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NCAA Finals with #ExperienceBuick

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I like sports. I like football. I love baseball. I love basketball. But I rarely get a chance to sit down and watch a game. It is just not something I do too much these days.


Gorgeous day for #springtraining #baseball great spot for the Mariners vs. Diamondbacks! #my_365 #my_365_mwa

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But when I get an opportunity to go to a game or games, like I recently did when I headed to Phoenix for spring training, I definitely take advantage of it and soak up every ounce of enjoyment!

That is why the last couple of weeks my excitement is practically visible palpitating as a vibration under my skin…

I am heading to the NCAA Final Four and the Championship in Indianapolis!!!!! [That’s college basketball for anyone who needs a translation.]


Photo credit: Marcy Kellar

That’s not me in the photo above (it’s Marcy Kellar doing a jump in front of the NCAA Headquarters), but that IS totally how I feel about heading to Indy!

The #ExperienceBuick bloggers are gathering once again to celebrate the brand, the business and the experience of Buick. Buick has been a proud sponsor of NCAA college sports for years.



For me it is an opportunity to visit a new city, one that I have actually wanted to visit for quite awhile. It is for purely nostalgic reasons, but what can I say? I have worked in the corporate world for over 25 years and my first office job was at the age of 19. I was hired by my [now] best friend to work 20 hours a week and I loved it.

I loved everything about corporate life and very quickly moved from part time to full time. The company was headquartered in Indianapolis and from that time I have wanted to visit the city where some of the first executives I was exposed to came from.


Indianapolis Pyramids, Photo credit: Jimmy Baikovicius

And now here we are! An impending trip to Indy and a weekend full of basketball with a new group of friends. I will be online (of course!) reporting throughout the weekend [mainly] on Instagram and Twitter so be sure to follow along and look for the #mwa_ncaa, #mwa_indy and #experiencebuick hashtags.

If you are checking out the games during office hours, Buick has brought back their “Boss Button” which allows you to very quickly change your computer screen to a definitely-not-basketball-related presentation!


Go to the NCAA Live website to watch the games and activate your Boss Button when needed!

And what is March Madness without a little external competition? The #BuickExperience bloggers are competing in our own bracket competition where things are heating up! I am absolutely not going to brag (and with a serious knock on wood) look who is in first place (for the moment)!

#ExperienceBuick Blogger bracket

In addition to seeing all the college hot shots making some, well….hot shots, Buick is hosting a bracket challenge of their own with 16 skilled basketball fans showing off their own sweet trick-shot skills. Their bracket challenge is live on the website.  Each week, website viewers vote on their favorite trick-shot from the match-ups – and each week trick shots will be eliminated until they have a winner.

How about you? Are you watching the games? Will you be checking out the finals? Have you been to Indianapolis? Have any tips?

Experience Buick ProjectThis post was written in conjunction with the #ExperienceBuick project I am participating in with Buick throughout 2015. Despite the compensation, all opinions – as always, are my own.

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