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Jambu Shoes

J’adore Jambu – The Best Travel Shoes for Home and Away

Want in on a secret? Jambu shoes are the trendiest and most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned! It shouldn’t be a secret, but it is. Jambu has been around since 2009 making comfortable all-day but stylish shoes yet I rarely see them on lists for “best travel shoe,” something I find to be a bit bizarre. Since I discovered these shoes last year, I wear one pair or the other almost every time I leave the house. For Jambu, it’s all about adventure whether that is across the globe or in your own backyard – the soles of their shoes even have a map on them! Adventure can take place anytime and anywhere from the cobblestoned streets of Paris to Redrock hiking in the Sonoran desert and I am here to tell you that if you haven’t discovered Jambu, the secret is out and you are missing out!

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J’adore Comfortable Travel Shoes – Jambu Lilly

The ultimate guide to Spring’s most versatile and best-looking shoe! Plus, these comfortable and adventurous shoes are PERFECT for travel! Spring has sprung! And you know what that means. Sunshine and flowers and chirping birds. And spring cleaning. The world is in a frenzy about making sure the things around them “spark joy.” (Even I was inspired to apply Marie Kondo’s principles to travel!). I can tell you that one thing that did not spark joy in my wardrobe was my shoes.

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