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J’adore #48 (Candy Edition 2)

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I am not sure if it is coming off the holiday season or if it’s because we are closing in on Valentine’s Day, but I have candy on the brain!

If I ate as much candy as I am currently thinking about I would be 500 pounds! Problem is, I have already  tried several of these items over the past month! I am hoping that putting together this J’adore where candy is the star, it will get it out of my system!

Before I jump into all the sugary deliciousness, I have one non-candy item to share. As a child, whenever I had a cold or the flu when visiting my grandparents, my grandpa would make me a hot toddy. I am not sure if it was the warm alcohol in my child-size system or what, but I always felt better. Jeni of Jeni’s Ice Cream must of had someone in her life do the same. This year she has introduced a hot toddy sorbet that is perfect for the flu season!


I don’t know where I stumbled across Sugarfina, but I am glad I did! I ordered two different varieties of their malt balls (as well as some marshmallow candy) and they were actually delivered on my birthday last month, a nice surprise. [P.S. I didn’t buy them for my birthday because I gave that up for charity:water. That campaign is still going on if you want to give me a belated birthday wish] I tried the chocolate mint and the triple chocolate, both of them yummy. Being a big fan of chocolate mint I was sure those were going to be my favorite, but the triple chocolate was so over the top, it won my heart.

Sugarfina Chocolates

The Sugarfina chocolate mint malt balls didn’t quite make the grade, I am super picky about my chocolate mint, it’s my crack cocaine, so I am an expert. These chocolate mint patties from Seely Family Farm look devastatingly good and I love that the product comes from a small farm in Oregon. These guys are next on my hit list!

Seely Family Farm Peppermint Patties

And speaking of crack. Chocolate mint maybe mine, but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t turn away the chance to try Crack Caramels. Spotted on Oh Joy! these babies look deadly!

Crack Caramel

Thanks to a Klout Perk i had the opportunity to try Brookside chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. They are dark chocolate, which is my preference, full of antioxidants and delicious! I now by at least a bag a week. I keep them in my office for my afternoon chocolate fix.

Brookside chocolate pomegranate

I read about San Francisco’s Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe Champagne Bubbles in Sunset magazine and I am intrigued. They seem to have the texture of gummy bears and I am very keen to try them out. Once I checked out Fiona’s site I found a ton of things I want to try and because it is in the city, I can check them out in-person – field trip!

Fiona'S Sweet Shoppe

Lastly is a new addiction. Chuao Chocolatier. Mr. Misadventures and I found them at Whole Foods in San Diego over Christmas and came home to find them at our local store as well. They don’t carry all the flavors, but the ones we bought: chocolate chip, nut and honeycomb have been awesome. I am not satisfied with a partial sampling so I bought one (in some cases more than one!) of all their flavors plus some drinking chocolate and chocolate-covered ginger. They arrived a few days ago and I am making my way through!


That’s it for this edition of J’adore, a few of my favorite finds as I travel the web! You might need a filling after reading this one!

How about you? What are you adoring these days?

[Photo credit: Seely Family Farm Peppermint Patties, Alberta Co-Op Grocery / Fiona’s Sweet Shoppe: 2nd Deadly Sin]

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