Relais Chateau: Le Fort de l’Ocean – Part 1

For our last three days in Brittany we stayed in our fourth Relais Chateau hotel, Le Fort de l'Océan just outside of Le Croisic. We were a little worried about staying here because even though we made our reservations eight months in advance the only available room was their smallest, so small they were afraid to even have photos on their website.

We did not need to worry.

When we arrived and were escorted to our room, I found it to be larger than many hotel rooms I have stayed in (these people had not been to Japan!)! It was like a little apartment. The only thing lacking was a terrace, but after being spoiled with the magnificent terrace at Hôtel de la Plage it would have fallen short anyway. We had a beautiful view of the ocean and the hotel garden so I really could not complain.

I thought I would share some photos since you can't see this room on their website.

Room 5 at Le Fort de lOcean
Facing into the sleeping room from the window

Facing out the window Room 5 at Le Fort de lOcean
Facing out the window

The toilet and shower room were in their own areas when you entered the room separated from the sleeping room by a door.

Le Fort de lOcean Room 5 Entryway
Room 5 entryway

Le Fort de lOcean Room 5 Toilet
Room 5 toilet (and front door)

The bathroom was beautiful, but without a shower I can't rate it very high. I need a REAL shower!

Le Fort de lOcean Room 5 Bathroom
Room 5 Bathroom

We didn't feel like getting in the car to explore (at this point we were getting road weary, plus we had two days ahead of us to do that) so we just relaxed on the grounds. The hotel is an old fort (moats and all!) that stood guard over attacks (likely from those pesky British!). It is oppressive looking at first, but really it is quite lovely.

Le Fort de lOcean
Le Fort de l'Ocean front entrance

Every guest gets their own private garage to park in and two bikes to use during their stay. There is a backyard with lovely sitting areas and a garden the chef uses for his delectable meals (more on that tomorrow). There is a swimming pool, sun deck and spa, all meticulously maintained and serviced by staff that anticipates your every whim and who discreetly and efficiently fulfills them.

Le Fort de l'Ocean Pool
Le Fort de l'Ocean Pool.

Le Fort de l'Ocean Sundeck
Le Fort de l'Ocean Sundeck

We sat on the sun deck (well, in the shade actually) for several hours just enjoying the space. After a few hours we went up to our room to get ready for dinner. Here is a view of the backyard at dusk from our window.

Le Fort de l Ocean backyard
Backyard view from our window

I really enjoyed Le Fort de l'Ocean and I was about to experience one of my favorite parts…stay tuned to hear about it tomorrow!

Le Fort de l’Ocean: La Pointe Du Croisic, 44490 Le Croisic, France

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  1. I think it looks darling and not at all oppressive! My French boyfriend and his family go to Brittany every year for vacation, but they do it camping style. This hotel looks lovely, though. I might have to try to convince him to go to Brittany sometime just the two of us…

    1. @Laura, oh yes you should!

  2. Wow, what a charming hotel! You’re right– it looks more like a small apartment. And that terrace is amazing. I would have been outside sunbathing for hours as well. 🙂

    1. @Danielle, I had such a lovely time!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS you don’t know how jealous I am that you’re in France! I just posted the other day about how badly I want to go there…however, those French are so silly because that room looks larger than my old dorm room! However, they decorated it super cute – they should totally be showing it off on their website!!

    1. @Sarah, I am glad you liked it, it was an adorable room!

  4. Carolyn Jung says:

    What a wonderfully serene setting. And the architecture is just breathtaking. How lucky that you got to experience all of that.

    1. @Carolyn, believe me, I don’t take it for granted and do feel lucky!

  5. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures says:

    Why on earth would you leave THAT place!?! You made the right decision of staying there. It’s stunning! And you need to send your pictures to them to put on their website. They are fabulous! What a gorgeous place wow!

    1. @AndiP, I know, they are crazy! And it was adorable!

  6. That is a really cool place.
    Do you wake up everyday and say “Thank you”?

  7. I like the scenery of the Le Fort de l’Ocean Pool.

    1. @Lisa, it was very relaxing!