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Dexter Season 6 Release Party

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As I mentioned yesterday, just like last year for Season 5, I had the chance to be in Los Angeles this week to work the Dexter Season 6 Blu-ray release party. I was responsible for the red carpet interviews for my company. You would think having done it last year I would be less nervous, but I was actually more!

I think that it has to do with the type of questions I get to ask. Since I am representing my company I can’t ask the fangirl questions that I would really love to ask, but have to stick to the ones that my company’s fan community would be interested in. It is a little stressful. I had the fortune of standing next to a wonderful French man reporting for AlloCiné in Paris and I had a lovely time discussing a bit of French cinema and being French living in the U.S.

While the event was not as personally exciting this year as last due to the fact that many of the cast heavies didn’t come to the event because they were still on set, I did get to meet some of the new cast members for Season 7 which was a treat. And then of course there was James Remar who I adore from SATC!

Here are some photos from my evening:

Prepping for The Dexter Season 6 release party
Prepping for The Dexter Season 6 release party around the Tropicana Bar at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

The party took place at the Tropicana Bar pool area inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It was the same spot as last year and is an iconic part of Hollywood. The Oscars used to be held in the hotel before they had the theatre across the street. There are lots of events here in and around the pool and hotel. In fact, there was actually a party for The Closer going on in the Library Bar. Lots of celebs in the house!

Invited media setting up on the Dexter red carpet
Invited media setting up on the Dexter red carpet

I recognized some of the media from last year as well as a few new faces. Last year my spot was at the end of the line which I like, this year I was in the middle, my fear was that I would get squished by other more aggressive people (I witnessed that last year) but a few publications didn’t show up so I had plenty of room! Of course, I got a little bored waiting so I started taking a few “artistic” photos!

My spot on the Dexter red carpet and my great pedicure
My spot on the Dexter red carpet and my great pedicure!

First up, and the cast member who spent the most time on the carpet, was the charming and gracious James Remar who plays Dexter’s father. I was intimidated to ask him questions because he is just so darn smart. That and all I can think about while speaking with him is that SATC rooftop pool scene with Miranda and Sade playing in the background!

Andi Fisher interviewing James Remar at the Dexter release party
Interviewing James Remar at the Dexter release party. (Photo credit: Peter Razukas)

I also got a chance to interview new Season 6 cast members which were fun. Mariana Klaveno plays a love interest for Desmond Harrington (Quinn) who ends up having a dark past. She is stunningly gorgeous in person! I was dying to ask her about her previous role as Lorena Krasiki on True Blood (Bill Compton’s maker).

Mariana Klaveno speaking with AlloCiné reporter at the Dexter event
Mariana Klaveno speaking with AlloCiné reporter.

A real treat for the evening (I shared a photo yesterday) was meeting new cast member Jason Gedrick who will be playing the manager of a Gentlemen’s Club in the upcoming Season 7. He was an absolute pleasure to speak with. He is witty and captivating as well as easy on the eyes!

Andi Fisher interviewing Jason Gedrick at the Dexter release party
Interviewing Jason Gedrick at the Dexter release party. (Photo credit: Peter Razukas)

I also had a chance to speak with several other people including two of the executive producers and writers on the show, but didn’t get to ask them juicy questions about Season 7! The interviews were complete by 9, I had time to grab a quick bite before heading back to my beautiful (if not noisy) poolside room. Another fun day in the office. Now I have to wait a full year for Season 7 to come out on either iTunes or DVD/Blu-ray for me to see it!

How about you? Any of you Dexter fans and excited about the new season?

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