J’adore #2

Glad to see that everyone likes the new J'adore series. To understand its origins, check out the first edition. This is such a fun easy way to share stuff that has captured my eye.

I am a total foodie, but there are a couple of things I just don't have much appreciation for. I am not too fond of french fries or pizza and rarely eat them. I will definitely take a fry or a slice of pizza, but I am not a huge fan of either. But then I saw this:

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Keste Pizza Sandwich__Prosciutto Artichoke Cheese
Photo credit: Maryse Chevrière – Always Hungry NY

Hum-in-nah, hum-in-nah! That's a pizza I could make friends with! Thanks to Arthur Bovino of Always Hungry New York for featuring it!

This book looks like a lot of fun, I am interested in seeing how well I would do!


Here's another book that is a fun idea for travelers venturing to locations where they don't speak the local language. Whenever I have traveled to Asian countries this has not been a problem because they are food artists when it comes to showing their wares.

The majority of the time I can drag a waitress out to the front window display and point to what I want.

This is not the case in Europe, at least what I've seen, so this book (spotted on The Best Paris Info blog) would be great!


I could see myself curling up with a good book (or maybe that quiz book above) in this room. Not a style I would decorate my whole house with, but this is cute for a little book room, so bright and cheery!

robin egg blue attic

Blog pal Sarah Browne, otherwise known as Guru of New posted an updated poster from Flowtown which depicts the world's social media networking map for 2010. I have the 2007 version and want to pick up 2010 as a comparison.

flow towns 2010 social net map

Finally, I leave you with dessert. Apparently last week saw the passing of National S'mores Day. I have not had one of these in years but saw photos on Amy Atlas's blog (also known as my dessert porn site) that were to die for. This is just one of them:

amy atlas smores

Well, that's it for J'adore edition #2 – hope you had as much fun reading it as I did putting it together!

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  1. I was out at a new french bistro in town tonight and I thought of you and then I see this post, love it! Okay, so I want that room AND that dessert even though I just had the most delish dessert.

    1. @Carolyn, I will eat french fries for two things: moules-frites and tartare! The only pizza I have ever liked was near my office when I worked in Switzerland – very thin crust, lite sauce, lite cheese with arugula and tuna!

  2. That desert is to die for! Makes me wish I could be eating that right now! And this post is such a great idea!! Would you mind terribly if I do something similar on my blog too? Do let me know. Thanks!

  3. I love this idea, might have to explore options for my own version. Thanks for sharing this and all the cool links. The S’mores and the website are mouthwateringly divine!

    1. @Walker, this is a community of sharing, I borrowed it from Susan at Fiber Farm and have been enjoying it immensely! I am thinking of incorporating your Wondering Wednesdays as I think it really cool.

  4. Thank you for the tip off for the dessert porn site 🙂 I can imagine myself up in the middle of the night sneaking recipes, baking and feeding my sweet tooth!! I also LOVE that room in whites and blues…WOW.