Road Trip Report – Brittany Part 6

Before I get into our final days in Brittany I wanted to back up and tell you about our trip from the Hôtel de la Plage in Sainte Anne La Palud to the Le Fort de l’Ocean in Le Croisic because on the way we had the most amazing lunch (you know me and food!).

Before checking into Le Fort de l’Ocean we had a few hours to kill on the road so we started seeking out lunchtime options. We stopped in a several small port towns along our route as we leisurely made our way to our destination. When we reached a town called Trinité sur Mer I spotted a restaurant called L'Azimut and shouted: “stop!” There was something about this place that told me it was special.

Despite a chilly welcome (they warmed up to us), we ultimately had one of the best meals of our trip. The restaurant specialized in Bretagne and Morbihan (the department within Brittany) cuisine, so that meant great seafood.

We did not get menus, choosing to order à la carte, but we were given an amuse-bouche nonetheless. It was a cold melon soup and while I found it too sweet, the presentation was gorgeous.

Next as a started I ordered langoustine, one of my favorite seafood items. The starter was quite copious, much more generous than you get in most places. In fact, I had an order of langoustine a few days later in Paris and it was 1/3 the size at the same price!


I could just shoot myself when I tell you I forgot to take a photo of our main course because it was the best sole meunière I have ever had in France or anywhere else in the world! It was tender and flaky, but the taste was delicate, subtle, the butter (Brittany butter of course) enhanced the freshness of the fish and each bite melted in our mouths.

This dish is normally served with potatoes, but ours was served with flavored rice that almost beat out the sole for our affection. We coerced the secret ingredient out of the waiter, amazingly it is sauce Maggi!

We did not order dessert but when our coffee order came we received a plate of mignardises that the perfect end to our meal (the banana smoothie was awesome!).

After the meal, we continued on to our hotel, had that amazing dinner there the first night, and enjoyed our final days in Brittany. The details of which are coming next!

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  1. Brittany P says:

    I just had to comment on this one… since my name was in it. But, oh the photos and your descriptions are wonderful! And banana smooth… I have an addiction to anything banana-ish (if there is such a word). Oh to travel and see and taste and experience such sites must be heavenly. I get to read and see them and I am so thankful because your wonderful photos and descriptions allow me to dream that I am there too!

    1. @Brittany, thanks so much for the compliments, it is so appreciated. Brittany is a beautiful part of France, if I had to live in one spot, that be it!