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Oscars® Wednesday Report

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Oscars-Week-on-Misaventures-with-AndiI woke to sunshine today which meant things were going to be a lot smoother without the rain. I wandered around in the morning checking out the red carpet area to see what activities were taking place.

Today the rolling out of the red carpet was planned and I wanted to be on hand to check it out. I made a loop around the Hollywood and Highland shopping center taking a few shots here and there.

Minute by minute the area around the shopping center and the theatre where the Oscars will be taking place on Sunday is getting cleaned up and glammed up in gold and red.

Here are some of the shots I took earlier in the day.

This is the backside of the red carpet bleacher area from the shopping center.

Bleachers from the Hollywood Highland Shopping Center

Bleachers from the side:

Bleachers from the side

The bleachers from the non-credential side of the fence!

Red Carpet Bleachers

Because the theatre is in an active shopping center things have to be completed and then protected. The red carpet leading up to the theatre was put down today, but it is hidden below protective plastic.

Red Carpet Laid

Along the walls of the main area are the best pictures from each year the Academy Awards have taken place.

1939 Gone with the Wind

Who do you think is going to go in the slot for 2012?

2012 Winner Slot

I love the look of the golden curtain, it is spectacular.

Golden Curtain

Once I moved into the credentialed area I could see the preparations for the red carpet area taking place including setting up the press area for all the red carpet interviews.

Media Station

Prepping the bleacher area (where I will be on Sunday).

Bleacher Prep

The wind was whipping through here! I hope it warms up by Sunday, although with 200 people in place in those stands we’ll have plenty of body heat going on!

Me sitting on the red carpet, it was planned to be rolled out at 6PM unfortunately I had a conflict so I will have shots of it tomorrow.

Sitting on the red carpet

The big Oscars (the guy hiding under the plastic…) started getting placed!

Hiding Oscar

This guy ended up in the rotunda in front of the theatre.

Oscar near the theatre

I was “on assignment” to speak with foreign press about Oscar-viewing customs in other countries. After I spoke with a TV crew from Japan they decided to interview me! So if you are reading this from Japan, watch for me!

Andi Getting Interviewed for Japanese TV

More tomorrow!

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