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48 hours in Billings Montana – Eat, See, Do

Billings, Montana can I just hug you?! You may be known as Montana’s trailhead, but you’ve got everything going on in your own right! A trailhead is a place where a trail begins, which means Billings makes a great “home base” for heading out to other great Montana locations, but after my visit to this charming town, I say, “Stay awhile!” Trust me, there are so things to do in Billings Montana, I am going to knock your socks off!

When I posted a photo to Instagram for another project, I geotagged that the photo was taken in Billings. I did not mention Billings in my caption or anything else. However you can't fool the travel community, I immediately got comments about how awesome Billings is, how underrated it was, and how much fellow travelers had enjoyed exploring it. I have to say that I agree!

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Plus, Billings has a truly great food and beverage scene which is the most important thing to making a trip great in my book. Billings also has art, music, outdoor activities, entertainment, and other fun activities. It truly is at the trailhead of some epic national parks and monuments.

On top of that, their farmer's market can seduce the socks off any foodie! Then they have the pièce de résistance, a real French baker making real French bread, mon Dieu!

Andi on the Roof in Billings in her Chico's Summer Travel Collection
Checking out Billings historic downtown! Photo credit: Kristin Hartzler

I only spent 48 hours in Billings, but it was definitely long enough to fall in love.

My time was mainly focused on the historic downtown area. It is so easy to get to. Hello! My home during my stay, the historic Northern Hotel was just a short drive (2.2 miles) from the airport! Downtown Billings is more than a single block of historical buildings, it is block after block, I quickly got in my 10,000 steps which I needed to work off the great food, coffee, juices, and beverages!

And while I was doing this:

Things to do in Billings Montana: eating a burger at The Burger Dive in Billings Montana_Photo credit Emily Sierra
Eating a burger at The Burger Dive. Photo credit Emily Sierra

And this:

Things to do in Billings Montana: Eating noodles in my linen notched button pullover in sunshine yellow at the Fieldhouse restaurant in Billings Montana
Eating noodles at The Fieldhouse. Photo credit: Emily Sierra

My USA Parks travel buddy, Emily was doing this:

Horseback Riding at Bitter Creek near Billings Montana_Photo credit Emily Sierra
Horseback riding at Bitter Creek. Photo credit Emily Sierra

And this:

mountain Biking at Phipps Park in BIllings Montana_Photo credit Emily Sierra
Mountain biking at Phipps Park. Photo credit Emily Sierra

Two different styles, one city.

Of course, I didn’t just eat. (Although I did do a lot of that.) I also visited museums and art stores, coffee shops, and battlefields.

There are plenty of things to do in Billings MT, no one was more surprised than I was! Let me share some highlights and offer you recommendations for your visit to the city of Billings.

I'm going to make you wait for the food. Let's start with art.

Things to do in Billings Montana: Art

Yellowstone Art Museum Billings Montana

I know. You're thinking, “Andi? Art? That's something new!” Well, actually it's not. I LOVE museums, street art, murals, and artisanal crafts. I may not sit down and write a dissertation on how fascinating I find Toulouse Lautrec's 19th Century Paris work, and I may not be able to tell you why Monet painted so many flowers, but I can tell you his gardens are pretty! And I can tell you that I loved visiting the Yellowstone Art Museum.

Yellowstone Art Museum

I walked to the Yellowstone Art Museum from the hotel the first afternoon I arrived. It was 2 hours until closing but that was plenty of time to see the good stuff (and save room for the gift shop!). The museum's size is digestible and I got to nearly all the permanent collections and exhibits. There were 2 that were my favorite: the thing itself and America the beautiful: Clyde Butcher.

I once saw an exhibit at The Leeum Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul that was very similar to ‘the thing itself. In this exhibit, various artists have taken everyday objects, cereal boxes, pieces of garbage, and more and by inlaying, overlaying, mounting, and recombining them have created some really fun pieces to see. I enjoy upcycling/recycling and this exhibit takes it to the next level.

I absolutely loved seeing the photography of Clyde Butcher, mainly because (a) he is a great photographer, but (b) most of the photos in the exhibit space were of places that I have visited before and so I had a connection to the subject matter.

