Currently March 2015


Currently | 3.15.15

Watching | ???
> We finished House of Cards this week and I WANT to watch House of Lies (Season 4), but it isn't available for streaming yet.
> Since last month we also finish Spartacus. ANYONE who tells me Game of Thrones has too much violence or sex has NOT seen Spartacus – wowza!

Reading | ???
> Waiting for 14th Deadly Sin (Women's Murder Club) and NYPD Red 3 both by James Patterson both coming soon.
> Finished Obsession in Death by J.D. Robb (the 40th book in this series!).

Working On | A reader survey!
> Plus a few weekend misadventure posts.

Feeling | Bummed.
> I totally messed up on one of my interview posts this week. Not just one mistake, but several. It was a case of a-week-that-got-away-from-me. No excuse, but it still stings.

Planning | A trip to the NCAA Final Four!
> I will be heading to Indianapolis and to the Final Four basketball tournament with Buick – more on that soon.
> Before that, I am going to meet Katie, Brianna and Murissa in person at the Women in Travel Summit in Boston at the end of the month – yay!

Loving | Re-connecting with friends.
> I haven't been in the mood to reach out to friends, but I am starting to do that, and it feels good.

My Favorite Photo | Ikura sushi at Pabu.
> Some people may find this gross, but I have been craving ikura on a daily basis!


What is CURRENTLY going on with you?

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  1. we just started season 3 of house of cards! i used to think ikura was so gross, but i think it just happened to be the few first places i tried it. but recently i’ve tried them at nicer places and it’s pretty good! 🙂

    1. @Esther, I don’t like Season 3 as much as the first 2 and the last scene left me a little pissed off. I love it, but when it is not fresh it is not good, so I don’t get where some people may not have the best first experience.

  2. Your Planning sounds so fun–I’d love to meet those bloggers in person and attend the NCAA Final Four!

    1. @Jenna, it is a great group of bloggers from different genres so quite fun to interact with everyone.

  3. i DO find that gross. But that’s okay, since I don’t have to eat it. I’m too much of a wimp to watch either Game of Thrones or Sparticus. Downton Abbey is more my style. (And, of course, Doctor Who.)

    1. @Roz, more ikura for me which I am really happy about. Those shows are really nutty, your brain is probably better without them!

  4. Great post! I’ve heard so much about House of Cards but just haven’t gotten around to watching. it I have to do so ASAP. Right now I have so many blog posts to write and I’m being a procrastinator.

  5. I am rewatching season 2 of House of Cards so I can remember what happened before starting Season 3. I’m bummed that I can’t meet up with you guys at WITS. I was so excited that it was in my backyard but then I ended up scheduling a trip to CA and I’m going to miss WITS.

    1. @Tamara, so you will be enjoying my backyard while I am enjoying yours! My hubby and I sometimes have to re-watch part of the previous season to remember what is going on as well – they are so spaced out and life is so busy it is impossible to recall everything!

  6. So glad you brought up House Of Cards. I was not impressed with this season. My biggest question is; so NOW Claire is fed-up with Francis? After all they have DONE together, she finally ‘get’s him’?

        1. @Cheryl, I am hoping but have not loved MadMen since about three episodes before the end in Season 3!

          1. Have you tried Scandal or Game of Thrones? Though Scandal has gone off the rails too.

  7. We are in the process of watching season 3 of House of Cards and I’m glad you didn’t give away any spoilers! We also watch Game of Thrones and I can’t believe there is another show even gorier. Yikes!

    1. @Helene, no spoilers, I hate that when it happens to me! It is hard to believe, but I am totally serious!

  8. Can’t wait to see you at the Final Four and hear about your Boston conference. I have so much catching up on TV to do –I will get to House of Cards, House of Lies and, yes, Breaking Bad eventually!

  9. House of Cards – so nice to binge watch – New Kellerman (so-so) – working on producing an ecourse – feel very proud of mysels

  10. Right now I am all about our renovation … even with a designer/project manager there is way too much to do and i hate the details!

    1. @Carol, I have only done one small one – our master bathroom, but it was no fun, so I feel for you!

  11. Three weeks with no TV (traveling did not turn it on once) and coming back to a river of things that I must put me so far behind on both reading and TV! I did get to catch up with dear friends.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself about the interview! I am pretty sure I read that one and loved it. Maybe I was only looking at the great questions that brought out meaningful answers but I did not see any issues at all :)!

