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Peeking in on La Cuisine Paris

La Cuisine ParisWhile walking along the Seine having just finished my Baguette to Bistro tour and killing time before my The Bobo Palate tour a few hours later I got a tweet from Jane of La Cuisine Paris inviting me to stop by and visit. Jane had sent several very supportive tweets in December in support of my small business Saturday series and I was thrilled at the opportunity to meet her.

After those sweet tweets in December, I had checked out the La Cuisine Paris website and loved what I saw. English (although they also offer them in French) cooking classes in Paris! Then I read more about Jane and her business on Lindsey’s Franco File Friday on her blog Lost in Cheeseland, and I knew I wanted to take a class (or two).

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While I would have loved to take a class while I was in Paris this past January, I really want to do a couple with Mr. Misadventures, after all, he is the cook in the house, so he is the one who needs to learn (I just benefit!). Of course, I have never made any kind of bread before except my Grandmother’s banana bread, so I think it would be fun to take the class too.

But just because I didn’t have time to take a class this part trip (I’m eyeing the croissant and baguette classes!) that didn’t mean I couldn’t visit the school and that is exactly what I did!

Located really close to the ’Hôtel de Ville (and in the winter time to the outdoor ice skating rinks) at 80 Quai de l’Hôtel de Ville, it is not only darling inside but has an absolutely gorgeous view of the Île Saint-Louis which you can look at from the dining room situated next to one of the kitchens as you enjoy the food that you have just created in glass with a lovely wine as an accompaniment.

View of Île Saint-Louis from the La Cuisine Paris window
There are several kitchens, this is the one connected to that dining room, just finishing up from a class when I went through.

La Cuisine Paris kitchen
As well as one downstairs where the croissant class was just starting.

La Cuisine Paris kitchen
And while I would have loved to stay to smell the results of the class (and maybe steal one of their finished products) I had to leave to head to the Marais. But I will be back (with Mr. Misadventures in tow) to take a class on one of my future trips.

My pal Kasia of Love in the City of Lights just took the macaron class at La Cuisine Paris and had a wonderful time, read more about it in her post, art of the macaron.

How about you? Have you taken a cooking class while on a trip?

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  1. So cool that you got to visit! It looks like a great location for a cooking class. I have heard the best things about this place. I’m looking forward to your going so that I can read the full report here! 🙂

    1. @Karin, there might be something they cook that you can eat? It looked like a great place to learn and meet people!