J’adore #74 – Arizona Gifts

You know me, always on the hunt for unique items for you and I to adore, usually on the interwebs. However, for this edition, I am looking a little closer to home. I've seen some really cool products as of late coming from right here in my new home state, Arizona. If I am going to give a gift or buy a souvenir from a place I visit, I want it to be local, something that is harder and harder to do these days.

So if you are visiting Arizona, gifting to someone in Arizona or just want to support the US or an Arizona-based business, consider these companies, I am!

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Jadore Arizona Gifts

Prickly Pairs Card Game

Prickly Pairs Card Game
Image credit for individual photos: Nieves Montano Photography

There are cacti everywhere in Arizona. Some unique ones like the Saguaro which you can only find in the Sonoran desert (see thousands of them in Saguaro National Park when you visit Tucson) and others like the cholla that I've seen in places like Joshua Tree National Park. Quite frankly, I'm always amazed when I see kids who just run around them like it was a normal tree.

Mr. Misadventures and I are still learning what is what and I think we might need the Prickly Paris Card Game designed by Emily Powell to make that happen. Emily created this Go-Fish-style card game using cacti and I think they are absolutely adorable and the perfect gift for kids and newbie southwesterners alike!

Flagstaff Outdoor Co.

flagstaff outdoor hammoack

As you have seen of late, we've been to Flagstaff a few times and loved it. While I was looking at Flagstaff hashtags on Instagram I ran across the Flagstaff Outdoor Co. and their very cool-looking hammocks (I like some of their t-shirts as well). Mr. Misadventures and I have big plans to escape the heat of Phoenix by heading to the forests of Flagstaff. We're thinking of renting a house and I'm hoping to hang one of these hammocks made by a hiking-and-dog-loving outdoor couple amongst the trees!

Arizona Tees

Keep It Wild

Arizona Shirt from Keep It Wild

Another Arizona-based company making great outdoor goods is Keep It Wild. Their products are responsibly manufactured in certified facilities and screen-printed and packaged with love in Mesa, Arizona.

They definitely put their money where their mouth is in that every purchase helps fund and host local wilderness cleanups, not only in Arizona but all over the United States! They've got great tanks, shirts, hats, water bottles, and more and you can feel good about it!

Homegrown Phoenix

Homegrown Phoenix

Another Instagram find, Homegrown Phoenix is the brainchild of 2 Lauras, transplants from other parts of the US, who moved to the Phoenix area and fell in love. They show their pride in their designs which are spotlighted on their tees, tops, hats, and bags. The designs are adorable and a great way to show local pride and make a unique souvenir as well.

Celebrate Your Tribe

Andi in her Celebrate Your Tribe - Sweet Home Arizona Shirt_SarahHoagPhotography
Photo credit: Sarah Hoag Photography

I stumbled onto Celebrate Your Tribe in an Arizona bloggers group and found their shirts adorable. I don't like V-necks so I worked with them to make this Sweet Home Arizona shirt for me with a round neck. They also made an adult-sized version of one of her kids' shirts (you can see it in this Insta) just for me!

Wholesam Designs

Andi in her Zonie Apocalypse shirt from Wholesam Designs_Cactus Fox Photography
Photo credit: Cactus Fox Photography

I met Sammy Clark at the Catch Me At the Luxe event this past April, she was one of the photographers and she was absolutely adorable! This fall she launched Wholesam Designs on Etsy with some fun Arizona-focused shirts, including the Zonie Apocalypse which I couldn't help scooping up. In case you were wondering, a Zonie is what a Southern Californian calls a visitor from Arizona. They tend to swarm the region during spring break!

Jar of Buttons

Jar of Buttons Saguaro Pin
Photo credit: Cactus Fox Photography

I thank the team from Visit Tucson for this Arizona find. I attended an Arizona media event at Mountain Shadows Resort and they were handing out this cute saguaro pin from Jar of Buttons. Since then, I have bought the 3 other cactus pins and I have my eyes on some of the other Arizona collection!

Madison & Grand


Do you follow aspirational brands on Instagram? I do! I secretly stalk interior design and minimalist lifestyle accounts all the time. I found Madison & Grand when an Arizona blogger shared one of their photos for her event. The product was from Madison & Grand and I instantly started following them and love their story.

The owners, Ashley and Sebastion, are actually from Southern California and when they first got married they lived in a tiny duplex in Carlsbad on the corner of Madison & Grand and the rest is history. Well almost. They moved to Flagstaff. And now the rest is history. Besides their online store, they do pop-ups in Flagstaff and I am looking to add some of their coasters to my home.

Untamed Confections


Cheat days were made for Untamed Confections! Actually, in reality, these candies are low carb! They only use organic honey from bees in the Sonoran Desert to make their fabulously gourmet caramels. I've got my eye on Carameleno Jalapeno, Chocolate Chipotle, Prickly Pear, and the Date Pecan (2 products also grown in Arizona).

I cannot decide and will try all 3 when I visited their store in Tubac on my next visit to the Tucson area. But you can also order online, a dangerous, but perfectly acceptable way to treat yourself or your friends and family with a little touch of all-natural sweetness from Arizona.

Mano Y Metate

Mano Y Metate Mole Powder

If you are a connoisseur of Mexican food then you will appreciate the art that goes into creating a really complex mole sauce. If you don't have a Mexican grandmama then you usually need to find a local restaurant that masters this sauce. Or you can turn to the ladies who created Mano Y Metate mole powder and buy their magical mixture of 4 kinds of dark chiles and handmade Oaxacan chocolate plus cilantro, parsley, and epazote.

Pipián Rojo has vibrant, mild red chile enriched with pumpkin seeds and almonds and a spicy version that also includes sesame seeds, cumin, and Mexican oregano. Hay caramba! I want!

How about you? Have you tried any of these authentically Arizonian products? Do you have another to add to the list? Do tell!

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Jadore Arizona GiftsJadore Arizona GiftsJadore Arizona Gifts

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  1. Kristen from The Road to Domestication says:

    These are great and so unique! Thanks for sharing! You’ve sparked a couple good gift ideas for me!

  2. Marcie W. says:

    What an awesome selection of Arizona themed gift suggestions! Living right next door in Las Vegas, many of these are both relatable and fitting.

  3. Neely Moldovan says:

    Really love the coasters and the tank and pullovers! So so cute!

  4. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    The tank top, t-shirts and pull-overs are what I like the most. I am also interested in those Mexican spice powders. As much as we love Mexican food, I believe I can put those spices into good use.

  5. These are such great gift ideas. Arizona seriously has the best decor and it’s so on trend now! I am loving those coasters for sure!

  6. I love all the gifts and unique collections you’ve show. From Arizona. I am loving that hammock and the ladies of the house would for sure love the t shirts

  7. Gingermommy says:

    I love this whole theme and could totally get on board with giving gifts from the area. Very unique

  8. CourtneyLynne says:

    Oooo so many cute gift ideas!!!! I love the coasters!! You can always use a new set and they will always get used

  9. “Homegrown Phoenix” is one of my favorite places to shop. “Keep It Wild” is a new discovery.

  10. I need that “Keep it Wild” saguaro tee! Have you been to the Saguaro Market in Tucson? So fun! I’m obsessed 🙂

    1. @Leigh, first time I’ve heard of the market, I will have to check it out. We harvested saguaro 2 weekends ago in Tucson – working on my post, it was awesome!