I also absolutely loved the notes he took about each photo. I had some revelations about some of the photography habits of Mr. Misadventures, I have come to understand some of his peculiarities a bit more after seeing this beautiful black-and-white photography exhibit.

You don't have to go to a museum to realize that Billings has a very vibrant art scene. ArtWalk Downtown Billings, a monthly event that just celebrated its 25th anniversary, highlights the ever-growing community of artists and art galleries in downtown Billings. And it isn't just the galleries, it is a community affair with a festival-like atmosphere.

I was not there for one of these evenings, but I did get a chance to check out work from local artisans at a shop called Toucan, everywhere I turned there was something I wanted to buy, but my carry-on luggage prevented me from doing so!

Traffic Signal Boxes

As you walk around town you will also see traffic signal box art which is part of a public art project.

Traffic Signal Box art in Billings MontanaTraffic Signal Box art in Billings MontanaTraffic Signal Box art in Billings Montana

Just in the 4-5 block radius area, I walked around the Northern Hotel, I found so many!

Traffic Signal Box art in Billings MontanaTraffic Signal Box art in Billings MontanaTraffic Signal Box art in Billings Montana

Other Street Art

There are also unofficial outlets for street art by local artists, mainly some of the alleys off First Avenue North and 30th Street South. While not sanctioned by the city they are a way for artists to express themselves with bright colors and designs and lots of statements.

Andi checking out Billings murals in Chico's Summer Travel Collection
Checking out some murals in Billings in sateen slim crops in kings navy and a lace sleeve top in alabaster. Photo credit: Kristin Hartzler Photography.

Other Museums in Billings

Not necessarily art, but falling in the museum category, are the following spots to visit in Billings:

  • Yellowstone County Museum: At the airport! So if you find yourself there early with time to kill, check out the artifacts from the Northern Plains Indian tribes, western expansion, mining, cattle and sheep herding, and textiles as well as other Montana history and a steam engine!
  • The Moss Mansion: historic site and home of the prominent Moss Family one of Billings's founding members. It's made from iconic Redstone and is quite a beauty, I passed it several times during my walks.
  • Western Heritage Center: dedicated to the history of the Yellowstone River Valley and the Northern Plains.

Billings Outdoor Activities

Billings was made for the outdoors and the people who love killing a couple of thousand calories before noon! It is an outdoor mecca and there are endless things to do near Billings making the town a great place to fuel up and head out.

My particular 48 hours were a little more on the down-low, but my partner in crime, Emily hit this part of the itinerary in full force. She is a rock star!

Horseback Riding

Bo horseback riding Bitter Creek near Billings Montana_Photo credit Emily SierraCowboy horseback riding Bitter Creek near Billings Montana_Photo credit Emily Sierrahorseback riding Bitter Creek near Billings Montana_Photo credit Emily Sierra 2

Emily headed out with Bitter Creek Outfitters for a horseback ride through parts of the family's 7000-acre 100-year-old ranch. It is 8 miles from Billings but could be hours the way it makes you feel! The groups are small, 6 or fewer, and no one knows that land better than the second-generation rancher! They take riders at all levels.

This is a great way to experience the gorgeous plains, the rimrocks, the ponderosa pines, and lots of wildflowers. You might even be lucky enough to be accompanied by the ranch's dog Bo!

Hiking or Walking

I got all my steps in by walking everywhere I went in the downtown Billings area. However, on my next trip I plan on doing some local hiking trails, and here is where I'll go:

  • Four Dances Recreation Area: this is designated BLM recreation land that was set aside in 1999. It is day use only and you can hike, check out wildlife and take beautiful photos in this area that has sagebrush/grassland, ponderosa pine, and cottonwood riparian.
  • Pictograph Cave State Park: This is a National Historic Landmark consisting of 3 caves in a 23-acre area with cave paintings on view. There are rock paintings too.
  • Swords Rimrock Park (also called Swords Park): You don't have to leave town for this one. There are 60 acres and the trail follows around the rim of the outskirts of Billing with great views. Also see the Yellowstone Kelly Interpretive Site at this location.
  • Two Moon Park: A nice little loop trail through gorgeous meadows, and woods along the Yellowstone River.

