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Oscars® Friday Report

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Oscars-Week-on-Misaventures-with-AndiToday was a little bit calmer than the past several days. And while my own schedule was manageable, the red carpet preparations were heating up.

This morning I shadowed a reporter that we brought into the broadcast booth located in the backstage area. The set-up is nearly identical to the one at the GRAMMYs.

Oscars Broadcast Truck

Photo credit: Thom Brekke

Today they ran through the live music performances (I heard that Adele and Jennifer Hudson both sounded phenomenal!). The live music performances run like a mini-GRAMMYs show within the show. The feed is sent to a separate music mixing truck which is then fed down to the master truck where they add in things like the audience reactions, etc.

After the broadcast booth interviews we went back into the VIP lounge and my very talented community manager took the best photo I have seen of the lounge with its visual representation of sound. Gorgeous!

VIP Lounge inside the Dolby Theatre

Photo credit: Thom Brekke

This is the spot that nominees, winners and VIPs can hang out and have a drink before and during the show. There is a live feed of the stage so people won’t miss any part of the show. I can only imagine what it would be like to stand at this cocktail table and chat with George Clooney…

Andi in the Lounge

Photo credit Thom Brekke

At 3 PM, I finally got to have lunch with part of the on-the-ground team and then had a staff meeting at 4 before heading back to the red carpet to check out the day’s progress.

The red carpet is now uncovered. The stanchions are up.

Oscars Red Carpet

The media are out and about in force creating their b-roll footage before Sunday. This reporter’s dress was absolutely gorgeous. It is a preview of what I am going to see while hanging out in the bleachers on Oscars day. And it was a reminder not to forget my zoom lens!

Oscars Red Carpet

I got a quick peek at Kristin Chenoweth (loved her on Glee!) rehearsing for the red carpet show. She’s is also closing the show by singing with Seth MacFarlane, that ought to be cool!

Kristin Chenoweth Rehearsing

There are lots of crowds forming in the shopping center which closes down tomorrow night at 8 when no access will be allowed to the public.

Red Carpet Crowds

It is fun to see that everyone wants to be a star…

Everyone wants to be a star

More Oscars are in place on the walkway leading up to the theatre .

Oscars Walkway

And the one in the rotunda in front of theatre that I photographed on Wednesday has been uncovered.

Oscars Rotunda

More tomorrow!

Photo info: The Oscars image is a fully paid for (by me) and licensed image from

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