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Oscars® Saturday Report


Today is T-not that many hours! There is more press. More gold. More everything! A lot of the Hollywood & Highland shopping center has been shut down, the remainder will be closed as of 8 PM with no access. The credentials that I have been using all week expired then too.

I will be picking up my new one along with 200 others when I attend the red carpet bleachers “Oscars experience” tomorrow. The sun will be out, but there has been wind and I hope I don't get too sunburned!

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This morning I took a pass on the carpet where I found more media doing fancy-dressed B-roll:

Oscars Red Carpet Media

Other presses weren't dressed yet as they rehearsed for Sunday.

Oscars Red Carpet Media

The team and I are still getting a kick out of taking photos for posterity! I am not sure this is ever going to get old!

Andi on the red carpet

There is a fashion-theme to the red carpet walk and there are beautiful drawings of famous women in famous gowns all along the red carpet path. Like Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe on the red carpet

And Marlene Dietrich.

Marlene Dietrich

Being a big Gone With the Wind fan, I love this one.


The broadcasters and cameramen out rehearsing.

Broadcast rehearsals

This one was fun, as the woman was “standing in” for Robert DeNiro. I also “spotted” Adele, Ben Affleck, Cathering Zeta-Jones and Daniel Radcliffe!

Broadcast rehearsals

Every time I go into the foyer it is looking more and more beautiful and the Oscars are out in force!

Oscars out in force

Later in the evening the “fake” celebrity sightings continued, my guess is practice for the show flow and media interviews. George Clooney and his girlfriend Stacey posed for me.

Stand-ins on the red carpet

Someone who I will have my eye out for, Jean Dujardin, was weirdly matched up with Tatum Channing…

Stand-ins on the red carpet

More media doing B-roll for tomorrow:

Media on the Red Carpet

 I caught Kristin Chenoweth doing more rehearsals on the red carpet as well, man is she short, but she wears some tall boots! Sorry for the odd bit of white on her, there are no photos allowed of credentials and she had hers turned face up.

Kristin Chenoeth Rehearsing on the red carpet


I love seeing people visiting the mall taking photos, it makes me feel better about all the photos I am taking!

Tourists taking photos

And the last photo of the evening before tomorrow is Oscar in all his glory.

Oscar in all his glory

I don't think I will be able to post to the blog tomorrow, once I leave the hotel in the morning, I will only have my iPhone and my camera. I won't return until sometime after the show is over. So you'll have to catch my actual adventures in the red carpet bleachers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram until I can document them here.

Wish me luck!

Photo info: The Oscars image is a fully paid for (by me) and licensed image from www.istockphoto.com.

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  1. This is so cool! I think I can say with confidence that most of us don’t realize the level of precision that goes into putting on an event like this. What an awesome experience to go behind the scenes! I love that photo of the “faux” celebs!

  2. MD Kennedy says:

    I too didn’t realize there was so much “practice!” And all the “celebs” – I wonder if they get paid?

    1. @MD, they might but my guess is that they volunteer, they are on the inside of the red carpet and have access to media and producers, they are all fairly good looking so they may be actors and models who want to get noticed!

  3. Chrystal D says:

    I love the drawings of the women! Again, great pictures! Thanks for this trip!

  4. I love the drawings. The pics are great…such a different life it seems in Hollywood.

  5. Awesome pics,thanks for sharing.

  6. For me the backgrounds are as cool as the event itself.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  7. Today is the big day. Enjoy!

  8. Thanks for providing this rarely seen side of such a prominent event! It’s easy to forget that the presentation requires the work of hundreds (thousands, even) of people and a lot of time and planning!

  9. It’s so neat to take a peak behind the scenes!

  10. carla bonesteel says:

    I love the picture of “George Clooney”!!! LOL! You are so lucky!

  11. ahhh,…no post today…you must be resting. 🙂

  12. Megan Blumenthal says:

    Wow, so much goes into the show. How cool that you got to be a apart of it. What an honor!

  13. Megan Russell says:

    No idea there was so much practice!

  14. Awesome pic,thanks for the post.

  15. saminder gumer says:

    wish i could be there in person. it was an amazing show.

  16. Funny…I was thinking about you this morning and wondering if we’d have an update today.

  17. What an enjoyable article on the oscars. I love the older movie star pictures and the majestic oscar. Thanks to your explanations, I no know more on the Oscars than ever before. Kudos!

    1. @Sandra, thank you, it was a really neat experience.

  18. I am so not a fan of the oscars, but you really do make it sound and look so exciting.