Bag Nautical

How can you go to the beach without a great beach tote? I really like this one from The Atlantic Ocean because of the natural materials and nautical theme. I think it's big enough to fit everything I've shown above plus room for my must-haves: water or coconut water, sunscreen, and Sahale Snacks. I am not a big fan of picnicking on the beach but I do need my snacks and I must stay lathered up and hydrated!

Well now, I think we are all ready for the beach!

How about you, have you seen anything that you think would be great for the beach?

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  1. Those Fleeps are super cute and really meet a need! Love that the company behind them is ethically minded.

  2. Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking says:

    I love spending time on the beach! Since we live in the middle of the US, we spend our time on lake beaches instead of ocean beaches. The round blanket is so unique and beautiful — I love it!

  3. Veronica Lee says:

    I am so loving that round blanket! It’s so pretty!

  4. Ah a day at the beach sounds like fun to me! I love that white sun dress you are wearing with that hat! I love that beach look. The fourth of July definitely says summer like no other holiday. Its actually one of my favorite holidays.

  5. Melissa Dixon says:

    I love that beach tent! That would be perfect for those insanely hot days while fishing as well. My husband can fish for like 12 hours at a time in 100 degree heat and I just can’t take the direct sunlight all that time so this would help keep me there longer. I also like the beach towel, so pretty!

  6. Jason Nail says:

    I very much enjoyed this post. As a Floridian, this is what we live for. The round towel is darned near the cutest thing ever. I know several ladies who would jump all over that.

  7. Gwendolyn Mulholland says:

    A day at the beach sounds amazing and something I want to do really soon. In East Tennessee it is way hot so summer felt like it was here before June 20th. I am in love with the Aurobelle Roundie and will have to talk my husband into buying it for me.

  8. Sandra Watts says:

    I am really wanting to go to the beach. These photos just make me want it more.

  9. I absolutely love the round beach blanket. I think I need to have that in my arsenal. So pretty

  10. Terry Poage says:

    The place looks so beautiful.

  11. Carin Kilby Clark says:

    Spending a day on the beach is the best part of the Summer. I have to check out those Fleeps – they look like some really cute shoes . I also love that beach tent. That would be perfect for my upcoming trip.

  12. Bites for Foodies says:

    I’m spending my entire summer in Italy and I wish I could turn back time and pick up some of this beach attire!! I love that round towel! How cool is that?!

  13. Michelle Cantu says:

    The beach tent and Fleeps! Yes, I need those. I love a gorgeous, yet comfortable sandal. These are on my must have list. The beach tent looks like a winner and with UV blocker, that’s a total win!

  14. I love this beach version of J’adore! That round blanket is stunning – I’ve never seen anything like it. It always cracks me up though when I see advertorial photos of women on the beach who are wearing TONS of jewelry. Who wears that much jewelry to the beach?? 😉

  15. i love this beach… The beach tent and fleeps.

  16. Beach Loop says:

    The beach tent is so convenient to have and I also love the round blanket – and that fabulous tote!

  17. Stephanie says:

    I love those round blankets.

  18. Samantha Michelle says:

    I love this guide of helpful things for those that are traveling. The fleeps, tent, towel and Atlantic Ocean tote look like very useful items. I love reading your blog posts o f places you travel. I am a traveler myself. It really moves me and uplifts my mood reading traveling blogs