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Behind the GRAMMYs – The MusiCares Program

The Behind the GRAMMYs MusiCares Program

Want to read about my day at the GRAMMYs rehearsals? I gave my pal Kristin of Camels & Chocolate the exclusive for her Day in the Life series, go check out it and see how I spent my day on Friday!

I wanted to share another important aspect of the GRAMMYs. It's not just an event that happens once a year. It's a whole organization of people and artists that collaborate on and off stage in not only making music better, but the lives of musicians and people involved in music better as well.

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One program that illustrates that is MusiCares which provides services and resources (financial, medical, and personal emergencies) to music people in times of need.

The Lumineers
The Lumineers

And it's not just in times of natural disasters (like Hurricane Sandy or Katrina) but also when bands face their own disasters. Like the story of this year's 2-time nominated Lumineers up for Best New Artist and Best Americana Album. Last September the MusiCares program helped them when they had their instruments stolen in LA. MusiCares stepped in and helped them buy back their equipment. You can believe the band is a big supporter!

Every year when I work the GRAMMYs rehearsals I see the MusiCares tables that are set up backstage. Here is what one of the tables looks like (sorry there was a patch of sunlight coming in).

MusiCares Table backstage at the GRAMMYs

It's set up there so that as the artists finish their rehearsals, they can swing by and sign items that will later be available during a silent auction on Sunday. The proceeds go to the foundation.

I loved this pink guitar, don't know whose it is, but it is darling.

MusiCares Table backstage at the GRAMMYs

Lots of artists work with the organization to raise funds, but MusiCares also recognizes musicians for their charitable work in general. They honor someone every year as a Person of the Year. That person or band usually performs at an event that raises even more money.

It is charitable work begetting charitable work, it is the kind of unvicious cycle I love to see! And this year they are honoring Bruce Springsteen, someone I am a huge fan of, so they have great taste as well!

There is so much need out there, and so many charities doing good work. But if you are a music fan or a musician yourself, you might want to consider donating or getting involved with the organization.

For more behind-the-scenes details of my trip to the GRAMMYs rehearsals this year, visit my post on Camels & Chocolate today.

[Photo credit: Lumineers (Big Hassle)]

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  1. I agree MusiCares Program is an important part of the GRAMMY’s1 I always look forward to seeing who they select as the Person of the Year. I’m a huge fan of Bruce too – was happy he received the honor this year!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Shelley, I really love seeing professional organizations such as the GRAMMYs giving back to their own community, there are so many talented struggling musicians and I love seeing them get help.