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Jambu Spring 2020 – Cool Shoes for Spring

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration with Jambu Footwear. As always all opinions are my own.

Although we moved into our new house 2 days after it snowed in Raleigh we are experiencing very-Springlike weather with temps in the 70’s this past week. Soon the beautiful grass surrounding us will turn green and the season of birth and renewal will be on us. 

And nothing says renewal like new shoes, am I right?!

If you have been hanging out in these parts for a while, you know that new shoes generally means Jambu! I have built up quite a collection and wear a pair of these stylish walking shoes nearly every day and sûr tout when I am traveling as I think it is the best travel shoe ever!

However right now with the cross-country move from Phoenix to Raleigh, the new house, and the still-new job, plus you know that “C” word that’s disrupting everyone’s life at the moment, I have been sticking closer to hearth and home. Spring cleaning, organizing, and exploring my new digs and new region. And while I am doing that, my feet, lovingly and beautifully encircled in Jambu, are comfortable in my new cool spring styles. 

Check them out!

Jambu Capri

Cool spring shoes: Jambu Capri in Navy

I have a new office, it’s actually the “bonus” room – an East Coast thing because trust me, there are no extra rooms in homes in California unless you feel like donating a second kidney to pay for it. Anyway, it’s HUGE and I love it, but it still in the process of getting “done.” At the moment there is a large portion of the room where our beautiful (and lonely) mustard rug is. It used to be featured in our living room in Phoenix, but it is not quite right in the new home, bonus for me, because with it, along with my new mid-century modern sofa that’s blue, it is perfect for my office and totally on-brand for the blog! Plus with the red accents that are a constant in my life, it actually kind of works in a fun, funky way.

Cool spring shoes: Jambu Capri in Navy

Me and my Jambu Capri waiting for my couch!

I borrowed our red storage box which we had from RVing to show you how the red and yellow work together and took advantage of the empty to space to show off my new Jambu Capri in navy and blue.

Jambu Toledo

Jambu Toledo in Red Blog

Bonjour doormat from NinetoWineDesign on Etsy.

I am not a fancy girl. I have worked in corporate America for a long time, and although casual Friday has been around since the ’60s when I first started working, it was still not widely adopted and I spent many days in heels that absolutely killed my feet. Even after being in tech a long time, I spent close to 3 years at a bank that frowned on casual Fridays plus I was a Director leading a team so lots of dresses, skirts, and those nasty, uncomfortable heels.  That was before I “met” Jambu which allows me the look of wearing a heel, but is SO comfortable my feet don’t even notice the difference!

Jambu Toledo in Red Blog

Between the Jambu Capri above and these adorable Jambu Toledo in red, I am all set for any occasion that requires me to wear a dress or skirt, but these shoes look great with jeans as well!

Jambu Rally…or is it Raleigh 😉

Cool Spring Shoes Jambu Rally in Navy

We love the community that we chose in the greater Raleigh-Durham area, much like our last home in Phoenix we live in a gated community with a golf course, pool, and tons of walking paths, this community even has lots of hiking paths in the woods. There are trees everywhere and miles and miles to explore. With the warmer spring weather, we have been out walking and exploring every corner of “home.” Soon the grass will be green and it is going to look gorgeous!

Cool Spring Shoes Jambu Rally in Navy

These Jambu Rally, much like my Jambu Cornflower from the Fall collection, are my go-to weekend shoe. When we leave the house I never know if it is for 1 hour or 7, we are go-with-the-flow kind of people and super spontaneous so I may have my shoes on walking, hiking, or more for several hours. What I put on my feet when I leave the house better be comfortable. I never have to worry with Jambu!

Jambu Water Diva Encore

Cool Spring Shoes Jambu Rally in Navy and Jambu Water Dive Encore in Cobalt and Black blog

Now that we are in North Carolina, we are only 3 hours from the beach! We did a quick weekend in February to get a break from the hotel we were living in while waiting to close on our house, but the weather was obviously on the cool side.  I cannot wait to get to the Outer Banks and other fabulous coastal spots once the weather warms up just a tad more.  I love walking on the beach and I now have the perfect shoe with the Jambu Water Diva Encore that I got in cobalt/black. 

Paris 3rd Arrondissement Paris 3rd Arrondissement

I will throw them into my weekend bag along with my Jambu Rally and I will be set for any kind of water/beach adventure. Of course, with some of the rain coming up in our forecast – typical spring weather in North Carolina, I might just need these babies to walk to the mailbox! I definitely will be sporting them for any post-rain walks we do in the neighborhood!

While I may be homebound for the next few weeks – along with the rest of the world – I will be working on getting the new house, including closets, organized, and Marie Kondo-ing my life!

How about you?

If you are looking for an exceptional walking shoe that is perfect for travel, look no further than Jambu, comfortable and adventurous shoes for women (and men) that not only feel great, but they look good too! 

Jambu shoes are an essential, daily part of my wardrobe, check out the other styles that I have, and adore:

Jambu Fall 2019 | Jambu Spring 2019 | Jambu Fall 2o18

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