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Coolest restaurants in Barcelona!

Lately, I’ve been discovering some new charming restaurants in Barcelona (which don’t need to be the most expensive ones, by the way!). I couldn’t help but share some with you for when you come to visit.

Authentic and cool Chinese food: El Mosquito

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With a slogan that preaches “life without DUMPLING is not worth living” you can be sure that El Mosquito cooks the best dumplings downtown. In the heart of the Borne district, they are not only specialized in dumplings and Hong Kong dim sum but also in Catalan and international beer, just take a look at their menu.

The atmosphere is totally authentic, you’ll feel as if you had crossed a border when entering this small restaurant; not in vain, many Asian people go there to eat as well.

Japanese-Peruvian fusion: Komomoto


If you like new, exotic tastes, I recommend a restaurant called Komomoto, which is having much success in Barcelona with their fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food (or Nikkei, by Japanese people, who emigrated to Peru). In a young, cool ambiance, you can eat everything from maki to ceviche, continuing with a mikefu fajita or fresh octopus.

Catalan food, New York style: Valuart


Valuart is a space where you can have a cocktail, or a taste of one of the best gastronomic offers in the city, listening to the elegant music in an absolutely chic ambiance. New York decoration, Catalan seasonal aliments with Asian touches. It offers different menu options for different budgets.

Best local rice in La Barceloneta: Can Ramonet


I have heard from different sources that Can Ramonet is probably the best rice restaurant in La Barceloneta district, and I finally had the chance to eat there a few weeks ago. It is a traditional restaurant, with a nice terrace on a nice square where it is guaranteed that you will be served fresh seafood and fish, and that paella, arrossejats, arròs negre and other rice specialties will be cooked with love.

Well, I think you are now better prepared in case you want to impress someone when you come to my city, spend several days enjoying the city life and eating good food!

How about you? Have a special Barcelona restaurant that you would recommend?

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  1. Lisa von Lempke says:

    My dear, you live the good life!

    I have no favorite restaurant in Barcelona, I’m afraid. Bit on the poor side, these days – the only nice restaurants I could afford were in South-Africa. Has some of the best places in the world, literally, at amazingly low prices.

    Here, in the Netherlands, eating out is both absurdly expensive and, often, quite disappointing. Not the best cooks, the Dutch. Self included – though I’m pretty good at opening a can and heating its insides.

    1. @Lisa, depending on where you live, you to can experience tapas, that is the fun part about food, you don’t have to leave the country, and I love that!

  2. Where to go says:

    That Japanese-Peruvian restaurant looks and sounds pretty good!!!
    I love this cultural mix… (any mix, specially for food)!
    Excellent post!

    1. @WhereToGo, Fusion rocks!

  3. Where to go says:

    @Andi, I’m in France now, just tried some Mexican-Spanish-French… All i can say is WOW!!!!! 🙂

    1. @WhereToGo, what a great combination, what was the restaurant you tried?