Biking in Billings

Mountain biking Acton Recreation Area near Billings Montana_Photo credit Emily Sierra
Mountain biking at Acton Recreation Area. Photo credit Emily Sierra

Emily tore it up at both Acton Recreation Area and Phipps Park Mountain Bike Trail. She met some of the guys who help get the Acton Recreation Area up and running and they offered to ride with her through the area. Acton is constantly being developed, with the hopes of turning the Acton Recreation area into a mountain bike destination.

Phipps Park is a little more gentle where you climb the butte, do a nice loop around the top, and then quickly hit the downhill. And there is also Zimmerman Park with easy looping trails.

Billings, The Trailhead Where It All Begins

These are excellent spots to check out while staying in Billings. Make Billings your home base for relaxing and eating after checking out these spots not too far away.

Little Big Horn National Monument

Little Big Horn Graves in Montana

Road trip! I had so much fun on my solo day trip to Little Big Horn National Monument while I was visiting Billings. I love national parks and monuments and I was happy to add this one to my collection.  It takes 1 hour, but it is a beautiful drive on I-90 East through rolling hills and big skies. I was there before I knew it and while the monument was busy, I never felt crowded.

This battlefield (listed in the National Register of Historic Places) is the site where the Cheyenne, Lakota, and Sioux Indians fought against the 7th Cavalry of the United States Army, led by General Custer. I was very pleased with how the park treated the topic of such a bloody campaign, but I believe it was fair to both sides.

I visited the cemetery outside of the visitor's center and did the tour road in my car stopping along the way to look at headstones and historical markers. One of the most exciting things was catching some wild horses on the drive. They were close enough to see, but I certainly did not have the right camera to capture these gorgeous beasts!

Horses in Little Big Horn Montana 2

Where was Mr. Misadventures when I needed him!

Horses in Little Big Horn Montana

After my visit, I made a stop at the Land Stand Trading Post just outside the park. I have been to a few trading posts in my time, but nothing like this! It was huge, chock full of fun things to look at and buy (I bought a t-shirt!), it had teepees, scary cool skulls, and Indian fry bread with honey!

This was one of the best things to do near Billings MT!

Andi in front of the Teepees in front of the Last Stand Trading Post outside of Little Big Horn in MontanaSkulls at Last Stand Trading Post outside of Little Big Horn in MontanaIndian fry bread and honey from the Last Stand Trading Post outside of Little Big Horn in Montana

I highly recommend this drive from Billings! So worth it!

Tippet Rise Art Center

Tippet Rise Art Center outside of Billings Montana
Tippet Rise Art Center. Photo credit: Emily Sierra

Tippet Rise Art Center is an outdoor art exhibit slash concert spot (they host classical chamber music and recitals) in Fishtail, Montana. In the background are the gorgeous Beartooth Mountains. The large-scale exhibits are set on a 12,000-acre working sheep and cattle ranch. How cool is that? The exhibits are seasonal, so you can keep going back for more!


Billings is also known for the “Rim” or “Rimrocks.” The Rimrocks are geological rimrock sandstone formations around Billings. The Billings airport is on the Rim! Swords Rimrock Park is the best way to explore them. you can do rock climbing there as well.

Pompey’s Pillar National Monument

This historical monument dates back to the days of Lewis and Clark. These famous pioneers traveled through Yellowstone Valley in 1806. Captain William Clark even carved his name into the pillar as a reminder of this trip (bad form Mr. Clark, bad form!); however, it is the ONLY physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark expedition!

More Outdoor Things to do in Billings

  • Pioneer Park is a huge 32-acre park is a popular spot in Billings with plenty of things to do!
  • Spend a day at Lake Elmo State Park: picnic (there are picnic tables), paddleboard, kayak, or just relax!
  • Or spend time at Lake Josephine inside the Riverfront Park.
  • Winter in Billings: Cross-country skiing in the area around Billings.

