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Currently January 2019

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Currently January 2019

Currently | 1.24.19

Watching | Star Trek Next Generation
> Mr. Misadventures and I spent practically the entire holiday break sick and in bed. We watched all 3 seasons of Frontier, but I think we watched it because we were sick and our resistance was down! I was excited to see how this series would be after reading Barkskins from Annie Proulx last summer which takes place around the same time historically, but it just went off the rails in the 3rd season and if there is a 4th, I won’t be watching it. I saw the promotions for Star Trek Discover, the latest Star Trek series, but didn’t realize it was already in its second season, we don’t have regular TV anyway, so we’ll just have to wait until it is on Netflix. In the meantime, we’re watching my favorite Star Trek series, The Next Generation. That series has taught me a lot about life!

The hubby is going to be out of the country for a week so I am going to be streaming the 5th season of Grace & Frankie, which he isn’t a fan of and You, suggested by a few folks. Stay tuned next month to see what I think. We also saw The Mule (admirable) and Mary Queen of Scots (loved). The Oscar nominations happened, I love the Oscars, but it always makes me a little nostalgic for my job at Dolby when I actually got to work behind the scenes!

Reading | Metronome
> While researching for the winter edition of the Francophile Library I ran across Metronome: A History of Paris from the Underground Up by actor Lorànt Deutsch translated in English. I had seen the French version of this book in Paris on one of my trips and had planned to get it on Kindle in French, but when I saw it was now available in English I grabbed it. I think the concept is a really interesting way to look at Parisian history and 3 chapters in I am hooked!

Working On | Updating Old Posts
> Yep, still doing it. With 10+ years of posts, I’ll be doing it for a while. I tried to approach it methodically, going from a spreadsheet, an export from Google Analytics with filters given to me by SEO experts, but I found I just get bored. So I am picking posts that I WANT to update, not because some formula told me I should, and that feels better and is frankly, more enjoyable!

Feeling | Unhealthy
> Anyone who ever worked with me in an office can tell you I was basically a germ nazi. The 18-months we were RVing, I was rarely, if ever, sick. Working from home in 2018 I was not sick, but it all fell apart in December. Or earlier, if you count our decision this fall not to get a flu shot. By day, Mr. Misadventures is a real estate photographer which means he is going into people’s home to take photos for their listing. He touches furniture, shakes hands, etc. He brought home one hell of a bug that had us down and out for nearly 2 weeks during the holiday. I was just starting to feel better, but I went out last week – eyebrow waxing, Target run, dry cleaners and I must have picked up ANOTHER bug because I am sick again! When I worked in San Francisco I would just run down to The Juice Shop 2 blocks away and buy armfuls of their Immunity Elixirs and start to feel normal. But there is no magical juice shop where I live so I am forced to take traditional medicine (which I hate) and suffer. I am going to start leaving the house with a mask!

Planning |  Winter Hikes
> It is now the most perfect time of year in the Phoenix area and the temperature could not be more perfect for hiking. We went to Dead Horse State Park this past weekend and did a little hike to scout for shots of the Tuzigoot National Monument, the best views of that monument are actually from the state park and it was so nice to walk outside among the river and trees. We have plans for a few more hikes in Sabino Canyon (Tucson), Lost Dutchman and more.

Loving |  Nothing and that is OK

> Not feeling 100% healthy really impacts every facet of my life. I don’t take being healthy for granted and look forward to feeling more myself again. More energy equals more of the “normal” Andi!

My Favorite Photo | Don’t be Negative


Mr. Misadventures and I went out to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in Scottsdale the day before the Lunar Eclipse to scout the best spot. We stayed for sunset and moonrise to ensure it was going to be a good location. In the end, the actual night, Sunday (we went out Saturday) was clouded over, but we still had some fun. I am trying to learn how to use my new camera (Sony RX100 IV) and was playing around with it along with my tripod and remote. I asked the hubby to capture this photo because of my t-shirt. Until moving to Phoenix I had never been one to wear t-shirts, but when I did they were usually graphic tees, and now I wear them all the time giving me an opportunity to express myself through my selections. This one perfectly reflects my attitude in life!

That’s my month, what’s CURRENTLY going on with you?

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Currently January 2019

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