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Currently | 06.19.23

Holy crap it is past mid-June! For one I cannot believe it. And secondly, I was supposed to be publishing my Currently post earlier in the month. All the best intentions…

I had a wonderful business trip to Boston at the end of May. It was the first time seeing a lot of my colleagues since the Queen came to town (Explanation of the name in April 2020 Currently. ) and it was a busy week filled with customer interactions and meals with friends. BUT it was freeeeeezing! Who knew?

I came home for a week and spent the first week of June in Phoenix visiting my Mom. The weather was in the 100's all week! I stayed working on East Coast hours which meant my days started around 5:00 am, but that meant I was done by 2:00 pm and I enjoyed late afternoon outings and multiple Mexican dinners out.

Andi at the pool at La Hermosa Inn Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona

My mom flew back to Raleigh with me and she was here this week for a visit chez nous. We have been super lucky with the weather so far. The temps are getting up into the 90s some days, but we have had little humidity. I will take it and not complain!

June is mommy bear season in Pocosin and Alligator River, so Mr. Misadventures has been out and about looking for cubs. The Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is on the way to the Outer Banks, so if you are heading to the beaches, consider stopping by. We also went in May when the spring flowers were still blooming, so pretty!

purple flower on the water

Peach season started and we picked up our first batch at the farmer's market, along with the last of the strawberries. Thumbs up on the berries. As for the peaches, my enthusiasm got the best of them and they weren't as sweet, so I will have to wait a couple of weeks. I am super anxious to start making my Fresh Summer Salad with Tomatoes + Peaches.

Finished Peach and Tomato Salad

Now, onto June and what's happening in the Misadventures world.

Watching | Alice Nevers

This is another MHz crime series. When it first came out I watched the first 20 minutes and thought, nah, this chick (Marine Delterme) is unbelievable as a judge. But then we burned through our usual series and we decided to give it another chance. It is fun and quirky.

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Currently Crushing On: Agatha Christie's Criminal Games: The '70s

Sophie Révil did the original Agatha Christie's Criminal Games which was set in the 1950s. I absolutely loved it as the fashion was fantastic! Now she is back for a second series that is set in the 1970s. I absolutely hate the fashion from that era, but it is one of those things you just can't help looking at. You want to turn away but you can't. Like Mad Men, the clothing, cars, and settings are true to the era, if not slightly exaggerated for TV. The murder mysteries are fun too.

Also watched:

  • Top Chef: I watched Season 19 and most of Season 20. I loved seeing the scenes in Tucson. The food scene in Tucson is extraordinary. Season 20 of Top Chef is international starting in London and ending in Paris. Can't wait to get to that part!
  • John Wick 4: Well. The fight scenes were too long, but it was typical John Wick. I was disappointed that in a scene where a radio DJ was speaking to the network, the DJ called Paris the City of Lights, a common mistake, really shouldn't they have done their research? It is City of Light.
  • Fast X: I am a huge fan of the franchise and Mr. Misadventures and I watch them over and over. I still think Fast 9 was ridiculous, but whatever. I can't say I loved the first part (of 3) of the end, but the 2 surprises at the end of the movie reeled me in and I will absolutely watch the next one!

Can't Wait to Watch:

  • Mission Impossible 6, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
  • And Just Like That Season 2 which. I will be saving up for the plane ride to Paris in September

Reading | Same Time Next Summer

Summer reading is on deck! I picked up Same Time Next Summer with the intention of reading it on the plane to Phoenix, but then…Top Chef…so I never got started! There are several books in my Frenchie Finds Summer edition that I will be getting to as well.

ereader with same time next summer book on it

Up Next…

Best Bite | Atkins Creamy Root Beer Float

Atkins Creamy Root Beer Float

I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am about this discovery! My family loved making root beer floats (or going to A&W when we lived in a state that had them) and they make me super nostalgic. I haven't had one in years and have pondered trying to make a low-carb version with low-carb ice cream and diet root beer.

Now I don't have to because Atkins has worked their magic and created a very low-carb version of this American classic and it is so darn good! Zero aftertaste, all root beer taste. This is my new go-to treat! And one I have all to myself! The French really don't have a root beer equivalent so Mr. Misadventures is not a fan, but he sees it as a bonus as he can count on me not stealing his dark chocolate royale ones!

You can really have a lot of fun with these. Throw them into a blender with Atkins Protein Cookies, Atkins Snack Bars (our current favorite is the Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll), Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cups (they are 1 carb each so I eat 2 at a time), or their Atkins Endulge Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patties to make amazing milkshakes! Or just eat them standalone as I often do and they are definitely always in my travel bag!

Working On | Le Shop + More

I launched Le Shop in May and am continuing to add more items all the time. Free stuff too! This month I added 5 different colors of an H2 2023 Calendar Blue Second Half (July – Dec) 2023 Calendar and Planner: light blue, pink, green, purple, and orange. They start in July and go through the first part of January 2024.

They are $4.99 each and you can find all the details about what is included in the pdf here.

I also added a Camping Trip Planner and a Road Trip Planner For Families & Activities For Kids set.

If you are signed up for my newsletter I also launched a weekly freebie that you might want to check out. Head to the bottom of my home page and hit the “SUBSCRIBE” button to get added today. If you are subscribed for all my Frenchie updates there is a new monthly surprise headed your way too! Make sure you are subscribed by June 23rd to get the first “one.”

Lastly, I am trying out a new weekly French edit with all my Frenchie fashion picks. I am playing around with a new tool so sorry if it is wonky to begin with.

Feeling | Like I Need a Vacation

Mama needs a vacation and a digital detox! Because of all the strike drama in Paris in March, our spring vacation was postponed and it's been a while since Mr. Misadventures and I had a break. We are heading out camping for a week in July and I will have limited cell signal. I am not complaining!

Published or Updated this month

That’s my month, what’s CURRENTLY going on with you?

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Girl in hat by the pool

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    Happy June! I am excited to start watching And Just Like That. It sounds like it’ll be amazing.

  2. tara pittman says:

    Looks like you had a good month. Fresh peaches sound amazing to me.

  3. Sounds like you’ve been a little business and been able to have a joyful month. I can’t believe June is almost gone. I look forward to enjoying the next few summer months myself.

  4. It’s time when we all need a vacation. We need to charge our batteries!

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your mom and had a lot of adventures to share. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Richelle Escat Milar says:

      Sounds an amazing month you have. I know that it is important to have a vacation to have a relax mind.

  6. Sounds like you’ve had quite a busy and eventful month! From your business trip in Boston to visiting your mom in Phoenix, it’s been a whirlwind of experiences. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the company of your colleagues and had fun exploring new places. The weather seems to have been quite diverse, from freezing in Boston to scorching in Phoenix. Spending time with your mom and having favorable weather must have been delightful. It’s also exciting that peach season has started, although it’s a shame they weren’t as sweet as you hoped. Your plans for June, such as watching TV series and anticipating upcoming movies, sound enjoyable. Summer reading and your new low-carb treat discovery add to the excitement. Congratulations on launching Le Shop and expanding your product range. It’s understandable that you’re feeling like you need a vacation and a digital detox. Camping sounds like a wonderful way to unwind and disconnect. Wishing you a refreshing break!

  7. June sounds like was a great month.. fresh peaches sound amazing as does the root beer float

  8. Yes, I know, right, How can it be June already? Looks you’re off to a great start enjoying summer with your family.

  9. Christy G says:

    It sounds like you had a busy month. I’m up for a Mexican dinner out. I’ll have to find a good spot to eat with my son.