Where I Stayed – The Northern Hotel

Exterior of the Northern Hotel Billing Montana
The Northern Hotel. Photo credit: Emily Sierra

Our home away from home was the historic Northern Hotel. It was my guiding beacon everywhere I went during my time in Billings as I could see the building from nearly every point! When I landed at the airport I walked out and immediately realized there wasn't a taxi line. When I inquired the information desk said most of the hotels had shuttles, of course, and how nice is that? It is a perk I miss a lot.

I cannot tell you how long it has been since I was on a hotel airport shuttle! In 5 minutes I was picked up and whisked away to the hotel which was like 7 minutes away – so convenient! From that point forward except for my little road trip to Little Big Horn (coming below), I walked to everything I visited in Billings.

The Northern Hotel is placed right where you need to be. The staff is impeccable and while we didn't eat at the hotel restaurant, Emily and I enjoyed a nice after-dinner drink in their bar.

Andi in front of the Northern Hotel in Billings Montana_Photo credit Kristin HartzlerLobby of the Northern Hotel in Billings MontanaThe Northern Hotel in Billings MontanaThe Northern Hotel in Billings Montana

Eating & Drinking in Billings

Ah, the good stuff! No 48-hour trip would be complete without me sampling as much of the food scene as possible. How else can I make recommendations for you?! Tough job but I love to do it!

Coffee and Non-alcoholic Beverages

Andi having coffee at MoAv in Billings Montana

My Phoenix airport shuttle had picked me up at 3:00 am so I could get to Billings in time to enjoy the afternoon, so coffee was one of the first things on my mind when I landed! My first stop was Rock Creek Coffee Roasters where I had a cold brew (although it wasn't the 112 I had just left in Phoenix, it was 90).

I was SO tempted to try their cold brew and Coca-Cola drink but I wasn't going to go that carb crazy in my first hour in Billings, so I had the regular cold brew! While staying in Billings I also stopped in at Ebon Coffee Collective where I tried their cortado. I was eyeballing some of their avocado toast, but had to be reasonable!

Lastly, after window shopping in Toucan, I spent some quiet time with a macchiato at MōAV Coffee. If you are looking for a spot to work, be a digital nomad, or just do your thing, MōAV Coffee has a great setup with comfortable sitting areas grouped in sections, bars along the windows, and a nice outdoor terrace that runs along the side of the shop. A lot of towns I visit don't have great coffee so it was really good to see that the coffee culture is intact here!

By the way, I totally dig the architecture in downtown Billings! As I was visiting all these delicious spots my eyes were feasting on the scenery as well.

The Burger Dive Billings Montana_Photo credit Emily SierraEbon Coffee Collective Billings MontanaInside Well Pared Juice Shop in Billings Montana

Can you say, hello, Instagram spots?!

See that last photo up there? During one of my walks, I got thirsty but didn't want caffeine or water so I stopped at Well Pared for a juice. Isn't it adorable! I miss juice shops. When I worked in San Francisco there were 4 within 2 blocks of me and I loved getting fresh juice daily.

There are 2 Well Pared shops in Billings run by brother and sister and I was so happy to try them out. Got myself a Gibe juice with kale, lemon, celery, green apple, and cucumber – delish!

Food and Treats

Oh, where do I start? First let me tell you: I did not have one bad meal. I had some which stood out more than others, but all of them were delicious. Having said that, I am just going to share where I ate and recommend it all! However, please note that Billings has a thriving restaurant scene. Any town that has a restaurant week has made it in my book!

Breakfast at The Sassy Biscuit x 2

Andi having breakfast at the Sassy Biscuit in Billings Montana_Photo credit Kristin Hartzler
Breakfast at the Sassy Biscuit. Photo credit Kristin Hartzler

The Johnsons have my number. It's been two weeks since I've been to Billings and I am still thinking about that place. My waistline is glad I don't live in Billings because me and The Sassy Biscuit in the same town, I wouldn't win!

The Sassy Biscuit is the brainchild of Jilan Hall-Johnson, a wife and mother of a military family that through their travels around the country, picked up recipes and cooking styles here and there, mixed them with their recipes, and viola came up with the sassy biscuit, which is pressed shortcakes, something like a biscuit in a waffle maker.

