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Oscars® Tuesday Report


It's a rainy day in Hollywood today which delayed the installation of the red carpet. Rain, however, would not delay the installation of my company's new neon sign.

I crossed the street from the Loew's Hotel to 1800 North Highland Avenue which is the site for the “Dolby Theatre Welcomes You to Hollywood” sign making its debut this week. It's the latest addition to the iconic Los Angeles skyline.

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The rain makes everything a bit of a bummer but I stuck around for an hour to document part of the process.

The side street was blocked off from traffic so that the two cranes that would be used to lift the sign could have the room they needed to maneuver. The sign weighs 6000 pounds!

1800 N Highland Ave
1800 N Highland Ave

The installation team stopped to inspect the sign every step of the way which left plenty of time for photo opps.

Dolby Theatre Being Secured

The sign was in two pieces and needed to be mounted together and then raised to the top of the building.

Dolby Theatre Sign Close-up

The sign right before it was put together…don't you love fish-eye lenses!

Dolby Theatre Sign

 Moving the Dolby Theatre piece was a bit tricky because they had to maneuver around a street lamp, a couple of times I thought they were going to knock it over!

Dolby Theatre Sign

But they got it going in the right direction.

Dolby Theatre Sign

And perfectly placed.

Dolby Theatre Sign

There is something about the way the guys are climbing all over the sign that made it feel like something I used to watch as a kid, I think maybe the Electric Company which used to be on right after Sesame Street.

Dolby Theatre Sign in Place

In place and ready to be lifted.

Dolby Theatre Sign All Put Together

And me taking a photo for posterity sake. This is the one and only time the sign will be on the ground for the next 20 years!

Andi and the Dolby Theatre Sign

Going up!

Dolby Theatre Sign Going Up

And it's off!

Dolby Theatre Sign being raised

I didn't see the rest of the process because it (a) started raining a lot heavier and (b) I had to jam over to the Dolby Theatre to take some shots of press interviews, but I got this iPhone photo from our official videographer/photographer covering the event:

Dolby Theatre Sign Installed

Once over at the Dolby Theatre, I entered and was escorted into the Dolby Lounge for interviews. The plan was to do press interviews on the red carpet, but the rain made that a no-go. I was happy to see the newly decorated lounge. This is the spot the VIPs hang out during the Oscars and I was interested to see how the makeover went.

Since Dolby is an audio company, the designers strove to physical represent of sound in the ceiling as well as other elements of the Dolby Lounge. I think it turned out pretty cool!

Dolby Lounge inside the Dolby Theatre

Tomorrow I hope to capture the red carpet area and track down some of the international press. Stay tuned!

Also the sign is going to be lit-up on Thursday evening, I'll be around for that!

Photo info: The Oscars image is a fully paid-for (by me) and licensed image from www.istockphoto.com.

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  1. Michelle E says:

    Love to visit this place

  2. Oh wow…look at that. Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. WHOA! YOU HAVE THE COOLEST JOB EVER I THINK! How exciting to see such a sign go up and to know that your company had a hand in it’s creation. Very awesome!

    1. @Maddie, thanks! It was fun!

  4. MD Kennedy says:

    How exciting! I have always been like a little boy when it come to major equipment, so this is fascinating.

    1. @MD, there were people who are fans of neon signs coming to check it out and photograph, it was pretty cool.

  5. Great update. Looks like you are having fun!

  6. I really ENJOYED this post! How cool that you were there for the sign hanging and documented it with pics! Thanks for sharing with us!! =)

  7. Nice pics!
    Waiting for the next post with the red carpet!

  8. Thanks for the pics,it was pretty cool.

  9. This looks so cool. Cool pics. Thanks for sharing

  10. That is seriously cool. I would love to be there and watch the stars arrive on Oscar night!

  11. Chrystal D says:

    Thanks for all the great pictures! I would love to have seen them in person!

  12. The Dolby Lounge, or the part that I see here in the photo, does look quite like what I imagine sound would look like in physical form!
    The sign going up must have been very exciting to see. I would’ve been nervous about something being knocked over too had I been there!

  13. Donna George says:

    Yeah, looks like you have it tough there. Glad you are having fun.