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J’adore #64 – Coffee Cup Edition

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Since yesterday was National Coffee Day (see how I celebrated), I thought I would share some of my favorite coffee mugs on this edition of J’adore. J’adore is my series of digital discoveries made during my internet travels. I am not big on shopping in stores, so my window shopping (and “real” shopping) is done online.

Given that I work in an office and have done so for the last twenty-six years, I can tell you coffee cups are a great way to show your personality! Here are the ones I am adoring at the moment!

Obvious State


Photo credit: Obvious State

I love everything that Nicole Robinson does! I have her postcards, her notebooks, I am a fangirl! I struggled with which coffee mug of hers I loved the best. I shared her “I love this mostly because it is in French” mug in J’adore #63 (Frenchie Finds Edition) and I also have the saying as a postcard in my office. But this mug is an ode to coffee and its essential presence to the life of a writer (although some would say alcohol as well) and I love the pattern!

Trendy Sparrow


Photo credit: Trendy Sparrow

While I want to buy half the mugs that the Trendy Sparrow lists in her Etsy shop, I really LOVE this one because I hate exercise and love to blog and curse the Universe for not making blogging an exercise!


Photo credit: Trendy Sparrow

And when I am feeling like I need an inspirational manifesto, then I think I want this Bloggers Gonna Blog mug!

Hello I’m Handmade

Shh I'm blogging

Photo credit: Hello I’m Homemade

This Shh..I’m blogging mug is what I need on Sundays when I am working on MWA. Mr. Misadventures works on his photos and loves to play music while doing that, I like peace and quite when I am trying to write!

Married in May Designs

I'm Introverting Please Go Away

Photo credit: Married in May Designs

Some days, especially ones with lots of meetings, I need this I’m Introverting Please Go Away mug so that I can have a few moments of quiet while I recharge my engines. Leading a team of six people plus several initiatives means that rarely happens, one can day-dream!

Sweet Water Decor


Photo credit: Sweet Water Decor

Speaking of which, managing people is very rewarding and my own particular style reflects great bosses I have had. Sometimes I wish I was back to the days of being an individual contributor, other days, it is just nice to be the Boss Lady.

Linen and Lace


Photo credit: Linen and Lace

To feed the wanderlust and remind myself that every day is an adventure, or sometimes a misadventure, I love this Today is an Adventure mug. I feel like it is important in life to approach every day in pursuit of happiness and this coffee cup is a great visual cue to reinforce that mantra.

Abby and Grace


Photo credit: Abby and Grace

And finally, because I really believe it, Paris is always a good idea. These little words of wisdom have appeared on everything from t-shirts to pillows. But drinking from a cup every day is a great way to envision myself on the streets of the city I love most in the world and conjure up what my plans will be for my next visit.

That’s it for this edition of J’adore!

How about you? What are you currently adoring?

National Coffee Day
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