My Picks for the Best Summer Shoes

Yay! Summer is finally here, and with the change in seasons, you need to create a gorgeous, warm weather-friendly wardrobe, including shoes! When choosing summer shoes for women, it’s important to consider your preferences and comfort level. The ideal summer shoe or sandal should be functional and stylish with the appropriate materials, colors, and shapes.

So if you are looking for the perfect summer shoe, look no further! Jambu has you covered! They have a variety of styles, so you can find the ideal pair for your needs. Whether you are looking for sandals, sneakers, or something else entirely, I probably have a Jambu suggestion that will work!

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Disclosure: This post is a sponsored collaboration with Jambu & Co. As always ALL opinions are my own.

I am very excited to be partnering with Jambu for another season! We have been working together since the fall of 2018. See the list of posts at the end, you can still find many styles – their styles are timeless while still staying on top of trends – on Amazon.

These shoes are perfect for hot weather, water, sand, and play! So whether your summer adventures take you near or far, your feet will be stylish and comfortable all summer long.

girl sitting with collection of shoes
A girl and her Jambu shoes…

Before I jump into my picks I wanted to touch on what I think is an important aspect of summer shoes that I think a lot of people ignore. Just because it's summer doesn't mean that you should run around with shoes that are not good for your feet.

I am giving you the stink eye over there Ms. flip-flops! I know they are easy and breezy but those things will give you blisters and ruin your summer. Skip the flip-flops and explore a wide range of stylish yet comfortable summer shoes that you can rock instead!

Andi amongst the Poppies at Santa Catalina State Park in Arizona in her Jambu Cherry Blossom Shoes in Navy-02
Jambu Cherry Blossom

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but it's also important to protect your feet while enjoying the warm weather. That's why it's important to wear shoes that are designed for summer activities. Jambu has a variety of shoes that are perfect for summer, including sandals, sneakers, and more.

PLUS they promote good foot health through supportive and durable construction. Many styles have received the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance for promoting good foot health. So be sure to choose a pair of shoes that will keep your feet happy all season long.

Tips for Selecting Shoes in the Summer

Summer shoes should fit or adapt to your swollen feet.

Summer is an extra-active season, so having footwear that doesn’t fit right can be a true nightmare. Your foot size will fluctuate as fluid moves through your body throughout the day. As you walk more, gravity pulls more fluid down to your feet to cushion them and improve circulation.

This bodily process helps your feet but also causes them to swell to a slightly larger size. The difference in size varies for most people, so it's difficult to predict how much larger your feet will be by the end of the day but look for shoes with materials that have a give to them.

Andi in Jambu Sahara in red in Corolla North Carolina
Jambu Sahara

Summer Sandals Should Be Well-Ventilated

With the warm, humid summer weather, open-toe shoes are a godsend. However, beyond keeping your toes happy, these types of shoes help the rest of your foot to stay ventilated.

When the summer sun is blazing, you need an easy-breezy, carefree, open-toe sandal option. And it’s crucial that they feature ventilation spaces. These spaces placed in strategic points along the footwear help to make sure that the circulating air can reach every part of your feet. As your skin sweats, the air from the ventilation will help to dry it off.

Without these airspaces, the sweat from your feet can soak into your sandals, making them messy and less likely to last as long. This makes your feet uncomfortable and foot fungi can grow in the sandals making them smelly. 

You can avoid this entire situation by selecting shoes with ventilation or breathable materials!

girls feet in sandals
Jambu Monaco

Closed-Toe Summer Shoes Should Have Breathable Fabric

Speaking of breathable materials…The feet have more sweat glands than any other body part, especially on the soles. Sweat is the body's way of reducing its temperature in warm conditions like summer heat.

Open-toe footwear and strategic ventilation help to ensure that the sweat dries off quickly from the toe and sole, but don’t necessarily help when it comes to the upper part of your feet. A breathable fabric will ensure that the top and sides of your foot can receive enough air. Breathability will make the shoes more comfortable, odor-free, and healthier for your summered-up feet!

Jambu Toledo in Red Blog
Jambu Toledo

Summer Walking Shoes Should Have Shock Absorption

To keep your feet healthy and pain-free in the long term, you should avoid walking with shoes that aren't designed for that purpose. Thin flip-flops and slip-on sandals offer minimal support for your feet. If you walk in them for long-distance, you may end up with aches in the arches and heels of your feet or a long-term walking imbalance.

