Currently February 2021

Currently | 2.25.21

Life in the Age of the Queen

[Explaination of the name in April's Currently.] Really what it comes down to is just hanging here waiting for the vaccine! One-half of the parental unit is completely vaccinated, the other half has had the first dose. Over in France, ma belle-mère has her first shot scheduled. Now, it is just Mr. Misadventures and I waiting here in North Carolina for when the final wave, wave 5 gets their shot…pun intended! 

Currently February 2021

Now, onto February and what's been going on in the Misadventures world!

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Watching | Call My Agent

Currently Watching Call My Agent

> It was wonderful while it lasted. Call My Agent (known as Dix Percent in France) had four short seasons of 6 episodes each which had Mr. Misadventures and I reminiscing about many trips to Paris, where stayed at the Westin Paris-Vendôme on the Rue du Rivoli and hung out in the area where the ASK agency was set.

We also watched News of the World with Tom Hanks. It was very well acted even if the story was a bit boring. But given the options we have for new movies right now, I’ll take it! We watched Monster Hunter this past weekend, needed more development, but again, not a lot of choices these days.

I’m begging Mr. Misadventures to trial Hulu again so I can see Nomadland. Given our 18-month RV trip, it is definitely something I want to see and Frances McDormand is a fantastic actress. This weekend well rent Let Him Go with Superman’s parents, otherwise known as Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. I'll watch anything with Kevin Costner in it! While I didn't love the drama of Yellowstone, I did immensely enjoy Kevin Costner.

Lastly, I am VERY much looking forward to Top Chef  Season 18 which begins April 1. I have faithfully watched all the previous 17 seasons and am thrilled it is coming back!

Reading | The Paris Library

The Paris Library on an iPad

> I only just started reading this (as I just finished The Address Book by Deirdre Mask) but already know I will love it (will report back next month). A much-anticipated novel, this book is supposed to be Code Name Hélène with librarians! It's another (based on) true story that takes place during World War II in Paris.

It's not coming until August, but I just heard the latest Chef Bruno book (#16, The Coldest Case) from Martin Walker is coming! Yay!

What else I read…

On a daily basis you will find me checking out:

  • The Skimm newsletter. I like the way it breaks down complicated stories into smart-sized nuggets.
  • Raleigh Convergence. This local newsletter has a great combination of local news, events, and historical references in the greater Raleigh area.
  • Seth Godin's blog. Marketing guru extraordinaire! I have read all his books and enjoy his super short posts.

Up next…

Best Bite | Chicken Korma

chicken korma in a bowl

> When the Queen came to town a lot of travel bloggers turned to their second favorite thing to do…eat! A few of my friends started food blogs like my friend Brianna of Casual Travelist who launched Casual Foodist. She’s got excellent taste in food and I like checking out what she makes, even when they're not her own recipes (although she does just fine with her own, like this gougeres, bien sûr!). When she shared video clips while making chicken Korma from Tea for Tumeric. This past month I made it too and loved it. I’m going to tweak a thing or two but I was happy with how it turned out. While I like Trader Joe’s and their frozen channa masala is a great substitute for going out, I prefer to eat less processed food and make my own Indian cuisine!

Working On | A Daily Workout

> When the RV stopped moving in early 2017 and we realized we had gotten a little sloppy with our health (with the blood tests to confirm it) we started working out several times a week. We lived in the RV for nearly 6 more months in Portland and had a really cool walking path along the Columbia River that we would walk on (when it wasn’t pouring down rain). Those walks plus switching to a low-carb lifestyle got us back on the road to health.

When we moved to Phoenix our community had nice (albeit boring) paths and we continued walking several times a week, a habit we’ve continued since moving to North Carolina in our wooded community. But since the start of the year, we’ve made it a point to go every day. When the weather is bad enough to prevent our walk we exercise inside. I don’t live that but I’m committed to daily moving my ass. Conference calls all day keep me in my chair for longer than I’d like and I’m grateful for the ability to move around a bit.

Feeling | Grateful

> As if the Queen and her nastiness were not enough the last several months have been a bit tense with family health issues. Lots of up and downs, but we just got very good news which has our family grateful and hopeful.

Planning | Trips

> We had hoped to go to France by May but that doesn’t look likely and we turn our eyes to fall. We just got back yesterday from camping in the Outer Banks and until the weather improves and we can stay in a rental home again that we can ventilate, local day trips and camping are all that is in the cards. BUT we’ve got lots of trips planned once the vaccine is more widely available.

Loving | Maddie 

> I struggle with this every month now. That darn Queen is a royal pain in the ass and taken away most of the things I love in the last year. Mr. Misadventures and I have been on and off the fence with getting our own dog but know as soon as the Queen has finished with her reign of terror, we’ll be back to travel and that’s not fair to a dog. In the meantime, I love seeing Maddie on a (near) daily basis. I have always loved watching her “master” as he traveled the backcountry roads in his souped-up truck in between stays in his beautiful home in the Nashville area. He sold his home and is building a house from scratch on the perfect lot in the middle of Montana, a project I am keenly watching. He also just completed a van conversion that I am drooling over.

My Favorite Photo | Raleigh Founded

> During the holidays and this past week when I had to take PTO or lose it we did some excursions into Raleigh. We headed downtown to the warehouse district to check out some murals like this one from local artist, Mayanthi Jayawardena painted near the entrance of the Raleigh Founded office whose mission is to support and incubate local businesses.

Raleigh-Founded Mural by Mayanthi JayawardenaRaleigh-Founded Mural by Mayanthi Jayawardena

[Raleigh Founded mural by Mayanthi Jayawardena.]

Then we spent some time at the North Carolina Museum of Art which has a fantastic outdoor park with art installations and plenty of space for social distancing.

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    This is such a cool photo! I’ve always liked murals.

    I will have to check out the book you mentioned.

  2. I will definitely check out that show and the book! I’m always running out of things to watch and read.

  3. Aw, thanks for the shout out my friend! Now that you’re on the East Coast we definitely must plan some misadventures when everyone has been vaccinated.

  4. Briana Baker says:

    My husband and I have been looking for a new show! I will check that out for sure!

  5. melissa chapman says:

    I have be.en looking for a new show to watch so Call My Agent sounds good. It seems like you are using the winter months well so keep it up

  6. Nikki Wayne says:

    That chicken dish looks so savory , glad to know more about you.

  7. Amy Liu Dong says:

    I have never seen that show but will definitely be checking that out.
    The Chicken Korma looks really good and tasty! YUM!

  8. I don’t think we’ve ever had chicken korma before. Looks good! I’m going to check if I can find a recipe online.

  9. Monica Simpson says:

    I haven’t seen Call My Agent. Adding it to my list!

  10. Kita Bryant says:

    I myself have been working on a daily workout routine. February has been a good month for me.

  11. Thanks for the show and book ideas. Always looking for a new show

  12. Lavanda Michelle says:

    I haven’t heard of that dish before and it look delicious, ill check it out. I’ve had a great February and looking forward to a great March. Thanks for posting!

  13. Mama Maggie's Kitchen says:

    I enjoy reading The Paris Library, too! I love everything about Paris. That Chicken Korma is making me hungry.

  14. That’s great that you are working on a health routine. It must make it a lot easier being in Phoenix! We are in Upstate NY and boy, is it cold!!

  15. Thanks for sharing your reading list. Maybe I will choose something from this list.

  16. I will check those books from your reading list. The chicken korma looks so delicious too.