7 Things to Bring on a Trip to Phoenix

7 Things to Bring on a Trip to Phoenix

Winter is peak season in Phoenix. That means a lot of people tired of the cold will be heading to my new hometown to take in the gorgeous weather, beautiful sunsets, and Sonoran cuisine. I’ve been living here for several months now and I know first-hand what you will sorely be missing if you do not pack these five things in your suitcase as you head to Phoenix!


7 Things to Bring on a Trip to Phoenix - Wear Sunscreen

I’m sure you wouldn’t even think about forgetting your sunscreen if you were visiting Phoenix in the summer. The mild winter weather just doesn’t seem like something that will hurt you, but, it is vitally important to wear sunscreen, especially one with UV protection, as the beautiful sunny days can have a damaging effect on your skin.


7 Things to Bring on a Trip to Phoenix - Bring a Hat

In the same vane, wearing a hat to further protect your head and your face while you are hiking those gorgeous trails, catching a baseball game or playing a round of golf, heck even just sitting by the pool at any number of Phoenix’s amazing resorts, would be a really smart thing to do.


7 Things to Bring on a Trip to Phoenix - Wear Sunglasses

It is very bright and clear here in the desert and if you don’t pack a pair of sunglasses you will find yourself squinting a lot. And that causes wrinkles. Just saying….

Lip Balm

7 Things to Bring on a Trip to Phoenix - Wear Lip Balm

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The air is very dry here in the Southwest and from time to time a wind can pick up.  The air can quickly dry out your lips (and your nose!).  Make sure you have your favorite lip balm (or two) on hand to ensure you don’t end up with chapped, cracked, lips.


7 Things to Bring on a Trip to Phoenix - Put on Lotion

The dry air also means that your skin can take a beating, to keep it soft and supple, bring a bottle of lotion to put in in the morning and evening. Look for brands that offer extra-moisturizing versions, and added a bonus if it had built-in SPF protection.

Water Bottle

7 Things to Bring on a Trip to Phoenix - Bring a Water Bottle

It is very easy to get dehydrated, you can being to feel ill and not even realize that you haven’t drunk enough liquids.  From time to time put down the frosty beverage and grab some water.  I personally try to be as sustainable as possible so I carry around a refillable water bottle and depending on what I am doing, a handy-dandy holder that allows me to be hands-free with my container.  Drink at least twice as much water as you normally would.


For years I have recommended that you travel with probiotics.  While on business or vacationing we often get out of our normal eating routine and sometimes we can suffer the consequence with indigestion.  I have been taking probiotics for years and cannot tell how many times it has come to the rescue when I have over-indulged.  There is a lot of great Mexican and Sonoran inspired foods, some can be a touch spicy, and the digestive enzymes can help.

Also, if you do something like the Fresh Foodie Trail and partake in all its delicious offerings or eat every tamale on my best tamales in Phoenix list, you may thank may if you pack a bottle of probiotics in your suitcase!

Now that you are all packed and ready to go, I’ve got a few suggestions for your trip to Phoenix.  And if you make it further out to Tucson, I’ve got you covered there as well!

How about you? What else would you recommend for a trip to Phoenix?

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7 Things to Bring on a Trip to Phoenix

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  1. hydration is so important especially in the dry environments. Great tips and must haves. Never been to phoenix yet but maybe one day.

  2. Neely Moldovan says:

    I wish people realized hats are JUST as important as sunscreen! They help so much!

  3. Erica Schwarz says:

    These are perfect tips. When I went west to New Mexico, the change to the dry environment wreaked HAVOC with my skin.

  4. I have never been to Phoenix. You have some great suggestions, so many people don’t take proper precautions because they don’t realize how important sun protection is.

  5. I would love to travel to Phoneix!! I am getting to the point of winter when I need to get some sunshine going. Great list!!

  6. We are making our travel plans for 2018 right now and I can’t believe there are so many beautiful places we haven’t traveled to yet. I have been to Phoenix once when I was a child, and I would love to visit again. Thanks for sharing the must-haves. We will consider this in our list too.

  7. YESS a hat is a must! I feel lost without mine otherwise! being crazy pale and the fact I burn so easy and overheat means I pretty much have to be wearing one all the time!!

  8. I think maybe an air conditioner and your own swimming pool, too. 🙂

  9. We are huge on sunscreen ANYWHERE we travel! (My hubby being his dermatologist’s youngest skin cancer patient did that to us LOL)

  10. Water bottles are a must no matter where you travel and I definitely agree about the probiotics. I always have some on hand and take some daily. Also the water bottle is key so that you can stay hydrated through your travels.

  11. It is zero degrees here and lower with the wind chill. Phoenix sounds really good, and I have all these things ready to go! I’ve not yet been to Phoenix, it sounds nice!

  12. I’ve never been to Phoenix. One thing for sure, I never leave the house without wearing sunscreen.

  13. Good list Andi, The desert sun is nothing to trifle with. The low humidity makes the UV that much more intense. I would make sure to bring layers. Even though the days are toasty warm, if you stay out past sunset it cools off quickly.

  14. Seems like Phoenix is a lot like Calgary, except for the cold temperature! When the climate is cool, it is dangerous to think the sun is not as harmful. But it is always a good idea to put on sunscreen to protect your skin when you’re outdoor!

  15. These are great tips! I always underestimate the sun in the Southwest, it takes so much out of you. Lotion is a must too, agree with everything listed!

  16. Robin Creager says:

    Great tips and advice Andi! The last time I was in Arizona was a layover on my way back home to Kansas City. I stepped outside and noticed how dry the air was. I can see why moisturizers, lip balm, and hydration are so important there. Thanks for sharing these important tips!

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