The best types of walking shoes should have these characteristics:

  • Thick rubber soles for adequate traction.
  • Cushioned insoles for comfort.
  • Contours like the Achilles tendon protector and heel collar for stability.
  • A midsole made of gel, foam, or air.
  • Upper mesh to hold the shoe on your foot.
  • Flexibility for bending and twisting motions.
  • Moderately roomy toe-box.

Summer Shoes Should Be Versatile

When it comes to the perfect pair of summer shoes, functionality is always a must, but so is style. From slide sandals to espadrilles or loafers, the best summer shoes are those that can go with as many outfits as possible.

When you are shoe shopping, here are some tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the most versatile summer shoes:

  • Choose shoes and sandals with neutral tones that are easy to combine. 
  • For versatility, you should opt for minimal patterns. 
  • Dark patterns with colors like navy blue and olive green are also excellent choices.

Now that you know how to pick the most functional summer shoes, let's get into the good stuff, shall we?

Here are my picks for the best summer shoes:

Jambu Queens Mule

Truth be told, I picked the Queens slide-on sandal because I was looking for something to wear to go to the mailbox, take out the trash, and run into the garage (we stock water in there and have an extra deep freezer), but then I wore them to the North Carolina Botanical Garden and then the farmer's market and then to the grocery store, and the next thing you know I was wearing them all the time!

girl in gardengirl sitting on a stump under a tree
Shoes: Jambu Queens

The Queens slide-on mule is the perfect casual sandal whether you're checking off your to-do list around town or just hanging out at home! An All Terra outsole gives it grip while its floral cutouts in the design keep things sophisticated and trendy for any occasion – no matter what mood strikes you, these will have you covered with their ergonomically engineered footbed that provides stylish comfort all day long.

Queens Features:

  • Foam sole: foam insoles mold to the contours of your feet for a custom fit, offering soft cushioned support all day long.


  1. SHOES: Jambu Queens
  2. TOP: Chico's (similar)
  3. PANTS: Chico's (similar)
  4. SCARF: Novica United Undiscovered Box
  5. HAT: Bought during a visit to Giverny (you can buy online)

Jambu Monaco Sandal

girls feet in sandals
Shoes: Jambu Monaco

The only question I ever ask myself when heading out in a pair of Jambu sandals is, which pair? I never worry about blisters or aches and pains whether I wear a pair for a few hours or a few days. They can take any environment, from paved pathways to dirt trails to the beach.

I even dared to pair them with a dress, and it worked, n'est pas?

girl in garden
Shoes: Jambu Monaco

The Jambu Monaco sandal is perfect for the woman on the move. The durable sole offers comfort and support while its fashionable style will have you ready to take on any adventure life throws your way! The sporty design is perfect for any activity, with a non-slip traction outsole that keeps it feeling like new even after multiple wears!

Features of the Jambu Monaco:

  • Rubber sole: Non-marking and partially recycled compressed rubber outsole for superior traction and durability.
  • All Terra Traction: Non-slip and partially recycled compressed rubber outsole for superior traction and durability.
  • Memory Foam Footbed: Contoured Memory Foam Footbed for support and comfort.


  1. SHOES: Jambu Monaco
  2. DRESS: J.Jill (similar)

Jambu Lilac

blue shoes on a step

The Jambu Lilac is a vulcanized sneaker. So what the heck is vulcanized mean? Did Spock try out these shoes and give them his seal of approval?!? No, although that would be pretty cool. Vulcanization is the process of transforming natural rubber into a cured, more durable rubber. And vulcanized rubber has been used in athletic sneakers for over a century!

They offer the best in feel and flexibility thanks to their gummy, pliable material. Normally sneakers with this type of rubber aren't as comfortable, but we talking Jambu here, so of course, they added the foam footbed that takes care of that little detail!

This slip-on sneaker looks like a lace-up and I like that. Big secret. I never learned how to tie shoes, I still do “bunny ears” so if I don't actually have to tie the shoes, I am thrilled! I've got these in red too!

Features of the Jambu Lilac:

  • All Terra Traction: Non-slip and partially recycled compressed rubber outsole for superior traction and durability.
  • Relax Foam Footbed: Contoured Relax Foam Footbed for support and comfort.
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance: The American Podiatrists Medical Association gave their seal of acceptance to these shoes for promoting good foot health.

