Currently February 2019

Currently | 2.27.19

Currently February 2019

Watching | Top Chef Season 16
> There are very few shows that I have watched in “real-time.” There was Star Trek: The Next Generation, Friends (ack, celebrating its 25th anniversary THIS year!) and Top Chef. Among all the other cooking shows this is the one I gravitated to and watched. Granted there were some seasons that were tough to get through, but the current season, number 16, feels like it's back to the good stuff.

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In January I said I was going to watch Grace & Frankie, but I got sucked into Tidying Up by Marie Kondo instead, hence the How to Marie Kondo Your Travel post. Since I am in Season 9 of re-watching Friends (I watch an episode or 2 right after my workday to wind down) I will start watching Season 5. In the meantime, Deep Space 9 once again failed to grab Mr. Misadventures' attention and we will probably start watching Star Trek Voyager.

I've got to catch up on seeing some of the Oscar-nominated movies as we didn't get to them all before the Oscars.

Reading | Love and Ruin

> I really liked this book a lot. As I said in my Instagram post, I really enjoyed reading about Martha Gellhorn, a real-life foreign war correspondent who was quite the trailblazer. The book by Paula Mclain (author of The Paris Wife) is a fictional account of this very real woman, who was actually the 3rd wife of Ernest Hemingway. The Francophile in me has always been fascinated with Hemingway’s life in Paris. I think I romanticized it a lot.

In Love and Ruin, as I followed Martha, an ambitious pioneering journalist who was a correspondent during the Spanish Civil War, I learned about her struggle to become her own person and be true to herself in a life where Hemingway believed he was the sun and all should only revolve around him and his needs. I was so absorbed with the story, that I often forgot I was reading fiction! My friend Murissa reminded me that there had been a Nicole Kidman/Clive Owen moved called Hemingway & Gellhorn that I haven't seen yet. I'm definitely going to watch it.

Working On | SEO, Pinterest & Email 
> Yep, still at it. Updating old posts, making new pins, and writing lots of new content too. I'll be switching over my email/newsletter provider soon, one that will allow me to deliver content series and other functionality that I have been missing, or that has been too complicated to do in my current tool.

Tools are important for bloggers. There is just so much “stuff” you have to do. The more streamlined and efficient that you can be with your tools, the more time you have for the creative process, which is the fun part, at least for me.

Feeling | Healthy again! 
> All better. Next year I'm getting the flu shot early! I'm sad that Mr. Misadventures missed out on our holiday break due to illness, but I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and the Universe was telling us to “take a break” although from what I'm not sure 😉

Planning |  Camping Trips 

Andi Ready for Camping
Photo credit: Sarah Hoag Photography

> Last month I said we were planning winter hikes and we have been out the past 4 Sundays doing hikes, it's been great. We invested in a tonneau cover for the new truck we bought in December, we're adding a rack and the next thing is the platform tent. We tried one out when GMC lent us the Canyon Denali for our Grand Canyon North Rim/Toroweap Overlook trip and loved it.

We're planning a whole slew of weekend trips over the next few months before it gets too hot – although with the weather in Arizona right now, maybe it won't get too hot. It has been SO unseasonably cold and it even SNOWED in Scottsdale! I'm ready to get sweaty, dirty, and happy while camping in the Southwest!

Loving |  The Return of My Series 

> Both my travel blogger interview series Traveler Tuesday and my Arizona blogger interview series A to Z returned in the past month for their 2019 seasons. I LOVE getting to know bloggers through this series and I feel like each year gets better and better. I learn so much from what others are doing and am always fascinated by other people's stories.

My Favorite Photo | DevourPhoenix 

Andi at DevourPhoenix_Botanical-Garden-Food-Festival

Not loving my hair (it gets so poufy when it is time for my cut!) but love the photo Mr. Misadventures took at Devour Phoenix, an annual food festival held at the Desert Botanical Gardens, one of my favorite spots in Phoenix (and a spot I recommend you visit). It was well organized and we enjoyed ourselves, our favorite bite was from the Fat Ox, a great restaurant in Scottsdale.

This past month I also went to an event with Kodiak Cakes at The Farm, another fun day. The hero image and Pinterest pin are from one of our Sunday hikes, this one on Apache Wash Trail, it was so fun to chase the hot air balloons!

That's my month, what's CURRENTLY going on with you?

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Currently February 2019

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  1. Heather Perine says:

    Oh I hear you on the updating pins and posts and working on SEO! Ah never ending battle. I’m inspired by your winter hikes. I’m awful about getting out in the wintertime (maybe because I live in the New England area!). Jealous of your weather! 🙂

    1. @Heather, yes, our winter is nowhere near yours – it is more like snow-shoeing than hiking in your case!

  2. Beth Eaton says:

    LOVE the shirt, SWEATY, DIRTY, HAPPY!! I’m a creative who works with wood and paint! That’s definitely me!

  3. What a great February! Sounds like a good book, thanks for the recommendation. And I’m glad you’re feeling healthy again!

  4. Catherine @ To & Fro Fam says:

    Ahhhhhh I need to plan our summer’s camping trips too! It’s snowy and cold and February-y now, so it’ll help to look forward to some fun family adventures.

  5. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes of blogging and social media! If only it was just about the creative process. Sigh. Good for you for doing all that blog housekeeping!!

  6. Heather @ US Japan Fam says:

    What a fun overview, love this idea, might have to steal it for my own blog haha!! So sorry to hear you got the flu, my 3 year old twins got the shot but they both had flu a AND b 2 weeks ago. Though… it was super mild, so maybe that was due to the shot? Who knows…

  7. Lori Geurin says:

    It sounds like you have been up to a lot of great things in February! I definitely get sucked into Marie Kondos tidying up too! Thanks for the book recommendation, it sounds like a good one.

  8. Looks like February was full of fun! Sorry to hear there was some illness though, be sure to take care of yourself into March. Have a great one!

  9. I’ve been looking for some new books; these look great!

  10. First of all I have to say I really love your pics. So what’s going on with me? I’ve changed my job, I working on my blog a lot and changing some little things in the house. Spring is almost here and I definetely need something “new”. Nice post x

  11. Julie I Aloha Lovely says:

    I love these kinds of posts. It’s nice getting a glimpse into what you’re up to. Devour Phoenix sounded like a fun event!