The menu has so much more than that and I confess my first breakfast there I ordered 2 items! I got the fried chicken and waffles pictured in the photo above (hello, more Instagram-worthy spots!) and the Johnson-style spoon cake with sage-sausage white gravy, rice, and a fried egg.

The Johnson from the Sassy Biscuit in Billings MontanaThe Johnson from the Sassy Biscuit in Billings MontanaInside the Sassy Biscuit in Billings Montana

So you know that game we like to play when you like a place so much go back twice? No? Is that just me? LOL. Well, that’s exactly what I did. On our last morning, Emily and I headed back to The Sassy Biscuit because that “Johnson-style” spooned cakes breakfast was to die for! I totally abandoned the low-carb train but it was so worth it, Mrs. Johnson you go girl!

One last shot of this spot – it is SO cute!

The Sassy Biscuit Billings Montana_Photo credit Emily Sierra
The Sassy Biscuit. Photo credit Emily Sierra

Lunch at The Burger Dive

You already saw me eating that big fat burger in the photo at the beginning of my story, The Burger Dive has a burger for everyone! Award-winning too! I had the “Best of the Bash” burger with blackened seasoning, goat cheese, bacon, onion ring, arugula, Sriracha sauce, and garlic basil mayonnaise and Emily had the “I'm your huckleberry” with Huckleberry Hatch chili barbecue sauce, bacon, goat cheese, arugula, and roasted red pepper mayo.

It won the World Food Championship “Burger Champion” burger! Oh and we went for the fries too! They are skin-on fresh-cut fries and damn good. I am not a huge fan of fries so that is saying something!

Dinner at Walkers

Burrata from Walkers Restaurant in Billings MontanaSpring Cucumbers from Walkers in Billings MontanaKorean Beef Bowl from Walkers in Billings Montana VT

For our first dinner in Billings, Emily and I dined around the corner from The Northern Hotel at Walkers. I don't know what I was expecting from Billings restaurants, but it certainly wasn't this. I was thinking of steak and potatoes, but what I got was burrata with stone fruit; compressed cucumbers, and bulgogi-style beef. 

Hello Billings! We have a winner! Everything was cooked or prepared to perfection, everything complimented each other and the waiter actually looked jealous of what we were eating and was super enthusiastic about the menu.

Then we experienced a real treat. Chef Nick Steen made his way to our table and told us the story behind his Korean beef bowl. Turns out it is an homage to his mother who raised him and his brother on very little money.

She had spent some time in the San Francisco Bay Area with a Korean roommate and had picked up how to make bulgogi beef from that roommate and her roommate's mother who would visit from Korea for a month or so (gee, that sounds familiar!).

Chef Steen's Mom would make this dish for New Year's telling the kids that if they splurged on good beef and ate a good meal on the first day of the year, the rest of the year had to be a good one. His mother sounds like a good woman, and let me tell you, she makes damn good Korean beef! Which she passed on to her very talented son!

Dinner at The Fieldhouse

Leave it to the carnivores to go to a vegetable-forward restaurant and get meat! That is exactly what Emily and I did for our second dinner in Billings. We went to The Fieldhouse and ordered honey-chevre cucumbers – I had never had goat cheese with honey incorporated into the cheese and that is my new favorite way to have it.

Then we ordered pork ribs with a Vietnamese-style sauce and more cucumber, pickled this time, and topped that off with vegan ramen, but we added pork belly! That's the giant bowl I am eating at the beginning of this story.

Cucumbers and goat cheese from the Fieldhouse Restaurant in Billings Montana 2Pork Ribs from the Fieldhouse Restaurant in Billings Montana

Dessert at the Big Dipper

Truth be told I did not actually eat ice cream from the Big Dipper, but I really, really wanted to! I stood in a VERY long line with Emily so that she could get ice cream and was tortured by the sites and smells. The ice creams, sorbets, and other frozen treats are a local favorite and I could see why there was a line. For sure, next time, knowing that this place exists, I will skip a course at dinner to make room!

Cones at the Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop in BIllings MontanaSundae from the Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop in BIllings Montana

Le Fournil – A real French Baker in Billings!