JBU by Jambu Ariel Water Ready

girl in water shoes
Shoe: JBU by Jambu Ariel Water Ready

I like putting my feet in the ocean and walking along the beach. I don't like sharp shells and stones cutting my feet. I don't like slippery rocks in lakes or rivers. I do like JBU by Jambu Ariel Water Ready shoe. These airy neoprene slip-ons are light yet sturdy with rubber soles for extra stability on wet surfaces.

They are water-shedding and dry quickly so you can go out in the sun or stay underwater as long as needed! You feel like you are wearing socks but they have a strap for extra security.

Features of the JBU by Jambu Ariel Water Ready:

  • Water-ready: Quick-drying, water-shedding neoprene.
  • Rubber sole: grips wet surfaces so there’s no slipping when it’s time to get out.
  • EVA Sport Insole: offers durable comfort and odor resistance.

Spirit Too Eco Vegan

girl standing in front of door
Shoes: Spirit Too Eco Vegan

Now I know the outfit above is NOT a summer outfit. The photo was taken in January during the winter. But it illustrates a point. This shoe crosses seasons! I spent 6 weeks in Lisbon and after the first 2 days slipping and sliding in a boot I brought, I wore the Spirit Too Eco-Vegan exclusively!

Andi in her Jambu Maple Eco-Vegan inside on Michigan Avenue in Chicago
Shoes: Spirit Too Eco Vegan

It is also the shoe I wore for 4 days in Chicago in the spring. I am so happy this model continues to be a popular pick. I have these vegan sneakers in denim and now gunmetal. I will be taking both pairs to Portugal again with me this fall!

Features of the Spirit Too Eco Vegan:

  • All Terra Traction: Non-slip and partially recycled compressed rubber outsole for superior traction and durability.
  • Relax Foam Footbed: Contoured Relax Foam Footbed for support and comfort.
  • Removable insole. You decide if you want the insole in there or not!
  • Vegan: This sneaker is certified vegan and is constructed with no animal parts for materials or bindings. Made with tumbled, brushed vegan leather, and microsuede.
  • Eco-friendly: with a partially recycled plastic knit upper, and recycled elastic for the bungees.
  • Microban® antimicrobial treatment: All Jambu shoes have this treatment that helps with odors and promotes cooler drier feet.
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance: The American Podiatrists Medical Association gave their seal of acceptance to these shoes for promoting good foot health.
  • Available in Extended Sizes. Available in Wide Sizes too!


girl walking with suitcase
Shoes: Jambu Creek

From urban to suburban, these Jambu Creek slip-ons offer everything you need from shopping a mall to wandering a historic downtown or heading to a restaurant with friends and family. They are stylish yet adventurous too! I took mine to Durham for the day while scoping out hotels and shops in the area.

Features of the Jambu Creek:

  • All Terra Traction: Non-slip and partially recycled compressed rubber outsole for superior traction and durability.
  • Relax Foam Insoles: Massages the nerves in your feet, plus they are removable!
  • APMA Seal of Acceptance: The American Podiatrists Medical Association gave their seal of acceptance to these shoes for promoting good foot health.

The Quick List of My Picks for the Best Shoe for Summer – Jambu:

  • Queens: comes in saddle, black, gunmetal, bronze, blue flower, and tan flower.
  • Monaco: comes in grey or brown.
  • Lilac: comes in blush, charcoal, mint, navy, red and white shimmer.
  • Ariel Water Ready: navy with light blue, black, grey petal, and light grey with teal.
  • Spirit Too Eco Vegan:  denim, gunmetal, light grey, nude, saddle/syrah.
  • Sedona comes in black, light blue, red, and taupe.
  • Creek:  comes in denim, gunmetal grey, pewter/taupe, red, and sage.
  • Colette: comes in red, blue, and sand. (You can see the red and blue in the photo below!)
girl sitting with collection of shoesgirl on porch

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Jambu shoes are an essential, daily part of my wardrobe, check out the other styles that I have, and adore (and all still available on Amazon!):

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Author Bio: Andi Fisher

I have been wearing Jambu shoes nearly every day since I was first introduced to them in the fall of 2018. I have been A Jambu partner since that time and have worked with them for 2 to 3 seasons a year. I believe in their fantastic, well-built shoes perfect for travel and everyday life! I personally have and have used every style I speak about!

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