J’adore #46 (The Office Edition)

Not bored of these yet, are you? You keep asking for more J'adore so I'm going to keep supplying you with things I have spotted while traveling the interwebs….until you cry, uncle! I've got boards and boards that I have created on Clipix (see my post on visual social media to learn more) all separated into different buckets of themes.

This week I am bringing you items for the office. I hate to work in a boring, sterile environment so I like to mix it up a bit with colors and whimsical items that make my workspace more enjoyable!

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The name of the company that offers this fun pen holder is called Quirky and that pretty much covers it! Far more interesting than your average coffee cup where you throw all your pens, this one has a little bit of personality!

Pen-Zen from Quirky

I rarely share two products from the same company but I also love this cord organizer from Quirky as well. I am totally anal about having my cords neat and this gadget is perfect for my desk both at home and in the office!


I've shared iPad covers and sleeves before and there always seems to be one requirement…red! As it's my favorite I am always looking for places where I can add this color that makes me happy and I think this iPad sleeve from My Felt Attic adds the perfect amount, just a splash that draws the eye.


I also LOVE this iPad cover from iHome which looks like a vintage Composition notebook!

iHome Composition iPad Case

I think if you are going to use storage boxes to archive records and documents that those containers should at least be interesting to look at! That's why I have been hooked on these archive boxes from House Ind. They are inspired by Eames and they are anything but boring (and the pop of red doesn't hurt either!).


I carrying around a notebook wherever I go, a Moleskine to be precise. I don't always like to mix personal notes with professional notes so I often carry a different notebook for biz trips, etc. Many times this is a notebook that I have received from a vendor meeting or event and they are pretty run of the mill.

I have also been on the receiving end of a lot of boring notebooks from conferences as well. I think these notebooks from Scout Books can now give organizations the opportunity to be really creative with their giveaways and leave-behinds, all the while using recycled materials which I am a big fan of!

Scout Books

I work in marketing which means there are a lot of creative people in my organization. We all have our strengths and areas of discipline and we all have people requesting projects to utilizes those capabilities. It is par for the course to also interact with people who want to dictate creative or design something themselves and that is always “fun.”

I want to buy a whole bunch of these notepads for my creative team at work because I know they would get a kick out of them!


Want to know the secret to a happy work environment? Sweets! I love trying out goodies that I find while surfing here and there. And I let my co-workers help me out with my discoveries otherwise I would be 500 pounds.

I've got my eyes on these delectable looking s'mores from S'mores Bakery in Manhattan, there are some with my name on it and I am sure I won't be hard press to find co-workers to share them with!


That’s it for this edition of J’adore, a few of my favorite finds as I travel the web!

How about you? What are you adoring these days?Save

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  1. Sweet Freak says:

    Great eye, Andi – j’adore les tous aussi! (Especially those s’mores!)

  2. Love this feature Andi – I have to ask though, what are ‘smores’?!

    1. @Fiona, hi, it’s an American thing, a snack that we usually eat while camping or on the beach. It requires a heat source like a barbeque or fire. It is graham crackers with a piece of chocolate that melts once you add a cooked-on-a-stick marshmallow! Totally sweet and messy and gooey!

  3. I seriously need that cord organizer for my desk at work – it’s a nightmare!

  4. I agree with Lindsey! And for home! That iPad case is super cute. And you can never go wrong with little notebooks!

    1. @Meg, completely agree, I have notebooks everywhere!

  5. I love the question about s’mores. I would add, they get their name from kids who beg and whine and plead and harass, “I WANT SOME MORE!! (S’mores…)

    1. @Jen, I didn’t know that!

  6. ooh, that cord organization seems handy! WANT!

  7. Lady Jennie says:

    Nope – not bored yet. I like that thingie that organizes cords for the computer.

    1. @Jennie, that seems to be everyone’s favorite!

  8. Camels & Chocolate says:

    I need these first two for my new home office! I am a bit of an organization freak =)

    1. @Kristin, everyone seems to be a big fan of that cord organizer, I ordered one can’t wait to get it, I am completely anal too!

  9. Love these fun office items! I work in a law office and the pen holder, notepad and sweets are great ideas!
    What exciting inspiration to brighten the faces of my coworkers ^_^
    Thanks for sharing!
    I adore J’adore #46 (The Office Edition)

    1. @Liz, thanks! I work in cubicle city, so adding some personality to my desk keeps me sane!

  10. I LOVE the pen holder! That’s fab… I’m a stationery geek so might just have to put that on my Crimbo list (if they deliver to the UK) x

  11. Melissa Henry says:

    I am so getting that pen holder when I go back to work. I love spicing up my boring cubicle to make myself WANT to sit down and work each day. The file boxes are fun also! And I am a HUGE smores fan. Will be looking into those as well. Thanks for all of the great products!!

    1. @Melissa, I hate a boring desk too and have splashes of red every where!