Exploring In and Around Lisbon

When planning our itinerary for our Viking River Cruise in Portugal's Douro River we knew we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity of being in Lisbon, even if it was for just a few days. (We had a cat and an RV being watched by my parents so we couldn't stay forever...even if we wanted to!).  We flew in one day before our Viking itinerary began and stayed three days after the cruise … [Read more...]

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Weekly Wanderings #21 – Lisbon/Phoenix

Oh wow! Did a whole week go by without a new blog post? Guess I was having too much fun in Portugal! The [sponsored] Viking River Cruise on the Douro could not have been a better choice. This region is stunningly beautiful and mass tourism hasn't reached the sleepy villages spoiling the simple, hard-working wine culture that was established here centuries ago. Blog posts on my trip and the … [Read more...]

Weekly Wanderings #19 – Portugal

We left Yellowstone National Park.  Best. Week. Ever. We made a mad sprint for Phoenix.  Left the RV. Left the cat. We flew to Lisbon to embark on our Duoro River Cruise. I am eating my way through Portugal. More next week! You can keep up on the real time adventures on Instagram. RV Q&A Thanks to everyone who completed my annual reader survey! (I'm still collecting responses … [Read more...]

The Tradition of Bacalhau

When we think of traditional dishes from Portugal, no doubt we think of bacalhau (cod in Portuguese). Roasted, baked, boiled or fried, the Portuguese say they have 365 bacalhau recipes, one for every day of the year. The great Portuguese singer Amalia Rodrigues said it best: China bem, Cheira a Lisboa (Smells good, smells of Lisbon), and that’s because the capital of Portugal smells of … [Read more...]

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Codfish in Lisbon, a must-try!

Portuguese cuisine is rich and varied due to the colonial past of Portugal. Many types of spices are used to make the dishes as tasty as can be: cinnamon, saffron, the piripiri to only name a few. The Portuguese are masters in preparing both meat and seafood, but personally I prefer the latter as I’m fond of the omnipresent codfish-bacalhau, in any of its variations. According to Wikipedia … [Read more...]

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