Intermission (Project Escape)

I believe life is a book.

I guess that is why have always loved the quote from St. Augustine: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

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Our lives are a series of chapters, one after the next. Some are very distinct with beginnings and endings. Others have more vague or fluid transitions.


Books are often turned into movies. Before when long books were made into movies (before a time when they just made several movies), there was an intermission. (That still happens with Bollywood films!)

If my life is a book, and one that is turned into a movie, it's now intermission.


About to go into the second part of the film, with all-new chapters to come.

After 26 years of working in (and mostly loving) corporate America, I am taking a break.

I am tired to the bone. I am antsy. I am dying for a change and new adventures. My gypsy ways have caught up with me, a few [really great] vacation days a year aren't going to cut it anymore.

I just simply want more.


A little while back the hubby and I were hiking the Sonoma Coast. Mr. Misadventures was laid off at the end of January and had yet to find a new job. Or at least one that didn't require a 2-hour-each-way commute. As we were walking he was complaining about his job search.

I said, “what's the problem? We have been fine financially (at least so far), you seem really zen, you're exercising, doing photography, etc. I would kill for six months off!”

Then my hubby said, “well, why don't you? Why don't we?”

Being the crazy, detail-oriented, project-management types we immediately went home and built a spreadsheet. We threw everything we could think of. If we sold our house and were smart with our proceeds, we could make it happen.

We realized we could actually do it.

The house sold.

We sold our cars. We sold the furniture. We packed the rest.

Now what?

I quit my job.

We bought an RV!!!!


New adventures galore!

We are leaving the San Francisco Bay Area the second week of November and heading to Phoenix.

We will meet the movers with our household goods. And store what we didn't sell and what doesn't fit in the RV. My parents live in Phoenix so they can keep an eye on our things. We've got a spot at an RV park that we will settle into while we get set up.

In the third week of November, I head to Los Angeles for the LA Auto Show with Buick. Then back to Phoenix for one day before Mr. Misadventures and I head to Paris (and France) so we can explain to my mother-in-law what we are doing in person!

We are spending Thanksgiving in Paris and back in Phoenix on December 1. We will spend three weeks getting acclimated to our new home including going to driving school. We will pack and unpack to figure out the optimal configuration for getting our stuff into our new mobile home.

We are heading on a cruise with my parents for Christmas and when we are back, the RV adventures (or misadventures) begin…for the next 12-18 months (or longer depending on how much freelance work I can do).

Don't worry, Jessica is coming too!

I will share more later. Misadventures with Andi is not going to turn into an RV blog, I will be incorporating our new RV life into the blog along with all the regular MWA features you have seen over the last seven+ years.

I'll share more when we get ready to get going.

For now.

I'm in Intermission!

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  1. Andi! That’s amazing. That’s the adventure of a lifetime! Have so much fun!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Good for you! So many people dream about doing something like that, but never do. I hope you have a blast.

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    I feel you, it’s definitely difficult to keep working without a break. It’s so nice that you get to have this opportunity! Enjoy and have fun!

  4. Sanovia @ creatyvebooks says:

    I think this is amazing! Most people only dream of doing what you do. Enjoy and have fun!

  5. Good luck Andi. You truly are headed for adventures of a lifetime. I think Jessica will have as much fun as you and the Monsieur..Can’t wait ’til you get this show on the road.

  6. Amber Ludwig says:

    So fun!! Have the best time ever on all your travels!! Im so jealous!!

  7. This is so exciting! Go, go, go! One day I’m just going to travel and have fun.

  8. So happy for you many people dream that doing like this but never do. Enjoy πŸ™‚

  9. This is so exciting!! If you need someone to watch that Stearns & Foster mattress for you, let me know. πŸ˜‰ (PS that RV looks amazing!!)

  10. This is amazing! I think it’s super brave to sell everything, pack up and go somewhere new. What an adventure it’ll be!

  11. You’re so amazing! I’m so excited, this is the great intermission. I can’t wait to know more. Goodluck!

  12. Good very much luck, Andi, with this decision. You’re very brave to chase your dream and lucky to be supported all the way by your life companion.

  13. I’m so happy for you that you will be doing this. I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. Enjoy!

  14. I LOVE IT! This is so awesome and I hope everything works out well for you. Just keep writing organically about your travels and that free lance work will come! πŸ™‚

  15. What an amazing adventure you two are going to have! I can’t wait to read about everything you’re going to do. My husband and I have talked about doing something wild and crazy like this but we just haven’t gotten to the right spot in our lives yet. One day!

  16. Woe. great for you!

  17. This sounds very fun and interesting. I can’t wait to read about your upcoming travel and lifestyle.

  18. That sounds like quite the intermission! What a great time you will be having.

  19. What a bold move! It’s great that you are freeing yourself and living your dream! I’m glad you are taking Jessica. I was worried, until you said not to. ?

  20. I am so very excited for you! I hope to make a similar change in a few years. Your adventures will inspire many others to do the same, I’m sure!