TFrench bread from Le Fournil in Billings MontanaFrench Pastries from Le Fournil in Billings MontanaFrench Croissants from Le Fournil in Billings Montana

I walked by Le Fournil several times on the way to other stops and each time I peeked in the window hoping to catch a sign of the baker. The name was definitely French but that doesn't mean anything when it comes to sussing out good French bread. Our last morning while walking to our breakfast, I dragged Emily into the bakery after we had chatted with the baker's wife.

She is a Billings local who had left to travel and along the way, on a trip to Singapore, she met a French man who would become her husband and Billing's only French baker. They have authentic goods, so if you are in the area, buy bread from here!

They have all the traditional bread and pastries. I don't see the epi – the last one on the right in the first photo very often but I love it! (I learned to make it in Paris.) They sell out quickly on Saturdays when the farmer's market is going on, so plan ahead! Allez vite!

Alcoholic Libations

Blackberry martini from Asylum Distillery in Billings Montana
Blackberry martini from Asylum Distillery.

I'm not a big drinker, a total lightweight, so when I drink something I am looking for the good stuff. I like wine and beer and good cocktails. Billings has all that in spades! They have their own Walking Brewery District downtown. The unofficial brewery district includes 6 breweries and 2 distilleries and a cider mill! Emily had checked them out and decided we should try Asylum Distillery for a pre-dinner drink.

I like places with a story and this little bar/distillery is located in a historic building and makes all its drinks with its own alcohol using local and seasonal ingredients, like fruit from the farmer's market.

When they went to renovate the elevator in the building the owners of the distillery took parts and pieces and made an “electric chair” for the corner of their bar – it is kind of fun and between sips of our blackberry martinis, we took silly photos of us getting electrified!

Billings breweries are crafting award-winning beers, ales, lagers, and ciders and the brewery district is a must-try. The casual atmosphere is conducive for date nights, girlfriends' night out, or friends get together. The walkability and access to food mean you can enjoy it responsibly.

If you are interested in wine, Billings has you covered. You can visit the Yellowstone Cellars and Winery and get a sampling of local and regional wines. I had some excellent rosé wines with my dinners.

Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market

OMG, what can I say? I have been seriously deprived of farmer's markets since leaving San Francisco. They don't have real farmer's markets in Phoenix, they are arts and crafts shows. I'm always asking, “where are the vegetables?!” 

After our breakfast, Emily and I hit the market, it is practically spilling out from The Northern Hotel on the corner of North Broadway and 1st Avenue North. However, it goes for several streets!

I was oohing and aahing everything as we walked through. Knowing I couldn't bring anything in my carry-on was a big bummer. Emily didn't have that restriction so she bought a crate of fruit. That baby down below was $20! It was a mix and match of 6 fruits.

They tasted so good I wanted to cry! I think I would move to Billings just for this market – I need something to offset that Johnson from The Sassy Biscuit!

Eating fruit at the Billings Montana Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market
Eating fruit at the Billings Montana Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market. Photo credit: Emily Sierra

More Fun Things to do in Billings MT

Still not sure what to do in Billings MT? It's the largest city in Montana, so, I've got more tourist attractions for you!

FAQs about Billings

How far is Yellowstone National Park from Billings?

The Northeast Entrance of Yellowstone National Park is 2 hours and 45 minutes away from Billings.

Does the Yellowstone River flow through Billings?

Yes! The waters of the Yellowstone River flow in east Billings across the river from Metra Park.

Is Billings along the Beartooth Highway?

No. The Beartooth Highway (Route 212) runs in Montana and Wyoming between Red Lodge and the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park but does not go near Billings.

Is Geyser Park Open?

Unfortunately, Geyser Park is now permanently closed.

Are there grizzly bears in Billings?

Bears are a way of life in Montana, but Billings is outside the zone of where they normally turn up.

How about you? Have you been to Billings Montana? Would you visit Billings? Do tell! Do you have additional things to do, see or eat to add to the list? Do you have more things to do in Billings Montana? Do share!

