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The Best Walking Shoes for Traveling Comfortably & Stylishly

Whether you’re planning a winter getaway, a trip with lots of sightseeing and other activities, or a trip that involves more than one climate—you want to make sure you have the right shoes. That’s why it’s important to invest in a good walking shoe that can handle all types of terrain and weather conditions. 

For my latest trip, Mr. Misadventures and I traveled to Portugal. It is late autumn, approaching winter and we started our trip in the Azores, a set of 9 beautiful islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that belong to Portugal. It is humid and tropical which makes for weather that changes by the hour.

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It is wet and often muddy outside the cities and slippery when walking inside. After two weeks in that environment, we moved on to Lisbon, which is more urban, but is still wet, slippery, and from time to time a bit cold!

All that to say I know what I am talking about! Let’s dive into what makes for a good travel shoe and how to pack the perfect pair for your next adventure, including long days of exploring. 

Disclosure: This post is a sponsored collaboration with Jambu & Co. As always ALL opinions are my own. This is my 10th season working with Jambu and wear a pair nearly every single day. There is a reason for that!

Pro tip: all you need is Jambu! They are my top pick for any category of shoe! And the good news is they are the perfect shoe for whatever occasion.

What Makes for a Good Travel Shoe?

When choosing the perfect travel shoes, there are some key things to consider. Comfort is key! You want your shoe to be lightweight but also supportive. Look for high-quality shoes that offer plenty of cushioning and extra support.

This is especially important if you plan on doing activities like hiking or have plans on sightseeing in rugged terrain. With a cushioned footbed and good arch support, you can make sure your feet stay comfortable no matter how long or far you walk. 

Jambu Synergy Shoes on Terceira Island in the Azores-Nov 29 2022
Jambu Synergy Shoes on Terceira Island in the Azores

You also want it to be durable enough that it can withstand all sorts of terrain and weather conditions. Shoes with full coverage also help keep your feet dry in wet climates as well as provide added protection from cold weather elements when traveling during winter months. 

Finally, look for something stylish yet casual so that you can wear them day or night with any outfit. Jambu shoes check all these boxes and more! Jambu shoes are my picks for stylish yet comfortable travel shoes. They come in various styles including slip-ons, sandals, boots and hiking shoes, sneakers, and more – making them perfect for any destination and any adventure (or let’s face it, in my case, misadventure!). 

Andi in the Cha Gorreana Tea Plantation in Sao Miguel Azores
Waling in the Cha Gorreana Tea Plantation in Sao Miguel Azores

Winter Travel Shoes

If your travels involve cold temperatures or wet weather conditions, then it’s important to choose a good winter travel shoe that will keep your feet warm and dry. Look for boots or booties made of waterproof materials like leather or rubber. Waterproof shoes are a great option.

Also, make sure they have insulation. Jambu's waterproof boots are perfect for this – they are warm and waterproof with a stylish design that will go great with any outfit!

Close up of Jambu Sunset Too Vegan at the Monserrate Garden
Close-up of Jambu Sunset Too Vegan at the Monserrate Garden

Jambu shoes are designed with extra grip (such as a rubber sole) so they are ideal for slippery surfaces like snow or wet pavement as well as rocky trails which makes them great if you plan on doing any sort of outdoor activity while traveling. Plus they're incredibly stylish shoes so they're great even if all you plan to do is shop around town on city streets! 

Over the years I have found all my Jambu to be the most comfortable walking shoes I have in my closet (although after 10 seasons working with Jambu, you would be hard-pressed to find any other shoe brand in my closet!). Travel often means long days of walking, including sometimes just finding your terminal at the airport! 

How to Pack Your Shoes for Travel

No matter what season you plan on traveling in, packing smartly is essential if you want to save space in your luggage. If you’re traveling in colder climates, then investing in some quality insoles could be an option since they take up much less space than bulky boots do.

And if possible try not to pack too many pairs of shoes; stick with just one or two versatile styles that can work with multiple outfits depending on where you're headed! If possible, wear your biggest shoe on the plane instead of packing them away in your suitcase; this will give you more room in case you buy any souvenirs or items you pick up along the way! 

Jambu Synergy Shoes on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores
My Jambu Synergy Shoes at the Cha Gorreana tea plantation in Sao Miguel

If taking two or more pairs of shoes with you, use shoe bags to protect your shoes as well as the other items in your suitcase. When you purchase a pair of Jambu shoes, they come in their own shoe bags, which means you don't have to buy one.

For cold-weather trips, try stuffing socks (merino wool, or my pick to prevent sore feet, compression socks such as Bombas) inside your shoes before packing them away; this will help protect them from getting crushed or creased while keeping warm air trapped inside them throughout the flight.

Conclusion…buy Jambu for you and for the traveler on your gift list!

All in all, having a comfortable pair of walking shoes is essential when traveling so that no matter what kind of adventure awaits–whether it be shopping around town or trekking through icy or muddy conditions–your feet will be happy and supported throughout it all! A good walking shoe doesn’t just make traveling easier but also makes a great gift during this holiday season too! Don't forget birthdays, and heck, just-because days!

Andi and her Jambu Willow Knit Shoes
Scooting around in my Jambu Willow Knit Shoes


  1. SHOES: Jambu Willow Knit
  2. PANTS: Chico's (similar)
  3. TURTLENECK: J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck
  4. JACKET: Stio Women's Pinion Down in navy
  5. Scooter: Metro adult kick scooter from LaScoota

Don't have a traveler to buy for? No problem! Jambu has stylish shoes for everyone on your list and when you are done with all that shopping, throw on some Jambu slippers and relax! Reward your feet for those long distances you covered in the mall!

Jambu Selma Slippers
Chilling out in my Jambu Selma Slippers


  1. SHOES: Jambu Selma Slippers
  2. PANTS: Chico's (similar)
  3. CHAIR: Room & Board Quinn

So why not try Jambu shoes today? In my humble opinion, they are the best shoes ever! They have the best sandals, the best slip-ons, best boots, and the best women’s walking shoes – have I said “best” enough? Maybe not, they truly are the BEST!

Not only do they come in fashionable styles and classic styles as well. Jambu has many wide-width styles and lots of shoes that are APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) seal of acceptance. They have plant-based, eco-friendly, and vegan styles too! They come in so many different colors and offer plenty of comfort and support so that wherever life takes you–you feel ready!

My picks for this season:

How about you? Do you have a good travel shoe that is always in your suitcase? Are you looking for a great walking shoe? Have you tried Jambu? Do tell!

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Jambu Synergy shoescollage of travel shoesJambu Synergy shoes

Author Bio: Andi Fisher

I have been wearing Jambu shoes nearly every day since I was first introduced to them in the fall of 2018. I have been A Jambu partner since that time and have worked with them for 2 to 3 seasons a year. I believe in their fantastic, well-built shoes perfect for travel and everyday life! I personally have and have used every style I speak about!

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