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Winter Wanderings – Route 66 Roadtrip!

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Road Trip

Photo credit: Emlyn Stokes

It is no secret that Mr. Misadventures and I love road trips. Whether it is two weeks on the Brittany coast or ten days in the Southwest, road trips are one of our favorite ways to travel. We are hoping to do the Oregon Coast in the fall, but also want to go somewhere now. But where to?

I am thinking classic. Retro. It must be Route 66.

Route 66I would like to do this trip while there are still vintage things to see. As I continue to research this road trip, more and more of this “main street of America” is disappearing.

It’s not likely I could do the whole route (although I would love that!) but I am thinking of Los Angeles to either Tinkertown New Mexico (outside of Albuquerque) or Cadillac Ranch in Texas. I won’t make it all the way to Chicago (too cold for the upper route in the winter), but I could get halfway there!

To start, we would fly into LAX and rent a car. I can’t wait to check out retro hotels and diners; cooky sites and movie sets. There are museums and car parks and plenty of abandoned buildings which make photo opportunities. I think one of the things I will look most forward to is people watching – vintage cars, motorcycles and visitors from other countries, does Route 66 tell the story of Americana that tourists seek?

Route 66 Diner

Photo credit: Chris in Rainbows

Some of my must-sees/do:
– Motel Safari and the Blue Swallow in Tucumcari, New Mexico both fantastical neon-laced motels.
– Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona or San Bernardino, California, sleep in a teepee!
– Get a cheeseburger at the famous Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, Arizona.
– U-Drop Inn in Shamrock, Texas the most iconic architectural structure on the route

Blue Swallow Inn

Photo credit: Larry Lamsa

Route 66 Resources:
National 66 Organization
Road Trip USA
Historic 66

How about you? Have you done any part of the famous Route 66? Do you want to?


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