    1. @Ruth, thanks for your kind words. It was a mistake that wasn’t very evident to anyone else besides me and the blogger. You have plenty to watch on a rainy day. These days on demand you never really miss anything. What you did over your 3-week period if far more fulfilling than any TV show!

  12. Well my daughter is home for spring break for two weeks (she’s in Kindergarten) so my regular list has changed. It’s so hard to find time to write now. I love Ikura sushi by the way–great pic.

    1. @Estelle, I can imagine that TV show watching changes drastically when the kiddies are around! Where is your favorite spot for ikura where you live?

  13. Nothing much is going on here. We are planning a trip for Easter. Maybe Åland for the weekend! You know Åland, Andi?

    1. @Mai, I don’t, tell me more! It would be wonderful to host you for a guest post, very few people are familiar with Finland!

    1. @Sagan, I agree (although I am finished now) I think because I didn’t like it as much I could walk away and not watch episode after episode whereas in the other two seasons my hubby and I watched the entire season over a weekend!

  14. Add another one to those watching House of Cards! I love that Netflix releases their seasons all at once, but I’ve found if I ration myself to 1-3 a day I enjoy it more. And I’m just a tad closer (you know, like 5 days) to season 4 by the time I’m done 😛
    I had to Google what ikura was, but now I’m intrigued. Where do you usually buy / get it? I’m usually craving sushi these days so it seems like this would be right up my alley 🙂

    1. @Chrisy, I LOVE getting the season altogether too, my hubby and I then binge watch it! Otherwise it is hard to keep up on the storyline. I get it at Japanese restaurants or Japanese markets. It is amazeballs!

  15. What do you think of House of Cards this season? I didn’t like it nearly as much as last season and I think the first season was still the best.

  16. 1. I cannot WAIT for WITS!
    2. What is House of Liars??
    3. I have never heard of ikura — is that fish eggs? I feel so uncultured. I need to brush up before we meet in person.

    1. @Katie, (1) me either! (2) House of Lies is about corporate consultants which I have a lot of experience with so I really enjoy it. (3) yes, salmon eggs specifically and you will do just fine!

  17. Ick!! You and my husband would get along. He love ikura and I can’t imagine eating it (more than once). Too funny!

    1. @Natasha, my hubby is not a fan, so maybe we can go on a double date and your hubby and I don’t have to split our ikura by 4 and you and my hubby can enjoy something else, while we are eating our ikura!

  18. I will be finishing up Drop Dead Diva tomorrow.. makes me sad haha! Yeah that does look gross but I’ve never had it so I could think its good 🙂

  19. Currently, working on organizing my blog post! I have fallen so behind and have had nothing to blog about.

    1. @Ashely, I hear ya, it is never ending when it comes to blogging, there is always work to be done.

  20. Ah my Netflix is all wonky so I’ve only been able to watch 3 episodes of COH and I am anxiously wanting to watch the rest!

  21. I’ve heard good things about this House of Cards show… so I think I might have to start watching that, even though I am just getting caught up with Walking Dead and all the craziness that that show entails!

    1. @Krysta, you will TOTALLY get addicted and fast. But you have three seasons to work through, so plenty of fun content!

  22. How does everyone have time to watch TV? I JUST watched the last episode of Downton Abbey which aired 3 weeks ago and besides the Baking Show, which I haven’t seen the last 2 episodes of, I don’t watch any other TV! I constantly feel like I will never catch up on house stuff, paperwork, blog stuff…always putting off fun stuff because of it. Wish I had 48 hour days. 🙁

    1. @Christina, I save most of them for airplanes! Or hotel rooms, I rarely turn on the TV in a hotel room. Otherwise, my hubby and I watch a movie or TV right before we go to sleep at night.

  23. I have not watched house of cards but my husband has and said its really good!! I keep foregetting about it!

  24. I love J.D. Robb! Currently, I am trying to carve out a day to myself to play catch up on all things – work, blog, life. Have had a sick baby for a few weeks and little rest. Excited about the warming temperatures and extra sunlight!

    1. @Ayana, I haven’t seen season 3 yet as it isn’t availab;e for streaming on Netflix or Apple TV, so I have to wait a bit longer!