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48 Hours in Billings - Eat See Do in Billings Montana USA48 Hours in Billings - Eat See Do in Billings Montana USA48 Hours in Billings - Eat See Do in Billings Montana USA

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  1. Vanessa Shields says:

    I used to go to Billings all the time for work and was not a fan of it. Didn’t seem much to do but after reading this I realize there is a lot to do! I’ll have to plan another trip there one day!

    1. @Vanessa, I have had that happen to me before for places I visited in business, then when I visited for pleasure, it was with completely new eyes! I hope you get to enjoy it again.

  2. Cindy Ladage says:

    I love the fact that there really was art in everything you did. The art in the museum, on the walls, in the food arrangements, and even the places you ate look a bit art deco like. Then the ranch has the beautiful art that nature has to offer. Billings truly is lovely through your eyes!

  3. Amber Myers says:

    First of all, the food looks incredible! It looks like there’s so much to see and do in Billings. We’ll have to visit one day.

    1. @Amber, the food is truly fantastic! And as you can see I ate a lot of it!

  4. Oh fun! I like the sound of the art scene in the city. I would love to plan a little adventure there.

    1. @Liz, the art is fantastic, music too! Something playing live every night!

  5. I haven’t been to Billings since I was a teenager, but I do remember it being a cool city! We actually stayed there on our way to Little Big Horn, then Devil’s Tower, and finally Mt. Rushmore. It was such a memorable trip for me, and one that I can’t wait to replicate for my kids!

  6. Melissa Chapman says:

    What an amazing place I expect Montana to have great trails and horses but the art and restaurants look so great too. I will remember not to miss Billings.

    1. @Melissa, it is a very underrated spot that is absolutely worth the stop!

  7. I love how much food you managed to cram into this post! You have your priorities straight!! The fruit at that farmers market looks perfect. I guess that is why the restaurants can serve fantastic meals – they must have access to excellent produce.

    To be honest, this is the kind of place that I would use as a base to get out hiking on the local trails. But now I’ve read this, I might have to ensure we head back most evenings to fill our bodies with the calories we may walk off during the day. 😉

  8. You are speaking to my heart! We’ve been to Montana a few times now and we LOVE it! Billings in particular is a great city. Completely concur with Walker’s – it’s delicious. The pictures are gorgeous and, as always, I love reading your articles.

  9. Terri Steffes says:

    Those noodles!! Those traffic boxes!! The art!! I had no idea about Billings and now it is on my list of places to go!

  10. Denay DeGuzman says:

    I love learning about other cities in the USA. It’s amazing how many fun activities are available in Billings, Montana. I enjoyed looking at all the spectacular images. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  11. Tania Muthusamy says:

    Billings looks like a pretty cool place to visit. I love seeing museums and learning about the local history of places. The scenery here is lovely too. I’m glad you didn’t just eat, even though I agree that’s one of the best things to do anywhere.

  12. Jenn @ EngineerMommy says:

    Wow there are so many fun things to do in Billings. I’d love to visit MT and check out that art gallery!

  13. Cathy Mini says:

    I haven’t been to Montana before but it’s quite interesting to visit! This is really an incredible place, I love it.

  14. I’ve only been to Montana once but am planning a trip back there next summer. I see so many of your posts that I just have to read! Pinning.

    1. @Rena, thank you so much, that is so kind of you to say. Montana in the summer, all those berries – yes!

  15. You obviously had a lot of exciting adventures to share. Horse back riding seems to be fun. I love your pictures.

  16. I have told the Hubs that I want us to explore Montana. Hopefully, soon. The street art are amazing and the food looks delish! Bet you had a blast.

  17. I loved visiting Billings! The burger at the Burger Dive is so good, right? I also had delicious garlic parmesan fries there, too. I certainly used Billings as a trailhead to set off for day trips to Red Lodge, which is an adorable town, and Yellowstone National Park. I wish I had made it to the art museum while I was in town, but I enjoyed going to a Billings Mustangs game one night and checking out the breweries in town. I’m so glad you enjoyed Billings as much as I did, Andi!

    1. @Erin, yes, I needed to stay longer to visit more. I MISSED the garlic parmesan fries, I just got the regular, now I really have to go back!

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    1. @Juliann, was Walkers on your list too? I prefer it over The Fieldhouse (although both were good).

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